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Trance and Ambient

A selection of trance records with an emphasis on older tunes and anthems



While we do our best to classify all records by musical style and to give as much information about country of origin etc we cannot guarantee to get it all right!
We prefer it if you buy records on the strength of your knowledge rather than ours! One man's Acid trance is anothers Goa or Psychedelic or even plain Acid! Get our Drift....

Trance and Ambient
121700Data S.Driving Goa TranceTime UnlimitedTIME055-6EX-/EX3.90
12BanduluChanging World1995InfonetINFO024TEX/EX4.45
12Bass-O-MaticIn The Realm Of The SensesClassic Trance, William Orbit, 4 Track Promo, Incl. Mixes By Sugar J. & FC Harmony, Billy OBass.O.MaticGRRR1EX/EX5.90
12Belouis someSometimesPromo, the Beloved Mixes. I am a good time vocal mix, instrumental, 3 Am fun time Mix and 6 Am Dream Time Mix. Early trance, cover worn at baseBMG74321 17629VG+/EX-4.68
12Blue PearlMother Dawn / Can You Feel The PassionBig LifeBP PROMO5EX-4.45
12Cascade0.0.1Quite Minimal Trance, Track 1 Has House Beat, Production Carsten Fietz &nsp; Eric BezierLuxusLUXUS001EX-/EX-3.45
12Circuit RiderPlasma Trifle (EP)Mellow Trance, Unusual Broken Up BeatsEco LogicECO004TEX-3.90
12CompufonicMake It MoveNovamuteP12NOMU12EX/EX-3.90
12Corridor ElementElementTranceSabres Of ParadisePT008EX/EX4.45
12Cyberkrist / EquiliumSplit SingleCyberkrist Track is Crossword Equilium track is Archetype, Psychedeilc Trance With A Hard Dark EdgeTransientTRA040EX/EX4.45
12Dark SessionsFunk Of Tha' MonthTrance/Progressive HouseLimboLIMB55TEX/EX4.45
12DarshanWarped Dimension Eco BlipAcid TranceChaos UnlimitedCUV003EX/EX-3.90
12DarshanDuckDriving TrancePhantasmPTM23AAEX-/EX-3.90
12Deep ForestMarta's songTrance & AmbientColumbia662140 6EX/EX-3.45
12DJ Mike S / Ben ElvisJakeTrance & Prog HouseSuperstition08-033115-20EX/EX3.90
12DJ Sakin & FriendsDragonfly / NomanslandPurple vinyl disc in clear plastic sleeve, Dragonfly - Polaris Mix and Nomansland - Viper Mix, Darkeuro tranceOverdose ProductionDose 050 LTDEX-3.90
12DodoThe Androids DreamExperimental, 4 Track LPSideburnSB011EX/EX5.45
12Drum ClubDrums Are Dangerous303 Invades Seattle Mix, Psychotrpoic Interference MixButterflyDCPRO 3EX-3.90
12Electronic BubblePuff AdderMellow Trance With Bigbeat Feel, other tracks are Final farewell, and SpongeboyTotal Head ControlTHC002EX-3.45
12EmpirionJesus ChristHard psi-tranceXL RecordingsXLT67EX/EX-3.90
12EmulatorPlastik CatsPsychedelic TranceMutton HeadMH008EX-3.90
12EnvoyHeart Of The Soul (EP)Mellow TranceSoma QualitySOMA031EX-/EX-3.90
12F.S.F.D.The ThingDark TranceSpot OnSEB018EX-/EX-3.90
12FaktoryGarden Scissors (EP)Trance Meets Prog House, DarkGenetic RazorGENRAZ001EX-3.90
12FaktoryGrey Alliance (EP)Slow Acid TranceGenetic RazorGENRAZ002EX-3.90
12Fuzzy LogicSpace Invader / Double BarrelPsychedelic Trance, Quite Fast Great SleeveOrganicORG001EX-/EX-3.90
