Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Leftfield and Bigbeat

In the Ever growing variety of Dance Categories this is a bit of a mixed selection, Our basis for lumping all these records together is that they sell fast and if had pages for each category They would be too small!



12"AboriginalsTry These / The EssenceBeats Promo In paper SleeveFat City12005AAEX/EX-3.50
12"Above the Law / FrostCity of AngelsUS Rap PromoTommy BoyTB747EX/EX-3.50
12"AirlockDrystar SamplerUK Promo/ Mellow Hip HopOne Little Indian308TP12EX/EX3.50
12"AirlockDrystar samplerOne Little Indian308TP12EX/EX3.50
12"AlgerapDe man (detecteur De Mensonges) LOmbre Du NeantFrench Hard Rap, promo in plain white card sleeveVirginSAS319EX-3.00
12"Anderson, PunchyI need the GreenS&M RecordsSAV111EX/EX-4.00
12"B, DerekGoodGroovePromo Stickers on LabelMusic of LifeNOTE12EX/EX-3.50
12"B, Mark / MCM & Big TedAny More QuestionsJazz Fudge5 030433 000365EX/EX-3.50
12"Backwater IndustriesBox Of Bullets (EP)(Incl. Mix By Aquasky)Dust 2 DustSPEC127EX/EX3.50
12"Black HelicoptersBlack Helicopters3 track Promo Tracks:- Hammered Gods / I am Leatherman / Beyond our Ken. Experimental Jazzy Beats. Vocal Wierness. Myriad of Influences.RotorROTOR1EX/EX5.00
12"Blackstreet / Teddy RileyBaby Be MineUS Promo RapMCAMCA8P-2590EX-/EX-4.00
12"Buffalo DaughterGreat Five LakesIncl. Mxs By Cornelius, Kut Master US PromoGrand RoyalGR052EX/EX3.50
12"Buffalo DaughterSock Drugs and Rock and RollIncl. Rmxs by Self, SampleGrand RoyalS39019EX3.50
12"BVSMPHold MeBeatzPump12PUMP3VG+/EX3.00
12"Byrd, Gary and the G.B. ExperienceRap the World (In your Love)2 versions of 80's RapIn RecordingsINRT1EX/VG+3.00
12"Cash CrewWho's To BlamePromo Album SamplerRCACC001EX/EX-3.50
12"Cash CrewBack For MorePromo, Jerv's rub, Predictors mix, plus 'Ting called Crack' & 'Wash Rock'ScreamWIST DJ4EX-/EX-4.38
12"Chamber Mercedes BendsBigbeatHydrogen DukeboxDUKE048DJVEX/EX3.50
12"Chery IceLink UpOriginal, radio edit, Garage remix, AcapellaMoor RecordsMRV 006EX-/EX4.38
12"City HighWhat would you do?UK Promo, album version, album instrumental, Dr Dre version, album acapellaInterscopePDA0059EX/EX-4.38
12"Control FreaksThe Coup Is ThisMellow BeatsClean UpCUP008EX/EX-3.50
12"Cookie CrewBrother Like Sister (Incl. Mix By Sure Is Pure)BeatzFfrrFXDJ186EX3.00
12"Cookie CrewMental ManiacBig M25 Anthem, 1991FfrrFXDD159EX/EX3.00
12"CoolioAll the way livePromo, Extended timber mix, Timber instrumental, Timber radio edit, plus 'The Revolution' - clean versionTommy BoyTB 732EX/EX4.38
12"CoolioI RememberStickered Promo In Company Sleeve. 4 Mixes including kendals J Funk and Gio MixesTommy BoyTB635EX/EX3.50
12"Creatures, TheSayWitchmans MixHydrogen DukeboxDUKE55DJVEX/EX4.00
12"Credit to the NationTeenage SensationPicture disc, 12in mix, radio unfriendly, plus 'Tangled Web' & 'Teen Groove'One Little Indian124TP12EX/EX-5.00
12"Cypress HillIllusionsInlcudes Radio Version of Throw your hands in the airSony662905 6EX/EX-3.50
12"Cypress HillIllusionsUS Promo RapRuff HouseCAS7643EX/EX-4.00
12"Cypress HillThrow you hands in the air2 versions and Also Killa KillSony662354 6EX/EX3.50
