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CDsB*WitchedBlame it on the weathermanOriginal, Amen club mix, Chicane vocal editEpic / Glow Worm667033 5EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsB, HowieAngels go bald : tooPromo in customised card sleeve, original mix (edit), swordsmen mix I, original mixPolydor5711672 10472101EX/EX3.00
CDsB, MelanieFeels so goodRadio edit, Maurice's feelin' good soul radio mix, Blacksmith r&b rub feat know ?uestion, videoVirginVSCDTI787EX/EX3.00
CDsB, Melanie feat. Missy 'Misdemeanor' ElliottI want you backRadio edit, soundtrack version, Maw remixVirginVSCDT 1716EX/EX3.00
CDsB.B.E.FlashCD2, 4 tracks, incl. 'Photo', and 2 versions of 'Seven Days and One Week'PositivaCDTIVS73EX3.00
CDsB.M.R. feat FeliciaCheck it out (Everybody)Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange/ Sounds of life mixesAM:PMCDAMPM120/572 609 2EX/EX3.00
CDsB.T. feat Vincent CovelloLoving you moreremixed by Oakenfold & OsbournePerfectoPERF110CDEX/EX3.00
CDsBaby BumpsI got this feelingIncl. Subsonic RemixMOSMOSCDS137EX3.00
CDsBaby DTake Me To Heaven5 versions, incl. 'Rollin Rhythms Mix', 'Helicopter Club Mix', and 'Heaven and Hell mix'Systematic RecordsSYSCD 26EX3.00
CDsBaby FordNormalCD1 in slimline case with space for CD2, case crackedRephlexBford CD15xEX/EX3.00
CDsBaby FoxLadybird5 versions, incl. 'Black Forest Mix', 'Aphrodite remix', 'The Aloof remix','Cujo remix' and 'Blood Vibrations remix'Malawi (Roadrunner)COB1391 3EX/EX3.00
CDsBaby FoxRain5 versions,, incl. 'Baby Fox Orpheus mix', 'DJ Krust remix', 'Interference Dub', and ' Cygnus X remix'Malawi (Roadrunner)COB1390 3EX/EX3.00
CDsBabyFaceThis is for the lover in youThat kind of man' mix, 'Honey lokkin' laced' mix, Puffy Combs mix, Linslee Campbell mixes, Track masters remix, Jon-John mixEpic663935 2EX/EX3.00
CDsBabylon ZooThe Boy With The X-Ray EyesCD2 of a 2CD set, 4 versionsEMICDEMS440EX3.00
CDsBack 2 BackParadise3 versions, incl. 'Disco Heaven Mix', and 'Industrial Garage mix'RecgnitionBACKCD2EX/EX3.00
CDsBack to BaseCrown Yourself King6 tracks incl. Various mixes of 'Electric Eye', 'Better Time, 'Closing in Cold',and 'destination'PinnacleMPRCD 005EX/EX3.00
CDsBack To Base with Benjamin ZephaniahDancing Tribes4 versions, incl. 'Cheapskate Dance Mix'PinnacleMPRCD 006EX/EX3.00
CD EPBacklashEP 1In card sleeve, Tracks are 'make-believe', 'T-junction' 'Happy Cab' & 'Deceived'Telegram3984-26171-2S/S3.00
CDsBackstreet BoysShape of my heartPlus 'All I have to give' & 'The One'Jive9251442EX/EX3.00
CDsBad Boys inc.More to this World4 tracks, incl. 'Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You', 'Second Chance' and ' I'm Gonna Miss You'A&M580 607-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBad Habit BoysWeekend3 versions, incl. Mixes by Dave Aude, and C.J. Stone & George DeeInfernoCDFERN28EX3.00
CDsBadu, ErykahOn & Onclean version, album version, club mix, Da Boom squa mix, Blu Mar Ten remixUniversal/KedarUND 56117EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsBally SagooTum Bin Jiya3 versions, incl. 'Nightshade Mix', and 'Grooverider Mix'SonyXPCD845EX3.00
