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4th November 2003 We no Longer accept American express
American express seem to think they are special. They are not. They account for less than one half of one percent of our credit card turnover, yet they insist on separate accounting from all the other cards and on sending a separate statement each month.

They have now decided to invoice us to the tune of 4.50 for each printed statement. While we can collect our account from their website, the onus is then on us to collect the information monthly and print it out for our accounts. Put simply it is not worth it. Perhaps one day they will see that their arrogance is their loss.
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3rd November 2003 Postal strike Ends But delays continu
The Good News is that a strike which could have done us much harm is now over. The bad news is that the Post Office say it may take 2 weeks to clear rhe backlog. In that time please be patione if you live in an affected area and are waiting on records from us!
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1st November 2003 Postal Strikes
The Current Wildcat Postal strikes are starting to affect deliveries. Mostly they affect London and the Midlands, but the Post Office will not say which other services are affected or if export mail is being delayed. We are currently right on top of our mail, so Please do not contact us chasing up orders unless your records are more than 2 weeks late! Checking enquiries and responding takes a lot of time and we will get behind if a lot of you email us. Your patience is appreciated in this matter!
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24th Oct 2003 Discount Promotion Started
We have statred a promotion to clear space in our store, 20 House or 20 Trance Records for 20 Post Paid in the UK!
View Current House Pack
View Current Trance Pack
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14th April 2003 Emails Lost
Today Our inbox Corrupted (Friggin' Outlook!) and we lost a whole bunch of recent messages, if you made an enquiry regarding toyr order and have not had a reply this is why! Please send your message again. Thanks
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26th March Post Backlog under control
We have been having staff illnesses which have meant some post being delayed, but most is stil going out within 72 hours of payment, we are endeavouring to reduce delays.
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30th November 2002 Mail delays a thing of the past?
We are proud to announce that all mail is now being dispatched within 2 working days of billing, this means a maximum turn around of 5 working days from the date you place your order on all credit card payments.
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8th November 2002 Email Inbox Lost
Last night our email inbox corrupted without warning, there are about 3 weeks of messages we cannot recover, this means that some of you chasing up delayed orders will not recieve replies.
If there is a genuine problem with your order and you have not had a response we are genuinely sorry, we try to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours, however all we can do this time is wait for you to write again.
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26th October 2002 Postal Backlog is 6-8 days
It is currently taking us 6-8 days to dispatch items, we feel this is too long and are working to reduce it, however PLEASE do not email/phone us 2 days after you CC is billed asking after orders, they will not have been dispatched and you will simply slow us down even more! (last week we spent over 2 hours responding to this sort of enquiry, all bar one of the orders was within the time span we give for dispatch).
Thanks for your understanding on this
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4th October 2002 Postal Backlog almost clear
All delayed mail is now packed, it is an almighty pile! we quite simply ran out of cash to post it but will rectify this when the banks open on Monday, we will then be fully up to date.
Apologies to those of you who had packages held up in the recent malaise.
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25th September 2002 Postal Delays now down to 5 days
Following the problems expereinced earlier this month we are now almost back up to speed. the compettiton will also run as normal this weel
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14th september 2002 Delays to some orders
We have had a troublesome week, attempts to install a New PC failed when it suffered a hardware problem, some emails were lost, then on Friday (13th) the Church next door burnt down, it was a major fire, and we wre unable to gain access to the shop at all on Friday due to the risk of the church collapsing. Finally on Friday Night, Dean, our dance music specialist was beaten up in an unprovked attack as e returned from a club so even though we now have access to the shop we are short staffed and behind on orders. Most orders should not be delayed by more than 48 hours, but it may be a week before everythig is back on cue..
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2nd July 2002 Postal backlog cleared
All orders that were delayed in June have now shipped, we are currently posting in 3-7 days. Thanks for your patience last month!
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5th June 2002 Postal delays
We will take a little time to catch up on mail after the exteneded Jubilee bank holiday. Please allow up to 10 days before dispatch.
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1st June 2002 Jubilee Opening Times + order Shipment times
God Bless her! the Queen has given us an extra Bank Holiday to celebrate her Golden Jubilee. The Shop will be closed on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday 2nd/3rd/4th June. During that time we will not read our email or answer the phone, we are having a break!
Expect it to take a few days for us to catch up with the orders after the break and for there to be some delay in posting out orders taken during this period, we will clear any backlog as fast as we can. Thanks
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1st January 2002 Our policy on accepting the Euro