12G & DTrinityHard Banging Trance, Almost GabberG&DKLUB5EX-3.90
12GALACTICA / MERCURYSplit SingleGALACTICA We Come In Peace MERCURY Ancient Mix in the Journey, Clear Blue Vinyl in Bubble wrap, no labelsFabric of LifeGALIKTICA1EX-4.45
12Guido Zen23 GiugnoMellow/Ambient, Lots Of Cool Pliny Sounds!Pik'N'MixPNM003EX/EX-3.45
12Harper TrioAsh 1.3Ambient TranceW/LASH13EX/EX6.75
12Heliocentric WorldSpiritual SkyGreat Early 90's 'Mellow'Black MarketBMIT009EX/EX-4.45
12Hellfire ClubBlackmagicHard Dark TranceReact12REACT137EX-/EX-3.90
12KineticoSconoschiutoPsi-Trance, plus 'Sincerity'Flying RhinoAFR066EX/EX3.90
12Lab InsectMatriculeVery Hectic Psychedelic Trance. NOTE: VG+ is the lowest grade we will send out in the mail, fine for DJ use but not recommended for the personal stereo.SymetricSYM001VG+3.45
12LionrockLionrock -MixesTrance With A Strong Dub Feel, Promo, Different Catalogue Number To Issue. NOTE: VG+ is the lowest grade we will send out in the mail, fine for DJ use but not recommended for the personal stereo.DeconstructionGO3VG+6.95
10Lost SectorFunky ESPExperimental, Mellow TranceFishtankFTANK005EX-4.45
10Lost SectorMy Bionic Rainforest10, Trance With 'Rainforest' NoisesFishtankFTANK006EX-4.45
12MackPurple HazePsi trance, plain card sleeveGeneticPH001EX-3.90
12Max Da FlyShape DisplaceHeavy Pounding Bass, Really Prog House, Quite Unusual, Dutch PressingSuperstitious57680630 080 PSEX/EX-3.45
12MC ProjectMoving in CirclesTechno & TranceMorphic ResonancePROJECT4EX4.45
12McMillan, DannyBrave New WorldIncludes Mark Williams mix of Dope Producin'. Trance & Breakbeat.Broken BoundarieBROKE001EX-3.90
12MenisFluff KillerDriving Acid TranceKoyoteKR0015EX-/EX-3.90
12MojoFull Fathom 5Barrowlands / Sex, Love & Motion / Apollo 440 / Void / Sound Structure MixesW/L12STR29EX3.90
12MoonweedMoonweed & SquidGoa, Great Cover Graphics. NOTE: VG+ is the lowest grade we will send out in the mail, fine for DJ use but not recommended for the personal stereo.AquaticATEC008VG+/VG+3.90
12Namlook & DJ SharpWechselspannungAmbient, Hologram Label, German PressingReflectiveREF007EX-6.75
12New YorkS.O.H.O.House/AmbientOuter RhythmFOOT7EX/EX4.45
12Night On EarthSurf De NiegeMellow Trance, Dutch Pressing, Vinyl Is A Bit LumpyBNWBNW006EX/EX-3.90
12NobodyLunar ParkMellow Trance & Scrathcy AcidSpecial KSPQ002EX-4.45
12OligoDestructMellow Trance, NiceOligoOLIGO01EX3.90
12One DoveBreakdownSecret Knowledge MixLondon828 352-1/2/4EX/EX5.90
12OperatorMind Over Manhattan (EP)Dark Trance, German PressingEmergency BroadcastSOS001EX/EX4.45
12OrbAssassinPromo: Oasis of Rhythms mix and Live VersionWau! Mr ModoORBPROMO5EX/EX10.00
2LPOrbCydonia2001 Release, Double LP with card inners, trance and ambientIslandLC 00407EX/EX-/EX-8.95
12PentauraUlma Gets To LingerIncludes Pentatonik mixInfectiousINFECT23TEX/EX-3.90
12QuaidCascadeMellow Ambient & Drum & Bass, Numbered, 12/20SeraphimSRM001EX5.45
12Rabettes/Ice BunBunny New Guinea PigSabres Of ParadiseSR005EX/EX4.45
12Razor's EdgeTribal SunriseMetropolitan MusicMM008EX/EX3.90
