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Jazz and Library

Dunno quite how Jazz ended up in the dance section, anyhow, here they are!
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CDBertrami, Roberto JoseThings Are different2001 Release, still sealed, comes with outer card slipcaseFar out recordingsFARO 053CDS/S6.95
3CDBorstlap, MichielGramercy ParkFreeform Jazz, 3 CD Set. CD1 Is Piano Solo, CD2 Is Piano Trio and CD 3 is Meets Soulvation. Comes in a foldout digipack, Dutch PressingUniversal Classics and Jazz014 326-2EX-/EX/EX/EX12.00
LPBrecker BrothersHeavy Metal Be BopJazz FusionEX-/EX3.45
LPBrecker Brothers BandBack To BackGatefold Sleeve, US Cut OutEX/EX5.45
LPBrowne, TomBrowne SugarGatefold Sleeve, FusionEX-/EX-5.45
LPBuckley Miller BandsameEX/EX4.45
LPCarlton, LarryStrikes TwiceUS Pressing With Inner SleeveEX/EX-4.45
LPClarke, StanleyRocks Pebbles & SandFusionEX-/EX4.45
LPCobham, BillyPicture ThisEX/EX-3.45
LPDolphy, EricIron Man60s avante Garde Jazz, this is a limited Italian 180g Re-Issue, 2002Get BackGET2009S/S10.00
LPEllington, Duke & His OrchestraThe Radio TranscriptionsLondon LabelEX/EX5.45
LPGillespie, DizzyAn Electrifying Evening with the Dizzy Gillespie QuartetFeaturing Leo Wright, Lalo Schifrin, Chuck Lamkin and Bob Cunningham live in concert, 1961. This LP is still sealed but appears to be a later re-issueVerveV/V6-8401S/S7.95
2LPGiuffreJimmy Giuffre 3German release on ECM, 1992, features Jimmy Giuffre, Paul Bley and Steve SwallowECMECM 1438/39S/S12.00
LPGoodman, Benny & The All StarsSessionDie Cut Swing House Label SleeveEX/EX3.45
LPGrappelli, Stephane & Earl HinesThe GiantsEX-/EX3.45
LPGrappelli, Stephane & Hank JonesLondon MeetingEX/EX-3.45
LPGrappelli, Stephane & His American All Stars1978EX-/EX-3.45
LPHarvey, JanesameLive Recording, 1974, Collaborators Incl. John Bunch, Billy Goodwin, Don Elliott, 'Bucky' Pizzarelli, 'Doc' Cheatham, Gene Bertoncini, Richard DavisEX/EX-4.45
CDsHenderson, JoeTetragon / In pursuit of blackness1994 release, 11 tracksAceCDBGPD 084EX/EX6.75
LPJones, Hank/Ron Carter/Tony WilliamssameFusionEX/EX-3.45
12Koivistoinen, EeroBoots & RootsJazz, tracks are 'Boots & Roots', 'Roots & Boots' & 'Five Blue Tones'Jazzpuu-5EFA 50905-6S/S4.90
LPLA ExpresssameFusionEX-/EX-5.45
CDLoeb, ChuckListen1999 release, US Cut-out, Tracklist: Silver Star, High Five, Love Is All, Right Down Broadway, Shhh..., Listen, Rock With You, Geraldine, Buttercup, Chiringito, Blue Kiss and Listen To The SoundShanadieShanadie 5057S/S6.54
LPLoussier, JaquesPlay Bach No1Jazz Interpretations of Bach, this copy appears to be a French Re-Issue. StereoDeccaSSL 40.500S/S7.95
LPMendes, Sergio (Trio) / Wanda De SahBrazil '65All Time Classic Easy LP re-issued with the original artworkCapitolT2294S/S9.54
CDPatterson, Don & Booker ErvinLegends of Acid Jazz1996 release, 7 tracksPrestigePRCD-24178-2EX/EX5.45
LPRitenour, LeeThe Captain's JourneyFusionEX-/EX-4.45
LPSanborn, DavidVoyagerFusionEX/EX3.45
LPSharrock, SonnyMonkey - Pockie - Boo180 Gram Vinyl Re-Issue of this avante Garde Guitar Jazz LPActuelActuel 37S/S10.00
LPSnowboy and the Latin SectionPara PuenteLatin Jazz, 7 tracksUbiquity/CubopCBLP039S/S9.54
LPSpirogiraFreetimeJazz Fusion, Corner Of Cover CreasedVG+/EX3.45
LPSpirogiraMorning DanceJazz FusionEX/EX4.45
LPSpirogiraCatching The SunGatefold Sleeve, Jazz FusionEX-/EX4.90
CDTaylor, The Billy Taylor TrioYou Tempt Me1989 release, 8 tracksTaylor-MadeT1004EX/EX5.45
Library Records
LPBates, NigelElectronicLibrary Album; 10 tracks, all medium to medium fast in tempoChappellCHAP 101EX-/EX7.08
LPBates, NigelUntitledLibrary Album; 13 tracks, Medium to medium fast tempos, all tracks are based upon keys of D Minor and A Minor to facilitate editingChappellCHAP AV 007EX-/EX-7.08