Now that the Euro is in circulation we can accept cash in this currency, we will take paymets at the prevailing bank rate. Cheques in Euros will be subject to a 5 surcharge as our bank treats it as a foreign currency and bills us 5 for each cheque.
We can no longer accept cash in the former currencies of the eurozone.
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21st December 2001 All post is now up to date
Apologies to those of you whose packages were delayed in the backlog during Nov/Dec.
May we take this opportunity to wish you all a merry Christmas!!
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12th December Reduced postal backlog
We have now reduced the postal backlog to 10 days and should have all items ordered between over the next few weeks dipatched within a week of payment being received
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29th November Posting delays
The packing is now mostly done, all the backlog will be posted in the next 7 days and orders will be with you in time for Christmas.
We apologise for these delays.
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21st November Posting delays
We have fallen behind with packing, please allow up to 3 weeks for your items to arrive. we will attempt to catch up during the next few days.
We apologise for these delays.
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12th November Postal Backlog cleared
We have been up to 3 weeks behind with the mail in recent weeks, but today it all finally got posted!
If you are waiting on a package that is overdue, please alos the normal shipping times from today, it is now on it's way.. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by the delays whcih were entirely our problem and not that of the postal service.
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12th September Terrosit crimes affect us all
The UK post office has today announced that is will not accept mail for the USA and Canada as there are no flights across the Atlantic. We will pack all orders destined for these countries as usual and will post them as soon as we can. Please expect substantial delays as there is bound to be a large backlog of frieght.
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28th August Emails lost
We have noticed that emails sent to our adresses between 2pm on the 27th Aug and 3pm on the 28th never arrived. If you emailed us during this period, please could you re-send the email
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31st July Outages and mail problems
The fact you are reading this means things have improved! Our site was taken down, apparently maliciously at midnight on the 29th and while it was briefly restored the upstream servers then went down. As several companies share the same node as More Music we have no idea if we were the targets.
Addiditonally our email has been intermittant over this period, while we do not beleive any was actually lost, please resend any messages you have not recieved replies to.
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15th July Postal problems
We are getting a lot of "Where's My order" emails... We have posted your orders, but the post is still held up after the June postal disputes, some packages are taking 3 weeks to the USA by air mail. please bear with us, it is out of our control.
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30th June Price Alterations
We have held off for as long as possible but in the end the price of the setprice dance 12" had to go up a little in order to sustain our purchace of new promos. They are still amongst the cheapest on The Net
New Prices for setprice Please Note: The grey prices are the old prices but you can still get new additions for these lower prices by joining our Dance Mailing List
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12 May Email Problems
Emails Sent to our older account ( are being delayed to such an extent that we fully expect some to be lost. Please send your messages to from now on. all other problems with Btinternet are now resolved.
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27th April Btinternat Problems
We have been trying for 5 days to access our primary account with Btinternet. It is not working and thier help line is always busy..
some emails may be delayed and we cannot update parts of the website.
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22nd February Fax Machine broken
The Fax Machine has packed in.
we currently cannot recieve Credit Card deatails by any menas other than the phone. We will remove the message on our homepage as soon as the fax is fixed or replaced.
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4th february Competiton Rule Change
One of our regular subscribers pointed out that he is disadvantaged as he reads his email in a public Library and so cannot enter the competition at the time we send it out. For this reason we will draw all winners randomly from now on.. Your speed on the keyboard will no longer play a part..
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3rd February Staff Illnesses
The Flu is doing the rounds, and everyyone here has been affected to some degree.. (Sypmpathy welcomed!)
This has meant that we are running 2-5 days behind with orders at the moment. Esp with packing and Posting
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21st December Christmas/New Year opening Hours
Here are the shop opening hours for the get drunk season 2000/2001.
Also here are details of our Sale days (sorry, sales does not extend to web stock)
The Website will remain active, orders placed over the holiday will be processed as soon as possible.
  • 22/12 Open as Usual
  • 23/12 11am-2pm
  • 24/12 Closed
  • 25/12 Closed
  • 26/12 Closed
  • 27/12 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 28/12 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 29/12 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 30/12 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 31/12 Closed
  • 01/01 Closed
  • 02/01 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 03/01 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 04/01 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 05/01 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 06/01 Sale 20% 0ff all stock in shop!
  • 07/01 Closed
  • 08/01 Usual Service resumed