12Re:TriggerBreakin' PointMinimal Trance/Experimental House, Lots Of Plink & Plonk SamplesW/L8-STAREX-3.90
12Red SealCool DownChill out and Dub, a really blissed out tune! 3 tracks, incl. 'R You Afraid Of The Dark', and 'Chillin in Da Zone'Flying Rhino recordsAFRF002EX/EX3.90
12Ree.KAgaru To Sagaru (EP)Hard fast Psi-Trance, 1998 Release, tracks are: Agaru To Sagaru and Subconcious MindMatsuriMP38EX/EX-4.45
12Schuldt, TimAnimatronic (EP)Goa Trance, Quite Dark. NOTE: VG+ is the lowest grade we will send out in the mail, fine for DJ use but not recommended for the personal stereo.MatsuriMP26EX-/VG+3.45
12Shaolin Wooden ManOharTrance & ExperimentalSabam08-027232-20EX/EX-4.45
12Split SingleLast Summer Dream / AquariusKindred (Dave Angel Mix) / Midnight Fields (VC Mix)(Trance & Prog House)PagodaPANGAEA2097EX-3.90
12Sweet LifeState Of GraceTrancey House, Garage., Tonic Mix is AcidFaze 212FAZE25EX/EX4.45
2x12Thomas, CraigTone 1 (EP)Techno & TranceW/LDGT001BISEX-/EX-5.45
12Trans-global UndergroundEarth TribeBMG 1994NR29TEX/EX5.45
12Twisted CorporationAna Fuzzy Logic4 Tracks, 2 Hard Trance, 1 Fast Vocal Trance, 1 MellowFull FrontalFRONTAL2EX/EX3.45
LPVarious Artists: ETERNITY PROJECT ONERobo-bop / Lyndsey Holloday / Splendid /STP Twenty three / Eternity / The Orb / Discotec2000Bang Me Baby / Feel the Love / Paco's Revenge / Let Jimi Take Over / That's what I Want / Ashram House / Mr. Love / Sanctuary / Tripping On Sunshine / Feel ThisGee St.GEEA002EX/EX15.00
12Waxworth IndustriesRoy RevisitedSabres Of ParadiseWB001EX-4.45
12Wierd SciencePlease WaitMellow Trance, Lots Of Backwards Beats And Odd Breakdowns. NOTE: VG+ is the lowest grade we will send out in the mail, fine for DJ use but not recommended for the personal stereo.Think!THINK003VG+3.90
12YMO / Yellow Magic OrchestraDeconstructionsRemixes by UK dance acts Firecracker- Shamen Remix, Tong Poo- Orb Mix (excerpt),Multiplies- Altern 8 Remix,Light in Darkness- 808 state Ambient repriseInternalLIARX2EX-/EX-5.45
12YMO / Yellow Magic OrchestraDeconstructions - promoSampler of Remixes by UK dance acts. Firecracker- Shamen Remix,Tong Poo- Orb Mix (excerpt),Multiplies- Altern 8 Remix,Light in Darkness- 808 state Ambient repriseInternalLIXDJ2EX-8.95
12ZenithFlip de TraxSwan / Original / AmbientAquariusAQUA25EX-3.90
12Zeros & OnesAttack Response DeliveryTranceA.R.DFOOT001EX-/EX-3.90

Big list of more recent vinyl stuff, Predominantly Promos, Set price
Big list of more recent vinyl stuff, Predominantly Promos, Set price
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All dance types
Mainly compilations
Hip Hop, Leftfield and Bigbeat
A mishmash of Beatz oriented music
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A mixture of of Acid House and modern offbeat
Oldskool Hardcore
Classic Tunes from 1990-93
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From Trad to Fusion and modern smooth Jazz

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