12"Da BratSittin' On Top Of The World (Promo)1996, ColumbiaSo So DefXPR2326EX/EX3.50
12"Deejay Punk RocFar OutIncl. Mixes By Rasmus, Jam Master JayIndependienteISOM 17TTEX/EX3.50
12"Def JamBlack to the FutureUS Pressing, Parental advisory sticker, Extended remix, remix instrumental, remix edit, LP version, plus 'Phunky az phuck' - 2 versions incl. instrumentalIsland441-009-0EX-/EX5.00
12"Def JefDeliciousGod made me funkyIsland12BRW160EX-3.50
12"Dirty BeatniksDon't Stop (EP)(Bigbeat)1997, Wall Of SoundEX/EX-3.50
12"DJ RagsYes, Yes, Y'AllConcreteHARD20 12EX/EX-3.50
12"DJ VadimIt's Ovbious (Rap)Zzonked, 1999Ninja TunesZEN1283EX/EX3.50
LPDoo Hop Legacy, TheRappin is Fundamental12 track LPA&M395 341-1EX-/EX-6.25
12"Double TroubleDon't Give UpRapDesireWANTX37PEX-3.00
12"Double Trouble & The Rebel MCJust Keep Rockin'RapDesireWANT X 9EX/EX-3.00
LPDouble Trouble/Rebel MCStreet TuffDesireWANTX18EX/EX-3.00
2LPDr. OctagonInstrumentalyst (octagon Beats)Mo WaxMW064LPEX/EX/EX9.50
12"Dust DevilSick Little GamesBeatz, Mark Brightman Under A PsudonymSecret AgentAGENT006EX/EX3.50
12"E, Stevie & The N.A.N.Staying AlivePromo, original album mix, N.A.N. Hip Hop mix, Housemeistermatz, True Love album versionW/L12 SNOG 11EX/VG+4.38
LPEar DrumBeats To Sample (Volume 1)(14 Tracks, Different Beats)BeatzBlancBLC4VG+/EX-4.00
12"Eazy-EOle School ShitAnd 5 Other Tracks Taken Off the STR8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphu**in ComptonRuthless483576 2/1/4EX-/VG+3.00
12"11:59DigiUK Rap, 1991 release, 3 versions incl. accapella & instrumentalFree CityWTST 5 614 289 PM 212EX/EX4.38
12"EssenGod and the DevilDownbeat & BreaksClean UpCUP014EX/EX-3.00
12"EusebeSummertime healingAlbum version / Delta B-Boy / Street Level mixes. 1995 PromoEMI12MAMADJ4EX/EX-3.00
12"EusebeSummertime HealingRap, 1995, Incl. Mixes By Delta B BoyEMI12MAMADJ4EX/EX3.00
12"EverlastEat at Whitey's US 8 track promo, Tommy BoyTB 2142EX-/EX5.00
12"Fall-OutDer-MerUS RapTashambaKON3032EX/EX6.00
12"Famalo & DandyHip Hop Rosy5 track promo, BeatsW/LPLAY 16 TEX/EX-4.38
2X12"Father MCHey How Ya doinRemixes By Mr G. / Rub a dub club. PromoMission12MISH7-DJEX-/EX-5.00
2X12"Franti, Michael & SpearheadStay Human22 track rap LPVirgin7243 8 10266 1 8EX/EX/EX10.00
12"Front Dat cash upHigh MaintenanceUS Preesing . PromoLil' Rod RecordsSC9901EX/EX3.50
12"Full ForceAlice, I Want You Just For MeCBSTA6640EX/VG+3.00
12"Fun-Da-MentalWrath of the Blackman / Sista IndiaUK Asian RapNationNR017TEX-/VG+3.00
12"G, WarrenI Shot The Sheriff1997Rush12DEF31EX-/EX-3.00
12"G, Warren/ Ron IsleySmokin' me outPolygram574 443-1EX-/EX3.00
12"Genaside IIWaistline Firecracker / Choose ya WeaponRap PromoInternalLIED36EX/EX-3.50
12"Ghostface KillahAll that I Got is youRap Promorazor Sharp / Wu TangXPR3142EX/EX3.50
12"Gigolo, TonyDunk That MonkeyUS Pressing, Plain white card sleeve4SightFS5653-1EX-3.00
2X12"GinuwineThe Bachelor Erases the Line Between R & B And Hip HopAlbum SamplerEpicXPR3082EX-/EX/EX6.00
12"Girl Eats BoyComin' in loaded EPBig BeatHydrogen DukeboxDUKE047PROMOEX/EX3.50
12"GizmoPicnicTrip Hop With A Jungle EdgeClean UpCUP029EX/EX3.50