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    29th November Christmas ordering deadlins
    Below are the last dates at which we can guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.
    Orders placed after the deadlines will be shipped expediently, and may well arrive in time.
    DJs requiring records for New Years Bashes can add 4 days to these deadlines
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    13th November WebTV Email refused by our ISP

    Research into emails being bounced by our server has revealed that webtv customers are having their email refused.
    we deplore this action by BTinternet, but can do little to prevent it.
    If you use webtv please try to find an alternate server to email from or use our order form at

    The response from Btinternet in full

    Sent: Monday, November 13, 2000 11:54 AM
    Subject: Action for call number: i108602
    Received from

    Mail was ACTIONED at 11:48:41 on 13/11/2000
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for your e-mail regarding undelivered e-mails.
    To protect our mail service against spam attacks, it is occasionally necessary to block mail being received from certain external mail domains. We are currently receiving an unreasonably high amount of spam and junk mail from Web tv. Because of this, we have temporarily had to stop receiving mails from these domains. We will of course continue to monitor the situation, and will lift the ban as soon as mail volumes appear to be returning to normal.
    I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Raj P
    BT Internet Support Team 2
    E-mail received at 13:41:36 on 11/11/2000

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    11th November Email bounced
    We have been informed by customers that some email sent to us is being bounced.
    This is very frustrating as we cannot find out why. If you have email returned, please try sending instead to
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    29th October Postal Delays beyond our control
    We have caught up on our personal postal backlog just in time for the railways to enter a crisis over safety....
    With many trains cancelled for line repairs the Royal Mail described the situation as "A Nightmare" and say services will be affected.
    Overseas mail will not escape as we are not close ant international mail sorting offices.
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    16th October Delays possible
    We have had a sudden rush of orders, not complaining, just letting you know that we are 2-3 days behind in processing them.
    Please do not phone/email unless your order is more than 3 days overdue as sorting out enquiries delays us more. Problems are always given precidence over new orders.
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    9th September 2000 Postal rates to rise...
    We have been losing out on postal costs. While we are willing to cover the costs of packing materials, we have been charging less than the cost of the stamps on many orders. We are raising the charges a little to cover this.

    The following charges will change on the 15th Sept

    Inland, First LP/12" Up from 1.20 to 1.50
    Europe, First LP/12" Up from 2.00 to 2.20
    USA, First LP/12" Up from 3.75 to 4.00
    Insurance Up from 2.50 to 2.60

    All other charges remain unchanged

    Below is our full postal rates chart

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    First cd or 7"
    Each Extra CD/7"
    First L.P. or 12"
    Each Extra L.P./12"
    Insurance (optional)
    0.60 up to 26
    2.50 over 26
    N/A for USA/Canada

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    21st Aug 2000 Postal Delays possible on orders
    Today saw an unfortunate chain of events that meant we were locked out of the premesis all day. One day may not seem a lot, but it will mean that the packing falls behind.
    When this happens we give priority to those orders already placed. Delays are not expected to be more than 3-5 days.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    14th Aug 2000 Competition Rules changed
    We will no longer accept any entries recieved before the newsletter goes out...
    The reason for this is that Listbot often buckles under the pressure on Saturdays, we upload the competiton and then find we cannot get the newsletter out.. A couple of you folks have been sneaking in and doing the competition before anyone else sees it!
    Sorry folks, but that loophole is closed now..
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    4th Aug 2000 04/08 20 Emails lost
    Unfortunately our computer crashed during email download today, when this happens our server assumes we have recieved the mail and deletes it, there is no way of recorvering it
    If you emailed us between 8 pm on the 3rd and 8 am on the 4th (times are BST) your mail may have been lost + you will not have been notified. We are powerless to do anything and have no way of knowing whose emails were deleted!
    Please resend any emails if you think you may be affected. Thanks.
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    30th July 2000 30/07 Many Emails Bounced
    Emails sent to were returned over the weekend due to out mailbox filling up. If your message was affected you will know, please resend it as the problem is now solved.
    Apologies for any inconvenience.
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    28th July 2000 28/07 post backlog cleared
    We have finally cleaed the postal backlog which saw some packets posted 2 weeks late.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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