CDsBanduluPhaze In Version3 tracks, incl. 'Downward Glance', and 'Day Four'CreationINFSCD12EX-3.00
CDsBanduluPresence3 tracks, incl. 'Run Run', and Shackles'CreationINFSCD14EX3.00
CDsBanduluTrouble Shooter2 versions, incl. 'Trinity version', plus extra track, 'Jester'Blanco y NegroWEA039CDEX3.00
CDsBangs, Chris feat. Rita CampbellWarm WeatherRadio edit, Original, Perfect Phaze remix, in card sleeveIncredibleINCS20CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsBangs, Chris feat. Rita CampbellWarm WeatherPromo in customised card sleeve, radio edit, Original, solar stone remix, Perfect phaze remix, Roy Malone vs T+F remix, Original instrumental, solar stone instrumental, Headquarters remixIncredibleINCS2CDPEX/EX3.00
CDsBanton, Pato, with StingSpirits in the Material WorldFrom the soundtrack to Ace Ventura- When Nature Calls,3 versionsMCAMCSTD 2113EX/EX3.00
CDsBanton, Pato,& the Reggae revolutionGroovin'features mixes of the hits, 'Baby Come Back', Bubblin' hot' ,and 'Heaven'EMICDEIRS 195EX/EX3.00
CDsBarkin BrothersGonna Catch You3 versions (Gordon's Groove Mixes), plus extra track,'Million Miles'Brothers RecordsBRUVCD15EX3.00
CDsBasement JaxxBingo Bango2 versions, incl 'Choo Choo's apple Jaxx Mix', plus extra track, 'Jump N' Shout'XLXLS120CDEX3.00
CDsBasement JaxxJump and shoutXLXLS116CDEX3.00
CDsBasement JaxxRed AlertCD1,Red Card Sleeve, 3 tracks, 'Jaxx radio Mix', 'Razocaine', and 'Jaxx Nitedub'XL recordingsXLS 100CDEX3.00
CDsBasement JaxxRed AlertCD2, Black Card Sleeve, 3 versions, incl 'Eric Morillo & Harry Romero dub', and 'Steve Gurley Mix'XL recordingsXLS 100CD2EX3.00
CDsBasstonePhattMoveCard Sleeve, Radio edit, BoyzWithToyz mix, Trevor & Simon mixCuriousCURIO001CDEX/EX3.00
CDsBayliss, StephenGood Timing2 versionsSand musicSD091297EX/EX3.00
CDsBeady BelleGhostsRadio edit, plus 'moderation' radio edit & extended versionJazzland Rec.158 895-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBeastie BoysIntergalactic3 versions, incl. Mixes by Prisoners Of Technology amd Fuzzy Logic, plus extra track, 'Hail Sagan'Grand RoyalCDCL803EX3.00
CDsBeastie BoysIntergalactic3 versions, incl. Mixes by Prisoners Of Technology amd Fuzzy Logic, plus extra track, 'Hail Sagan'Grand RoyalCDCL803EX/EX-3.00
CDsBeastie BoysBody Movin'CD1 of a 2 part set, album version, Fatboy Slim remix, plus 'Peanut Butter and Jelly'CapitolCDCLS 809EX/EX3.00
CDsBeatbox feat. RaelLet the Music Playincludes 'Brooklyn Bounce mix' and extra track, 'Beatbox Anthem'Coalition recordingsCOLA070CDEX/EX3.00
Pro CDsbeatchuggers/ Eric ClaptonForever man (how many Times?)Inc Fletchs Radio MixLondonFCDJ386EX3.00
CDsBeautiful PeopleIf 60's Were 90's5 versions , incl. 'Sympathy's Ambient Mix', 'Ripe Mix', and 'Vibe Sauce Mix'EssentialESSX2037EX-3.00
CDsBeckWhere It's At2 versions, plus extra track, 'Bonus Beats'Bong Load records (Geffen)GFSTD22156EX/EX3.00
CDsBedlam Ago GoAsylumCard sleeve, Promo, 3 versions, incl. Mix by Dee-Jay Punk-RocS2BDLM3CDEX/EX3.00