12"Glamorous HooliganIn AbsentiaOriginal / Red Snapper mixes PromoCoalitionART002DJEX/EX-3.00
12"GorilazTomorrow Comes TodayIncl. Damon Albarn of Blur On VocalsParlophone12R6545EX/EX4.00
10"GorilazTomorrow Comes TodayLtd Edition, 10 Incl. Damon Albarn of Blur On VocalsParlophone10RDJ6545EX/EX5.00
12"Grant, EdyHarmless piece of funPromo, special club mix, ReggaeW/LICE PROMO - 001EX/EX-5.00
12"GritsThey all fall downMellow rap, Ruff Nation hook mix, Ruff nation mix, original versionPalmGRITS2 12DJEX/EX4.38
12"House of PainRise AgainUS gold stamped promo, rap, album version, instrumental, remix feat. Guru, remix instrumental feat. Guru, Remix a cappella feat. GuruTommy BoyTB 744EX-/EX-5.00
12"HunchGoodtimes (EP)Trip Hop & Beats, Dark SounscapesEX/EX3.50
12"Ice TGotta Lotta Love (With Triple Foldout Poster)Beatz, Promo, writing on sleeveVirginSYNDT3EX-/EX-4.38
12"Ice TI Ain't New Ta ThisRapRhyme SyndacateSYNDT1EX/EX-3.00
4x12Idiots Behind The WheelLights4x12, Beats & LeftfieldFuelFUEL010LPEX/EX/EX/EX/EX/EX10.00
12"Indian RopemanBrassic Beats?White Label Promo in Company Sleeve With Title Brassic BeatsSkintSKINT36EX/EX3.50
12"Indian Ropeman/ Shain Badar66 MetersSkintSKINT43EX-/EX3.00
12"Isley Brothers/Ronald Isley & Angela WinbushFloatin' On Your LoveIsland12BRW338EX-/EX-3.00
12"Ivonia-FlyHi FlyTrip Hop & Jungle, Nice VocalsClean UpCUP010EX/EX3.50
12"Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh PrinceThe things that U doRap, 6 mixes, house mix, Totally bumpin' vocal, radio remix, underground mix, club mix, LP mixJiveJIVE T295EX-/EX-4.38
12"Jean, WyclefCheated (to all the girls)Rap, UK Promo, Cheated R&B remix feat. Queen Pen & The Product, Chickenhead Icerider remix feat. Spragga Benz, Cheated R&B instrumental, plus 'What's clef' - 2 versions incl. instrumentalRuff HouseXPR2425EX/EX4.38
12"Jean, Wyclef/ Refugee AllstarsGuantanameraPromoSonyXPR2364EX/EX-3.00
12"JT & The Big FamilyKick You in a ditchJazzy hip hop promo, beatsW/LZYX 7023-12EX/VG+4.38
12"Jungle BrothersDown with the JbeezRap, plus 'V.I.P.' - aLEX gIFFORD MIXV2 / Gee StreetGEE5007966PEX/EX-3.75
12"Jungle BrothersGet Down1999, RapV2GEE5010156EX-/EX3.00
12"KMCWhy do people lie?Rap promo, 2 versions incl. radio, plus 'Interlude'HammerHZZT2EX/EX-5.00
12"KreuzGet Down On ItR & B/Rap, Mellow BeatsDieselDES006TEX-3.00
12"Kurtis MantronikMad4 Track Promo EP. Hip Hop & Big BeatOxygen Music WorksOMWPS11EX/EX-3.50
12"KwestAlbum Sampler5 track rap promoWild WestDELAWARE 01EX/EX-4.38
12"Law One...In Step With Harry KBetter Get ReadyBigbeatCup of teaCOT006EX-/EX-3.00
12"Le ToneJoli DragonJazzy Bigbeat, 1 Sided Promo, Jadell MixCreationCRE320TXEX3.00
12"Levert Sweat Gill / L.L. Cool J. / Busta Rhymes / MC LyteCurious6 VersionsEast WestEW231EX/EX3.50
12"Lightbourne, SparkyI Can't StopBig BeatSkintSKINT41EX-3.50
12"Lightbourne, SparkyWhere You Goin' Chicken?4 Track EPSkintSKINT51EX/EX3.50
12"Lil Bow WowBounce with meExtended LP mix feat. Xscape, radio remix feat. Lil Mo & R.O.C., album version feat. Xscape, remix feat. Spragga Benz, Remix/instrumental feat. Spragga BenzSo So DefXPR2746EX/EX4.38