LPBaxter, CathTrailers & JinglesLibrary Album; 18 tracks all containing more than one component, categorized as Punchy/Contemporary, Novelty/Humour, Fashion, Romantic/Thoughtful & ChristmasChappellCHAP AV 006EX-/EX7.08
LPBurton, Simon & Philip HodgeThe Standard Music Library - PastoralLibrary Album; 27 pastoral inspired tracks feat. Guitar & SynthesizerStandard MusicESL 149EX-/VG+7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansPastoral Music Vol.1Library Album; 18 tracks, all slow tempo & mainly with gentle melodiesChappellC.I.S. 5018EX-/EX-7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansDramatic/Orchestral Vol. ILibrary Album; 20 tracks, 10 jingles at various tempos but all related by key, chordal structure or thematicallyChappellCHAP AV 022EX-/EX-7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansThe Popular Classics - Piano MusicLibrary Album; Various Tempos, composers are Chopin (Waltzes & Prelude No. 7), Liszt (Liebestraume), Beethoven (Fur Elise, Rondo A & Moonlight Sonata), Schumann (Traumerie), & Grieg (Wedding Day in Troldhaugen)ChappellCLP 722EX-/EX-7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansThe Popular Classics - OverturesLibrary Album; Various tempos - 6 tracks 'Die Fledermaus' Strauss, 'The Bartered Bride' Smetana, 'The Magic Flute' Mozart, 'Roman Carnival' Berlioz, 'Oberon' Weber, & 'The Secret' Smetana ChappellCLP 720EX/EX-7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansThe Popular Classics - TchaikovskyLibrary Album; Various tempos - Piano Concerto No.1 in B Flat Minor Op.23 & Capriccio Italien Op. 45ChappellCLP 725EX-/EX7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansSolo Instruments - StringedLibrary Album; 43 short tracks of Various tempos, solo instruments used are Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Guitar, Mandoline, Lute, Banjo & Hurdy GurdyChappellCHAP 116EX-/EX7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansPastoral/Romantic - Orchestral & ElectronicLibrary Album; 15 tracks, various tempos, instruments featured in various pieces are Oboe, Flute, String Quartet, Violin, Piano & Acoustic GuitarChappellCHAP 117EX-/EX-7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansUntitledLibrary Album; 15 tracks of various tempos, side 1 has 7 church organ solos - played by Fela Sowande & William Davis, side 2 has 8 Orchestral tracks played by The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra conducted by Robert Farnon & Sidney TorchChappellLPC 370-376EX-/EX-7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansIndustrial/Activity - Holiday MusicLibrary Album; 10 tracks of various tempos & 10 jingles, all tracks/jingles by Wolfgang Kafer or Ib Glinderman, replacement record also included - it is a repressing because original didn't play correctly - letter explaining this is also includedChappellCHAP 114EX-/EX-7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansPeriod - 1900's;10's;20's;30'sLibrary Album; 20 tracks Various tempos in popular styles from 1900's - 1930's, Incl. Waltzes, march's, Foxtrot, Dance Band, Quickstep, jangle Piano & In the style of Glenn MillerChappellCHAP 113EX/EX7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansRomantic Music (Orchestral) Vol. 1Library Album; 14 tracks various tempos but in the main medium-slow of Romantic/Balladic moodChappellC.I.S. 5011EX-/EX-7.08
LPChappell - Session MusiciansLight ThemesLibrary Album; 14 tracks & 14 Jingles of various tempos but all of a happy upbeat theme, all by either Brian Atherton or Nigel BatesChappellCHAP AV 009EX-/EX-12.00