CDsBedlam Ago GoSeason No. 5Card Sleeve, Promo, 5 versions, incl. 'Regular Fries Mix', and 'Forest Fire Dub'S2BDLM2CDEX/EX3.00
CDsBee GeesThis is where I came inSingle version, CD-Rom version, plus 'Just in case' & ' I will be there'Polydor587 9772EX/EX3.00
CDsBel CantoWe've got to work it out1995 release, radio mix, sleaze sisters radio edit, Gregorio radio edit, Way out west mix, Sleaze sisters anthem mix, Gregorio mix, Booyaka Crew jungle mixGood GrooveCD GG2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsBel CantoRumourPromo, Radio edit, Abstrac hip hop radio mix, vocal dub radio mix, B/B remixLava7567-95707-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBellatrixThe Girl With The Sparkling EyesPromo,2 versions, plus extra track, 'A Sting'Fierce PandaNING90CDEX/EX3.00
CDsBello DiscoTime to move8 track Cd, Other Tilles:- All for one, alone and Together we can make itBello DiscoBELLIBCD2000EX3.00
Pro CDsBenYour Love3 versionsBMG74321 78877 2EX3.00
CDsBentley Rhythm AceHow'd I do dat???Single edit, video, plus 'Wave Goodbye' & 'Smile'ParlophoneCDRS 6543EX/EX3.00
CDsBenzOn A Sunday5 versions, incl. R n' G mix, and P Dawg Soul mixHRLCD BENZ 2EX/EX3.00
CDsBenzUrban City Girl4 versions, incl. 'Rock mix', 'Boom mix', and '9 Stix Remix'BMG74321 34873 2EX-3.00
CDsBerri, LakieshaLike This And Like ThatClear Envelope, 7 versions, incl. Mixes by Blacksmith, soul inside, and K-GeeAdeptADPTCD7EX3.00
CDsBewitchedJesse Hold On (The Mixes)3 versions, incl. 'The Bold And The Beautiful Glamourmix', and 'The HB Source Upfront Mix'Epic6679615EX3.00
CDsBewitchedRollercoaster3 versionsEpic666475 5EX/EX3.00
CDsBewitchedRollercoasterincludes extra tracks, 'Get Happy', and 'Bewitched Go To The Moon', plus video message and fuul length Rollercoaster video for Cd RomEpic666475 2EX/EX3.00
CDsBewitchedTo You I Belongincludes extra tracks, 'Fly Away', and 'Bewitched's message to Santa'Sony666771-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBianco, MattMacumba4 versions, plus extra track, 'Wap Bam Boogie'EastWest (Time Warner)9031-74997-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBig Band ExperienceNo StoppingCard Sleeve, 2 versionsPukka (SizeNine)CD15PEX/EX3.00
CDsBig Bass Vs Michelle MarineWhat you doPlaying with stones edit, Stonebridge garage mixEdel0110965 EREEX/EX3.00
Pro CDRBig Boss ManSeagrooveCDR in an album box, 2 versionsBlow UpEX3.00
CDsBig BuddhaBe Here NowPromo, incl. 'Motorbooty mix', and extra tracks, 'Suspicious Dub', and 'Gizmo'ConcreteHARD28CDEX/EX3.00
CDsBig MountainSweet Sensual Love2 versions, plus extra track,'Baby I love Your Way'Giant74321 23464 2EX/EX3.00
CDsBig RonLet The FreakCD single in an album box, 7 versions, incl. Mixes by Timo Mass, Laidback Luke, and VernForty Eight K recordsSPECTO6CDSPEX/EX3.00
CDsBig Room Girl, feat. Darryl PandyRaise your HandsPromo, 3 versions, incl. 'Fire Islands Saturday Night Mix' plus mixes by the Rhythm MastersVCVCRD44EX/EX3.00
CDsBig Time CharlieMr Devil3 versions, incl. Mixes by Olav Basoski and Big RonInfernoCDFERN24EX3.00
CDsBig Time CharlieMr Devil3 versions, incl. Mixes by Olav Basoski and Big RonInfernoCDFERN24EX-3.00