12"Lil Bow BowBow Wow (That's my name)Mixes By Track Masters and JD. PromoSo So DefXPR2716EX/EX3.50
12"Little Pauly RyanBite It!Promo in Unique SleeveW/LBITE8EX/VG+3.00
12"LunizPlaya Hata2 Radio mixes and 2 Groove mixes. Tracks Features Teddy and 3X Crazy. Promo in Stickered SleeveNoo TrybeVUSTDJ 103EX/EX-3.00
12"M.C. JuiceLiving a white LiePromo Sticker on labelProduction HousePNT009EX/EX-3.50
12"M.C.Player / The Major damage DuoDanceUS Pressing. Beats4 SightFS885633EX/EX-3.50
12"MasqueraeOne NationOldschool, 1985StreetwaveMKHAX59VG/EX3.00
12"MC BrainsLoverslaneCover WornMotown530 065-1VG/EX3.00
12"MC Hammer(Hammer Hammer) They Put Me In The MixRapCapitol12CL607EX/EX3.00
12"MC Hammer2 Ligit 2 QuitPromo12CL636EX-3.00
12"MC HammerSweetnessIncl. Boilerhouse mixCapitol12CL616EX/EX-3.00
12"M. C. Kelz / Smith & MightyClash of the BeatsOld Skoll rapW/LSAM1113EX/EX-5.00
12"MC Mikey FreedonSet You FreeTekTEKK12EX3.50
12"MC RenMay Day on the Front lineUS Promo RapMCAMCA8P-2628EX-/EX4.00
12PROMOMC Tunes Vs 808 StateThe Only Rhyme That BitesStickered SleeveZTTZANG3T SAMEX/EX5.00
12"MC Tunes Vs. 808 StateThe Only Rhyme That BitesPromo in stickered SlvZTTZANG3T SAMVG+/EX-3.50
12"M DocAre you wid it?Rap promo, Doc's funky mix, Hurley's house mix, Jr. Vasquez mixUrbanPZX 169EX-/EX-5.00
12"MellowReturn of the PlayerUS cut-out, rap, Hustler mix, Astronomical canibus mix, Hustler mix instrumental, LP version, X-rated mix, A Cappella, plus 'Don't let money change you'Rush Associated?S/S5.00
12"Me OneGameplanMellow Hip HopUniversal12IS751EX/EX3.50
12"Merchant of Menace, TheHide The Knives / Kickin' AssBig BeatSuper VillanSVW001EX/EX3.50
12"Me'shell (NdegeOcello)If that's your boyfriend (he wasn't last night)Rap, US copy, album version, Tiramisu mix extended, Mad sex mix extended, The Gentrified 9 mix, Existential meditation on the probability of you kissing my mind mix, Li'l freaky mixWEAWO223TEX/EX-4.38
12"Mikey-D & The LA PosseMy Telephone10RecordsTEN T 172 DJEX-3.50
12"MissionHomeJazzy Hip-hop, US pressing, 2 versions feat. Mia Doi Todd & instrumental, plus 'The Come on' - 2 versions incl. instrumentalOM/PUTSPR-07 4SVEX/EX5.00
2xLPMorcheebaFragments of FreedomEast West8573-83602-1EX/EX7.50
12"Moyet, AlisonThe first time I ever saw your faceTrip Hop, Attica Blues 7in remix, Attica Blues 12in dub mixColumbiaXPR 2186EX-/EX-5.00
12"MunchieI'm Coming outUK Rap 1987Tam TamTTT028EX-/EX-3.00
12"Nadanuf6A.M. (we be rollin') - remixesUS Promo, 8 versionsReprisePRO-A-9188EX-/EX-5.00
12"Nearly GodPoemsTricky, terry Hall and MartinaDurban Poison12DP003EX-/EX4.00
12"Neneh CherryInner City MamaW/L In Die Cut SleeveW/LYRT42EX/EX3.50
12"Nickel SlickBruthas Gonna Work it outAlbum & Remix Underground Versions plus Bonus track In Ta EarPromo?S/S3.50
12"Notorious B.I.G., The/ Lil Kim and Puff DaddyNotoriousBad BoyBBDP9295EX/EX3.00
12"OpazOh my goodness Anutha dope jamRap, club mix, radio mix, warm weather club mix, suspended rap mix, bonus beat mix (118BPM)Opaz RecordsOPH 002EX/EX-4.38
AcetateOutkastB.O.B.Rage against the Machine Remix 1 Sided AcetateHeathmans?EX-6.00