LPChappell - Session MusiciansDance and PopLibrary Album; 13 tracks all medium or Up Tempo, plus 12 jingles also of medium-up tempo, all are based on the styles and sounds of the mid 80'sChappellCHAP AV 008EX-/EX-12.00
LPCharleson, BillJazz Funk RoadLibrary Album; 16 tracks in the American 'Jazz Funk' idiom in various moods and tempos, performed by 'The Charleson Group'Studio GLPSG 4008EX-/EX12.00
LPCork, PeterPeriod/NostalgiaLibrary Album; Various tempos - 14 tracks depicting the characters & settings of Hollywood films produced between 1936-1946ChappellCHAP 103EX-/EX-7.08
LPCross Band, VincePop PourriLibrary Album; 14 tracks in various tempos and styles taken from the 50's to 80's, all tracks composed and arranged by Vince Cross apart from 'A Greenwich Evening' which has been composed & arranged by Vince Cross & Colin GoldringStudio GLPSG 4012EX-/EX12.00
LPDexter, Roger & Alan BellChristmasLibrary Album; 47 jingles in a range of moods/atmospheres, range of vocal & instrumental soundsChappellCHAP AV 021EX-/EX-7.08
LPDupont, Paul & his TrioMusic for PianoLibrary Album; 17 tracks written by Roger Webb, performed by Paul Dupont & his trio, range of tempos, several are Rag/Jazz styleChappellLPC 1078EX-/VG+7.08
LPFlying Ace ProductionsDrama/Rock MusicLibrary Album; 12 Tracks, 16 Jingles of various tempos/styles, incl. a track in each of the following styles - Of Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac, Bad company/Free & The Allman BrothersChappellCHAP 112EX-/EX-12.00
LPImportant NoticeEnvironmental ImagesLibrary Album; 13 tracks, 13 x 30sec jingles, various tempos, feat, woodwind, keyboard, guitar and percussion instrumentsChappellCHAP AV 024EX-/EX-7.08
LPKafer, WolfgangElectronicLibrary Album; 10 medium tempo electronic tracksChappellCHAP AV 001EX-/EX-7.08
LPKafer, WolfgangElectronicLibrary Album; 8 tracks of various tempos and styles, percussive effects widely usedChappellCHAP 111EX-/EX-12.00
LPLewis, P. & G. Grant (1 track)Country AffairsLibrary Album; 28 tracks, various tempos - described as 'Melodic Music for small group featuring woodwind, keyboards & guitar'Music De WolfeDWS/LP 3307EX-/VG+7.08
LPMyers, StanleyImages - Large Orchestral MoodsLibrary Album; 13 tracks, a range of tempos & styles but a majority are of light rhythmic styleMusic De WolfeDWS/LP 3317EX-/EX-12.00
LPPark, SimonGun Barrel HighwayLibrary Album; 14 tracks of various tempos & styles, described as 'Up-to-date orchestral pieces featuring a blend of modern keyboard sounds played by Soul City Orchestra'Music De WolfeDWS/LP 3380EX-/EX-9.54
LPPark, SimonEnterpriseLibrary Album; 14 tracks, various styles & tempos, described as 'Unusual progressive orchestral rock sounds played by Sound City'Music De WolfeDWS/LP 3425EX-/VG+9.54
LPPayne, ChrisDrama/HorrorLibrary Album; 22 tracks, 9 Jingles, various tempos, all with dramatic themes, Side one features pieces by orchestra & choir, Side 2 features Electronic pieces with last four jingles on side 2 being 'Comic Horror'ChappellCHAP 122EX-/EX-12.00
LPPieces of EightSoft PedalLibrary Album; 14 Piano jazz tracks with a range of tempos - mainly mid-fast, ring wear to sleeveMusic De WolfeDWS/LP 3371VG+/VG+7.08
LPRhodosShortsLibrary Album; 36 x 30 sec shorts, various tempos, divided into following categories - Electronic, Drama, Period/Nostalgia, Industrial.Activity, Solo Instruments, Romantic/Pastoral, artists are Wolfgang Kafer, Ole Hoyer, Ib Glindemann & Lars BlachChappellCHAP 109EX-/EX-7.08
LPSargent, NickDescriptive ThemesLibrary Album; 12 tracks, 12 jingles (30 sec each), full range of tempos ChappellCHAP AV 004EX-/EX-7.08
LPSaunders, J.Sound Waves Part 1Library Album; 16 tracks, varying tempos but mainly up-tempo, featureing electronic keyboards played by Astral SoundsMusic De WolfeDWS/LP 3456EX-/EX-7.08