CDsBig Time CharlieOn The Run3 versions, incl. 'the '3'Jays Mix', and 'Big Ron Remix'InfernoCDFERN18EX3.00
CDsBig Time CharlieOn The Run3 versions, incl. 'the '3'Jays Mix', and 'Big Ron Remix'InfernoCDFERN18EX-3.00
CDsBig Yoga MuffinEPisode 2CD1, 3 tracks, incl. 'Is That How You Get Off?', 'Made Of Water', and 'Lets Not Talk About Me'EchoECSCD91EX3.00
CDsBig Yoga MuffinEPisode 2CD2, 3 versions of 'Is That How You Get Off?', plus videoEchoECSCX91EX3.00
CDsBighair & Earl GatesheadHindoos & HairdoosRadio edit, Andrew Weatherall mix, original mixKontrabandKO726CDSEX/EX3.00
CDsBinary Finary19983 versions, incl. Mixes by Paul Van Dyk and Matt DareyPositivaCDTIV98EX-3.00
CDsBingo Bango Bongo CollectiveSo High! ((You Got Me Stompin' My Feet)3 versions plus extra tracks 'Gimme 5', and 'Discode's Big Beat'WIZZWIZZD 24EX/EX3.00
CDsBizarre Inc.Get Up Sunshine Street4 versions incl, 'Grand Larceny mix', 'Farley & Heller Roach Dub', and 'Dekkard mix'MercuryMERCD 471EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsBizarre Inc.Get Up Sunshine StreetPromo in 'Some Bizarre' box, Incl. Morales radio mix editSome BizarreBIZ CJ10EX/EX3.00
CDsBizarre Inc.Playing with Knives1991 release, radio edit, Quadrant mix plus 'Olutonic' & 'Playing with dub'Vinyl SolutionSTORM 38CDEX/EX-3.00
CDsBlack BoxI don't know anybody elseContains Ride on timeBMGPD 43480EX/EX-3.00
CDsBlack BoxOpen your eyesThe Groove Groove melody remixesBMGPD 45054EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsBlack Box RecorderThe Facts Of LifeCD1, 3 tracks, incl. 'Soul Boy', and 'Start As You Mean to Go On'Nude RecordsNUD48CD1EX3.00
Pro CDsBlack ConnectionKeep Doin' It3 versions, incl. Mixes by Stella Browne and The Lisa Marie ExperienceXtravaganza RecordingsXTRAV8CDPEX3.00
CDsBlack LaceAgadoo 106 dance Mixincludes extra track, 'Electric Slide'NOW musicCDWAG 260EX/EX3.00
CDsBlack, AndreaCome Closer includes extra track, 'Some Kind Of Woman'AKR (pinnacle)AKR CDS41EX/EX3.00
CDsBlackaliciousDeceptionCard Sleeve, 3 tracks, incl. 'Everywhere At Once', andTrouble'Mo'WaxMWR131CDSEX3.00
PRO CDsBlackaliciousIf I May1 track promo in clear boxNo WaxBBPROMOCD1 01 6EX/EX3.00
CDsBlackboxNot Anyone4 versions, incl. Mixes by Joe T Vanelli, Playboy, and Chico SecciMercuryMERCD 434EX/EX3.00
CDsBlackstreet(Money Can't) Buy Me LoveCd1, 1 version plus 3 versions of 'Happy Song'UniversalIND95563EX3.00
CDsBlackstreetGirlfriend/BoyfriendPlus 'Take me there' & 'Don't leave me'InterscopeIND-95640/495 640-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBlak TwangPerfect Love Song3 versions, incl. 'Trying a Thing Mix', and 'Eldee mix'Jammin'BJAM 9006EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsBlake, KennyTom's Diner2 versionsEdel0067380CLUPEX3.00
CDsBlaque IvoryI Do Card sleeve, 3 versions, incl CD Extra enhanced CD VideoColumbiaXPCD 1180EX/EX3.00
CDsBleachinPeakinIncl. Futureshock mix and Mistah Bishis might be Miami mixBMG7 43321 77481EX3.00
CDsBlige, Mary JDeep InsideStargate radio mix, Stargate double remix plus 'Sincerity feat Nas & Dmx'MCAMCSXD 40224EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsBlige, Mary JGive me you1 track Promo, Nino radio mixMCAMARYPRO3EX/EX3.00
