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3" CDs were among the first CD singles to be released, they kept the distinction between album and single and were widely welcomed by the record buying public. They were however doomed.
Shortly after they bought CBS, Sony announced that the "extra expense" of making CD players that could accomodate 3" CDs was unnacceptable and, being one of the largest makers of both players and discs, they easily killed the format.
With the release of Minidisc only a few years later a much more likely reason for Sony's actions can be seen.
The 3" format is now highly collectable as the numbers pressed in the late 80s were very small.
Ironically most new CD players, including Sonys, will play 3" CDs.

3 " CDs
CD3 *
CD3Paula AbdulOpposites Attract *6.00
CD3Age of ChanceHigher than Heaven *3.50
CD3Age of ChanceTimeís Up *4.00
CD3BankstatementI'll Be WaitingTony Banks, Of Genesis*5.00
CD3Micheal BoltonGeorga on my MindU.S. Pressing*4.00
CD3Cheap TrickThe Flame *5.00
CD3Neneh CherryInna City Mamma *4.00
CD3CinderellaThe Last MileU.S. Copy, Packing incomplete?*2.00
CD3CultEdie (Ciao Baby) *6.00
CD3Cutting CrewThe Scattering *3.00
CD3Dr. MouthquakeLove On Love *3.00
CD3DoorsRiders on the Storm/The EndLight Marks on Dick*5.00
CD3Julia FordhamLock and Key *3.00
CD3Hue & CryPeacefull Face *4.00
CD3Hue & CrySweet Invisibility *3.00
CD3Indian GiversHatcheck Girl *2.50
CD3Jazz DevilsItís a Crime *4.00
CD3Jesus And Mary ChainHead OnWith Plastic Holder*7.00
CD3Redhead Kingpin & The FBIDo The Right Thing *3.00
CD3Huey Lewis & the NewsPerfect World *5.00
CD3Malcolm MacClarenWaltz DarlingWith Plastic Holder*3.00
CD3Malcolm MacClaren & The Bootz. Orch.House Of The Blue DanubeWith Plastic Holder*3.50
CD3Ziggy MarleyLook Whoís Dancing *2.50
CD3MenswearStardust/DaydreamerJapanese Issue in "Long Box"*5.00
CD3Bette MidlerWind Beneath My Wingsrom "Beaches"*4.00
CD3Gary MooreAfter The War (In Metal Tin, With Sew On Patch) *6.00
CD3Iggy PopLiviní On The Edge Of The Night *5.00
CD3P.I.L.Warrior *5.00
CD3P.I.L.Dissapointed *5.00
CD3QueenKiller Queen *10.00
CD3Linda RonstadtDonít Know Much *4.00
CD3Carly SimonLet the Rivers RunTheme from "Working Girl"*4.00
CD3Simple MindsDonít YouU.S. Pressing*10.00
CD3Simple MindsThis is Your Land *6.00
CD3Simple MindsBallad of the Streets *6.00
CD3Simple MindsThe Amsterdam E.P. *6.00
CD3Slam SlamMove *3.00
CD3SmallerWastedLinited Edition Released 1997*4.00
CD3SoundgardenFlowerU.S. Pressing*10.00
CD3Spear of DestinyNever take Me Alive *4.00
CD3Tears For FearsAdvise for the Young at HeartWas in Long Box, but bottom half of box is missing*3.00
CD3WaterboysAnd A Bang On The Ear/Raggle Taggle GypsyFoldover Sleeve*4.00
CD3Yazz & The Plastic PopulationStand Up For Your Love Rights *3.00
CD3Sydney YoungbloodSit and Wait *3.00
CD3The Beautiful GameIndie compilation *3.00
Virgin Value Series
Sold to promote Virgins mid-price catalogue this is a series of 10 3" CD singles issued in the UK. They come in gatefold card covers and if complete should have a plastic printed slip case. Each featured 4 bands on the label
CD3Virgin Value 2Heaven - Don't stop for no One17
Pete Wylie - Sinful
League Unlimited Orchestra - Do or Die
Eurithmics - Sexcrime (1984)
CD3Virgin Value 3David Sylvian - Nostalgia
Peter Gabriel - Floating Dogs
Genesis - Ripples
Simple Minds - The Earth that You walk apon
CD3Virgin Value 4Gary Moore - Thunder Rising
Mike Rutherford - Moonshine
T'Pau - Road to our Dream
It Bites - Calling all the Heroes
CD3Virgin Value 6Maxi Priest - Stand up and Fight
The Tams - My Baby Sure ca Shag
Working Week - Surrender
Loose Ends - Ooh, You make me Feel
CD3Virgin Value 7China Crisis - King in a Catholic Style
Dony Osmond - If it's Love that You want
The Cross - Love on a Tightrope (Like an Animal)
Phil Collins - I cannot believe it's True
CD3Virgin Value 10Japan - Swing
Can - Babylonian Pearl
Orchestral Manoevers in the Dark - Souvineer
Genesis - I know what I like (In Your Wardrobe)

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