LPSaunders, J.TravellerLibrary Album; 20 tracks in various styles and tempos - described as 'Modern melodic small group sounds featuring acoustic guitar'Music De WolfeDWS/LP 3337VG/EX-12.00
LPSoul City Orchestra (composed by S. Park)Gun Barrel HighwayLibrary Album; 14 tracks, various tempos, features modern keyboard sounds blended with the orchestraMusic De WolfeDWS/LP 3380EX-/VG+7.08
LPStarkey, Jonathon with Andrew sackett, David Graham & John BowerSolo Instruments - KeyboardsLibrary Albums; 29 tracks, different moods and tempos, 21 on piano, 2 on harpischord, 1 on celeste, 2 on pipe organ & 3 on Wurlitzer organChappellCHAP 126EX-/EX-7.08
LPStudio G - Session MusiciansVolume 4 - Feeling GoodLibrary Album; 20 tracks described as 'Modern birght tempo themes for a variety of action situations'Studio GLPSG 4010EX-/EX-7.08
LPStudio G - Session MusiciansVolume 4 - Short TitlesLibrary Album; 42 x 30 second tracks, various styles & temposStudio GLPSG 4007EX-/EX7.08
LPStudio G - Session MusiciansVolume 4 - The Dance Band YearsLibrary Album; 17 tracks, various styles of Dance band & Jazz from 1910-1950Studio GLPSG 4006EX-/EX-7.08
LPTowns, ColinDramaLibrary Album; 21 tracks, various tempos, divided into following - Chase sequences, Reflective pieces, Vocal, Contemporary Themes - Jazz style, Contemporary Themes - various styles, Atmospheric piecesChappellCHAP 102EX-/EX-7.08
LPTrombey, J.The Good EarthLibrary Album; 15 tracks, 3 jingles, of varying tempos however mainly of soulful/contemplative style & medium-slow tempo, described as 'A variety of moods on the pan's pipes with accompaniment: played by Fred Mann'Music De WolfeDWS/LP 3355EX-/VG+12.00
LPVarious ArtistsChappell Recorded MusicLibrary Album; 19 tracks with a range of tempos performed by The Max Martin Group, Felton Rapley, Fred Hartley & his Rhythm Quartet, The Melodi Light Orchestra (conducted by Ole Jensen), Roger Roger & his Orch., & Comedy Ensemble (conducted by Paul GerardChappellLPC 786-790EX-/VG+7.08
LPVarious Artists : J. Hawksworth & J. SaundersEnsembleLibrary Album; 32 tracks, range of tempos but tend toward slow & relaxed moods, described as 'Simple melodic pieces with the emphasis on flute, oboe and guitar'Music De WolfeDWS/LP 3329EX-/EX-7.08
LPVarious Artists : J. Saunders, K. JenkinsKaleidscopeLibrary Album; 16 tracks, various tempos, on Electronic Keyboard played by Astral SoundsMusic De WolfeDWS/LP 3378VG+/EX7.08
LPVarious Artists : Jim Johnstone & his band, Kathleen MacDonald, Ron Gonnella, Royal Burgh of Stirling Pipe Band, Captain John MacLellan, Gary Donaldson, Fergus MacLeod, Beggar's MantleNational ScotlandLibrary Album; 20 traditional Scottish tracks, various temposChappellCHAP 115EX-/EX-7.08
LPVarious Artists : Wolfgang Kafer, Ib Glindemann, & Kim HolstFour SuitesLibrary Album; Four suites of music with varying moods and atmospheres, presenting a complete score to ensure musical consistency throughout your productions. each suite contains an opening, closing and main theme, with variations of different lengths andChappellCHAP AV 002EX-/EX7.08

Big list of more recent vinyl stuff, Predominantly Promos, Set price
Big list of more recent vinyl stuff, Predominantly Promos, Set price
Vinyl Only
All dance types
Mainly compilations
Trance and Ambient
Goa, Psychedelic and more
Acid and Experimental
A mixture of of Acid House and modern offbeat
Oldskool Hardcore
Classic Tunes from 1990-93
Beatz and hip hop
wide selection from early rap to modern breakbeat
reggae and Ragga, Mainly UK 12"
Original Classics from the late 70s and Early 80s

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