CDsBlige, Mary JSeven DaysRadio edit, remix, plus 'Round & round' Brooklyn funk R&B bump mix, & Brooklyn Funk B-boy mix MCAMCSTD 48083EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsBlocksterGrooveline2 versionsMinistry Of Sound MusicMOSCDSP131EX3.00
CDsBlocksterYou Should be3 versionsMinistry of SoundMOSCDS128EX/EX3.00
CDsBlond, KristineLove Shy4 versions, incl. Mixes by Tuff Jam, and Mike SpencerRelentless RecordsRELENT4CDSEX3.00
CDsBlond, KristineLove ShyCard Sleeve, Cutfather & Joe &, Tuff Jam classic vocal, Tuff Jam UVM dub, Rhythm masters vocal mix, rhythm masters dark dub, Todd Edwards vocal mix, Blacksmith Hip Hop club mixReverb1650-01REVEX/EX-3.00
Pro CDsBloodThe New Face Of British SoulCard sleeve, 4 tracks, incl. 'Wanna Be Your Man', 'Another Lover', 'Love That I Need', and 'Thinking About It'Oyster MusicMCB01EX3.00
CDsBloodThinking about ItPromo, 4 versions, incl. 'Lisa Marie experience mix', 'Spa Conga Lick mix', and '12 Stone RnB remix'Oyster musicOYS002CDEX/EX3.00
CDsBlubble RDeath By Diaper6 Track samplerBlubberS318008EX3.00
CDsBlue PearlNaked in the rain '98Rob B's 7in edit, Trouser Enthusiasts' Wet dream 7in edit, Hybrid remic, Rob B's full vocal mix, Trouser Enthusiasts' wet dream mix, Mondo mixMalarkyMLK D7EX/EX3.00
CDsBlueboy, TheRemember meOriginal 12in, 'Sure is Pure' 7in edit & 12in remix, 'Cavern 3' remix, 'Rae and Christian' remixPharmCD PHARM1EX/EX3.00
CDsBM Dubs presents Mr Rumble, feat Brasstooth & KeeWhoomp!…There it is (The club mixes)Radio edit, public domain remix, original mix, videoIncentiveCENT16CDSEX/EX-3.00
CDsBolland, CJSugar is Sweeter1996 release, radio edit, original mix, Armand's drum 'n' bass mix, Insuline injection mix, Monkey Mafia mixInternalLIECD 35EX/EX-3.00
CDsBomfunk MCsFreestylerRadio edit, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Surgical spirit mix, Tuff twins mixDance PoolDPS2CDXEX/EX3.00
CD EPBoneThugs-n-Harmony1995 release, EP - tracks are '1st of the month' (album version), 'East 1999' (U-neek's last dayz remix), 'Thuggish ruggish bone' & ' Die, die, die'Epic663850 5EX/EX3.00
CDsBonesDream Girl Sky (the Nightmare mixes)6 versionsEMI7423 8 62283 2 1EX/EX3.00
CDsBoomFalling 3 tracks, incl. 2 versions of 'Boy Versus Girl'LondonLONCD458EX3.00
CDsBoom, BarryTaste of Things to ComePromo, 5 versions, incl.'Dave Kelly's remix', and 'Donnd D Speed Garage mix'UniversalMCSTD 40150EX/EX3.00
CDsBounty Killer, feat. Cocoa Brovaz, Nona Hendryx and FreeIt's A Party6 versions, incl. 'Thomilla's Radio Mix', and 'Genuine Draft Mix'Edel0066025BLAEX/EX3.00
CDsBox Office PoisonMysteries3 tracks, incl French and Spanish versions, plus extra track 'Getting Thru The Day Future Legend recordsFLBOP2CDSEX/EX3.00
Pro CDsBoyz II MenCan't Let Her Go 4versions, incl. Mixes by Tuff Jam, Cutee B, and TimbalandMotown8860795-2EX3.00
CDsBoyz, theOne MinutePromo, 4 versionsEastWest (Time Warner)EW 773EX/EX3.00
CDsBrainchildSymmetry C3 versions, incl. Mixes by Mike Koglin, and Vincent De MoorMultiply RecordsCDMULTY55EX3.00