12"Ozric TentaclesWob GlassJungle & Bigbeat Interpretations Of These 90's Progsters, Incl. Mixes By Will White, Sparky LightbourneSnapperOZRIC1EX/EX4.00
12"P.A.LifelineUS Promo RapMCAMCA8P-2589EX-/EX4.00
12"Phunkat££rs?Down 4 Da Last TimeUK Rap, S.O.U.R. Label, Before It Became Jungle (SOUR 2), Many Light Surface MarksSound of the UndergroundSOUR002VG+3.00
12"PortisheadOverGo! BeatPY122EX-/EX-3.50
12"PrasBlue AngelsRap PromoColumbiaXPR2437EX/EX-3.50
12"PrasWhat' Cha Gonna DoRap, Incl. Mixes By Stonebridge, Jason NevinsUrban DivisionXPR2476EX-/EX3.00
12"Pressure Drop/Anita JarettGot To Be RealBeats, PromoW/LHAND43T3EX-3.50
12"Prince Paul / De la soulMore than U KnowRap Promo 1998Tommy BoyTB334EX/EX3.50
2LPProdigy of Mobb DeepH.N.I.C.EpicEPC498533 1EX/EX8.00
12"ProphecyDark Heart / More than a dreamDrum n Bass PromoW/LPRO12001EX/EX3.50
12"QB Finest feat. Nas & BraveheartsOockie WallyUS Rap mellow, Promo, remix - dirty version, Instrumental, Remix - radio edit, Remix - Clean A CappellaUrbanXPR2717S/S4.38
12"QRZ? feat. M.C. BlakThis is calling youMellow jazzy hip yhop, plus 'Fast fish & loose fish' - feat. Stepz (industrial choir mix) remixed by Prophet, & 'Who is calling me'Ten RecordsTENX 380EX/EX5.00
12"Queen Latifah / ApacheBananasUS Promo 4 versions of trackMotown374633044-1EX/EX-3.50
12"Queen PenAll My Love / Perty ain't A PartyPromoUniversalWINT 95584EX-/EX-3.50
12"Rebel MC introducing Little TRich ah getting richerBig Life promo sleeve, rap, B. Line Ruff Neck mix, B. Line instrumental, Orchestral mix, Orchestral instrumentalBig LifeREBEL PROMO 1VG+/EX-3.75
12"Rebel MC/Double TroubleStreet TuffBeatzDesireWANTX18EX-/VG+3.00
LPRed BanditCool Lover boyRap & Soul LP, 10 tracksMotownZL 72722EX-/EX-5.00
12"Redhead Kingpin & The F.B.I.Superbad Superslick (One world remix)Rap promo, plus 'Do the right thing' - Happiness remix10RecordsTENX286DJEX-/EX-4.38
12"RegalThe Regal Living Space SystemRegal RecordingsREGAL001EX/EX3.50
12"Run DMCMary MaryPromo in plain paper sleeveLondonZPMSCEX4.00
12"Ruthless rap assassinsAnd it wasn't a dreamBeats, The thinking man's mix, Dare to be aware, extended mix, plus 'Posse Strong' - extended mixSyncopate12 SY 38EX/EX-5.00
12"Ruthless rap assassinsAnd it wasn't a dream - mixesBeats, Norman Cooks excursion on the version, The poets version, dubwise, Original killer album versionSyncopate12 SYX 38EX/EX5.00
12"Salient SquelchCitezans Of Earth (EP)Beats & LeftfieldClean UpCUP022EX/EX3.50
LPSalt & PepaBlacks MagicRapNext Plateau828 164-1EX/EX4.00
12"Salt & PepaDo You Want MeRapNext Plateau869 311-1EX-/EX-3.00
12"Shine HeadJamaican in New YorkUS Copy 6 Tracks of ReggaeElektra0-6639S/S4.00
LPShineheadThe real rockRap LP, 11 tracksElektraEKT 75EX/EX7.50
12"ShyheimThis Iz RealUS Pressing.Noo Trybe7243 8 38536 1 8EX/EX3.50
2xLPShyneShyneFull Double Promo in company die cut sleeveBad BoyBBLP 3038EX/EX/EX6.50
12"SlabFunked Up KidBigbeatHydrogen DukeboxDUKE056DJVEX/EX3.50
2LPSmith, WillWillenniumRap LP, 13 tracksColumbiaCOL 494939 1EX/EX-/EX-6.25
12"Solo U.S.Heaven6 MixesA&M587 521-1EX/EX3.00
12"Space RaidersTheme From Space RaidersSkint Label, Promo Only MixSkintRAIDER1EX3.50