CDsBran Van 3000Drinking In L.A.3 versions, incl. 'Fink Mix', and 'Zoobone Mix'Capitol Records7243 8 87556 2 7 EX3.00
CDsBrand New HeaviesSometimesIncl. Remixes by Masters at work, Nuyorican Soul and Ummah Feat Q tip of Tribe Called Quest FfrrBNHCD8EX3.00
CDsBrand New Heavies, theShelter2 versions, plus extra track, 'More Love'FFRRBNHCD11EX-3.00
CDsBrand New Heavies, TheDream on dreamerHeavies radio version, morales 7in, Heavies motion mix, T-empo dub mixFFRR869021 2EX/EX3.00
CDsBrand New Heavies, TheSpend some timePart 1 of a 2 part set in slimline Z box, 1994 release, radio version plus 'Step this way' (live at the Empire), 'People get ready' (live at the Empire), 'Midnight at the Oasis' (BBC live session)FFRRBNCDP6EX/EX3.00
CDsBrand New Heavies, TheSpend some timeCD2 of a 2 part set, radio version, extended version, Malone & Mollison piano mix, Swenny club mixFFRRBNHCD6EX/EX3.00
CDsBrandyTop of the WorldCD2 of a 2 part set, radio edit feat. Ma$e, Boogiesoul remix feat. Ma$e radio edit, PartII feat. Eat Joe & Big Pun radio versionAtlanticAT0046CD2EX/EX3.00
CDsBrandyAlmost doesn't CountRadio mix, album version DJ Premier remixAtlantic7567-84474-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBrandy and MonicaThe Boy is Mine4 versionsAtlantic (WEA)7567-84109-2 AT0036CDEX/EX3.00
CDsBravadoHarmonica Man1994 release, Harmonica man edit, Harmonica man Harmonica mix, Harmonica man techno mix, Harmonicaman laid back boyz mixPeachPEACHCD 5EX/EX-3.00
CDsBravo All Stars, (various artisits, incl. Touche, Caught In The Act, Scooter, Aaron Carter, Backstreet boys, 'N Sync, Squeexer, Blumchen, and many more)Let The Music Heal Your Soul4 versions, incl. 'Unplugged version'Edel38855EREEX/EX3.00
CDsBraxton, ToniI Don't Want ToCD2 of a 2CD set, 3 versionsArista74321 49899 2EX/EX3.00
CDsBraxtons, TheThe BossKenlou radio mix, Kenlou mix, Masters at work album mix, Masters at work dub, RepriseAtlanticA5441CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsBreakbeat EraBullitproofPromo, in card sleeve, edit, MJ Cole remix, Unkle remix, Terrible Funk (Krust remix)XL RecordingsXL 115 CDPEX/EX3.00
CDsBreut, FrancoizMa Colereincludes extra tracks, ' Fiasco' and 'Les Forges'Bella UnionBELLACD7EX/EX3.00
CDsBrother Brown, feat. Frank'eeUnder The WaterPromo, CD single in an album box, 4 versions, incl 'Frank'eepella', and 'Deep Dish Radio edit'FfRrFCD367EX/EX3.00
CDsBrother Brown/ FrankeeUnder The Water4 VersionsFfrrEW773EX3.00
PRO CDsBrotherhoodOne ShotPromo in CCS (which is printed on the inside as well!)VirginBHOODDJ3EX-/EX-3.00
CDsBrotherhood, thePunk FunkCD2 (of a 2 CD set?), 2 versions, plus 2 versions of the extra track, 'Mad Headz'VirginBHOODD4EX/EX3.00
CDsBrotherhood, thePunk FunkCD1 ,Parental Guidance Warning, 4 tracks, incl. 2 versions of 'Mad Headz', and 'Nothing In Particular'VirginBHOODG4EX3.00
CDsBrothers in Rhythm present CharvoniForever and a day1994 release, radio mix, Phil Kelsey mix, Big Brothers remix, original club mix, E-Lustrious mixStressCDSTR 36EX/EX3.00
CDsBrown, BobbyFeelin' Inside6 versions, incl. Mixes by K Klass, Marly Marl, Loop da Loop,and Mr DalvinMCAMCSTD 48067EX/EX3.00
CDsBrown, CharlieGood ThingCard Sleeve, 4 versions, incl. ' DJ Spoiled & Zigo Remix, ' 7th District Club Flava', and 'DJ Chunky Remix'Telstar RecordsCDSTAS3128EX3.00
CDsBrown, HoraceThings we do for loveRadio edit, Eddie F's paradise mix (clean) ( feat Jay-Z), Instrumental plus 'Lady'Motown860 571-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBrown, JamesFunk On Ah Roll3 versions, incl. Mixes by Bump and Flex, Olav Basoski, and Rhythm MastersEagle RecordsEAGXS127EX3.00
CDsBrown, JamesFunk on ah rollIn Inferno box, Gee city groove radio edit, S-Class mix, Funk Monks mixInfernoEAGXS073EX/EX3.00
CDsBrown, JenniferAlive3 tracks, incl. 'Daddy's gone', and an acoustic version of 'Alive'Ricochet74321 67860 2EX/EX3.00
CDsBrown, JocelynAin't No Mountain High EnoughThe classic short radio edit, Mpuntainess club mix, sound clash dub editIncredibleINCRL7CDEX/EX-3.00
CDsBrownstoneKiss and TellIncl Cutfather & Joe remix, cycle remix, Paco remixEpic664985 2EX/EX3.00
CDsBrownstone5 Miles to emptyRadio edit, Cutfather & Joe remix Up, Cutfather & Joe remi8x smooth, Do me remix, Dark child remixEpic664096 2EX/EX3.00
Pro CDsBryan, KelleI Wanna Know1 Track PromoMercuryKNOWQ1EX3.00
CDsBTLove, Peace and GreaseCD1 (of 2?) Card Sleeve, 5 versions, incl. Mixes by DJ Q, Uberzone, and 'Potent Pill mix'PerfectoPERF153CD1/3984-20866-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBTRememberCD1 (of 2?),4 versions, incl. Mixes by Paul van Dyk, and SashaPerfectoPERF160CD1/3984224422/LC 1557EX/EX3.00
CDsBucketheadsGot Myslef ToghetherIncl mixes by Masters at work, Todd Terry & Hustlers ConventionPositivaCDTIV-48EX/EX3.00
CDsBulllyragFrantic4 versions, incl. 'Cut La Roc Remix', and 'D.O.S.E. Remix'MercuryBYRCJ1EX3.00
CDsBus StopJump3 versionsAATWCD GLOBE 186EX/EX3.00
CDsBus StopKick The Can3 versions, incl. 'Kickin' Mix'AATWCDGLOBE211EX3.00
CDsBusta RhymesTurn it up (remix) / Fire it upClean, Instrumental, 'Turn it up' - LP version (clean) & InstrumentalElektraE3847CD 7559-63847-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBusta RhymesOneCD1 of a 2 part set, feat. Eryka Badu, Lp version clean, 'Woohah! Got you all in check' LP version - clean, 'Turn itup' - (remix)/Fire it Up (clean)ElektraE3833CD1 7559-63833-2EX/EX3.00
CDsBusta RhymesOneCD2 of a 2 part set, feat. Eryka Badu, LP version - clean, 'Rhymes Galore' - LP version-clean, InstrumentalElektraE3833CD2 7559-63834-2EX/EX-3.00
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Jungle, Drum 'n' Bass
Small selection of goodies, going back to '93
Original Classics from the late 70s and Early 80s
Mainly compilations
Trance and Ambient
Goa, Psychedelic and more
Acid and Experimental
A mixture of of Acid House and modern offbeat
Oldskool Hardcore
Classic Tunes from 1990-93
Beatz and hip hop
wide selection from early rap to modern breakbeat
reggae and Ragga, Mainly UK 12"
From Trad to Fusion and modern smooth Jazz

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