12"Sparky LighthouseSparky's Secret EPBig Beat from 1997SkintTHIS IS SKINT 29EX/EX4.00
12"SpeakerfreaksThe Low slung Chop Job (EP)Leftfield Beats/Breaks, A Fun Track 1998SoundclashSOUND009EX3.50
12"SpearheadOf Course you canMellow Rap PromoCapitol12CLDJ733EX/VG+3.50
12"Starr, EdwinH.A.P.P.Y. RadioDisco, Original Red Vinyl20th Century FoxTCD2408EX/EX4.00
12"Starseeds, TheParallel LifeDownbeat & Jungle, Original mix, Ju Ju drum'n'bass mix, Nova Nova club mixMillennium RecordsMILL 035TWEX-/EX-4.38
12"Super ColliderIt Won't Be LongBeatzLoadedSUPER3EX/EX3.00
12"SWS Plus K.O. PosseFeel No PainRap, Plain Die Cut SleeveCueTCUE002EX-3.00
12"T BozTouch MyselfIncl. Mix By Jermaine DupriArista74321 42288 1EX-/EX-3.00
12"ThemBustin' A RhymeRapPromo12RDJ6262EX-3.00
2LPTQThe Second ComingSonyEPC497760 1EX/EX/EX8.00
12"TQ DailyRap, In your soul remix, Greeny's radio mix, album version, Greeny's radio instrumentalEpicXPR3396EX/EX-4.38
12"Tracherous ThreeGotta Rock1985 release in Sugarhill Company sleeveSugarhillSHL144EX/EX-4.00
12"Tricky Mission accomplished4 Track from 2000AntiLC02576 081PEX/EX-3.00
LPTrouble FunkThe Bomb Has DroppedRe-Issue On Castle LabelCastleBLAT LP5EX-/EX-4.00
12"2-MadDon't hold back the feelingRap, Don't hold back the bass mix, Piano mix, acidic dubBig LifeBLR 18TEX/EX-/EX-5.00
12"VARIOUS ARTISTS: Botchit BreaksJason Sparks / Si Begg / Kevin BeberLeft to Live for / Invincible / On the OneW/LBOS2LP005EX/EX-3.50
12"VARIOUS ARTISTS: DRED IN THE HEADYaggfu Front / Brownman / Neferitit / Al N Tedd ExperienceBusted Loop / Rude Boy Love / Miss Amutha Nature / Boom! This Is Your VehicleDred in the headDRED1EX-/EX3.50
12"Various Artists : New Jersey DriveYoung Lay feat. Mac Mall & Ray Luv / Poets of DarknessAll about my Fetti / 21 in the Ghetto - US promo rapTommy BoyTB675EX/EX-5.00
12"VARIOUS ARTISTS:TRACK FURTHER FUNK2 Tracks taken from the compilation album by SI Begg and A1 PeopleB Boy of Tomorrow / Strawhead. PromoHydrogen JukeboxDUKE 049DJVEX/EX3.50
12"Wee Papa Girl RappersRock the ClockPromoJiveJIVET145EX/EX-3.50
12"Wu-Tang ClanI can't go to sleep - feat. Isaac HayesBeats, Explicit version, clean version, live instruemental, plus 'Careful(click, click)' - Twang-vs-Tang mix feat. Blak TwangEpicXPR3460EX/EX4.38
12"XscapeOff the HookAlbum Sampler 12 TracksColumbiaSAMP2786 1EX-/EX3.50
12"Young McBust a MoveRap, 4 tracksDelicious Vinyl12 BRX 137EX/EX-/EX-4.38
12"Z, Jay / Mary J BligeCan't Knock the Hustle5 Track UK PromoRoc-A-FellaNWS X1EX/EX-3.50
12"Zwei Dumme Ein GedankeDejavueIncl. Tue Busyness Rmx By Busy, Plus Exlc track Feat V.I.P.Box Canyon94431EX/EX3.50

Big list of more recent vinyl stuff, Predominantly Promos, Set price
Big list of more recent vinyl stuff, Predominantly Promos, Set price
Vinyl Only
All dance types
Mainly compilations
Trance and Ambient
Goa, Psychedelic and more
Acid and Experimental
A mixture of of Acid House and modern offbeat
Oldskool Hardcore
Classic Tunes from 1990-93
Original Classics from the late 70s and Early 80s
Reggae and Ragga, Mainly UK 12"
From Trad to Fusion and modern smooth Jazz

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