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CDsCableBlue Birds Are BlueDigipackInfectiousINFECT36CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCableFreeze The AtlanticDigipackInfectiousINFECT38CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDCableWhen dogs Bite - album samplerPromo album sampler in customised card sleeve with fake dog bite, 5 tracksInfectiousINFECT35CDPEX/EX6.00
PRO CDsCableFreeze the AtlanticJewel Case with Mock Ice!InfectiousINFECT38CDPEX/EX6.50
PRO CDsCableGod Gave Me GravityJewel Case, Complete With Feathers & Stones Packed Inside Box!InfectiousINFECT45CDPEX/EX7.00
PRO CDsCableHonoluluPromo in stickered custom Card SleeveInfectiousINFECT67CDSPEX/EX 4.00
PRO CDsCaesarVisions of Mars / My loss2 reack promo in customised foldout card sleeveChina RecordsWOKCD2093EX/EX4.00
CDsCaesarBefore My Head Explodes China RecordsWOKCD2092EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCaffeineRomancePlus 'Plug it out' & 'Taste of Caffeine', promo ?Fluffy Freako recordsFFCAFF1EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsCakeI will survivePromo in customised sleeve, radio edit & full length radio editCapricorn574 452-2EX/EX3.00
CDsCalifoneElectric FenceUS Pressing, DigipackRoad ConeROCO025EX/EX3.00
CDsCampag VelocetVito Satan Pias PIAS101CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDRCandidateLeader EP3 Track Promo CDR withplain paper inlay. Snow StormN/AEX/EX 3.50
CDsCandy SkinsCircles UlitimateTOPP048CDEX/EX-2.50
CDsCandy SkinsMonday Morning UlitimateTOPP055CDXEX/EX2.50
CDsCandy SkinsMonday Morning UlitimateTOPP055CDXEX-/EX2.50
CDsCandy SkinsFeed ItCD1UlitimateTOPP063CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCandy SkinsYou Better Stop UlitimateTOPP065CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDCandy SnatcherssameCCSSafe HouseSH 2127 2EX/EX-5.00
CDsCandylandFountain Of Youth Non FictionYESCD4EX/EX2.50
CDsCandylandKingdomIn Card SleeveNon FictionYESCD9EX/EX-2.50
CDsCardigansLovefool1996 release, incl. 'Nasty sunny beam' & 'Iron Man (first try)'Stockholm records575 295-2EX/EX3.00
CDsCardigansMy favourite GameCD 2 of 2 part set?, 2 versions incl. wubbledub mix, plus 'Lovefool' - live at HultsfredsfestivalenStockholm records567 991-2EX/EX3.00
CDsCardigansHanging AroundStockholm561 269-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCardigansErase/ Rewind Stockholm563 533-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCardigansLovefoolRe-Issue571 050-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCardigansYour New CuckooIncl. 'Lovefool'Stockholm571 663-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCardigansRise And Shine Trampolene577 825-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCarrieMollyPromo sticker over barcode, 4 tracksIslandCID 687/572 205-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCarrieCalifornia Screamin'CD 1, promo sticker over barcode, 4 tracks, in jewel caseEMICID 694EX/EX3.00
CDsCarrieCalifornia Screamin'CD 1, in die cut company sleeve, 4 tracksEMICID 694EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCarrieCaring Sharing songIn Island studios die-cut card company sleeve, 3 tracksIslandCID 707EX/EX3.00
CDsCarrieBreathe UnderwaterIslandCID 665EX/EX2.50
CDsCarrieThe Birds IslandLALA007CDSEX/EX2.50
CDsCarsonA VisionPromo sticker on card sleeve which is embossed with braille but slightly grubby, 3 tracksWarner BrothersW489CDEX-/EX2.50
CDsCarsonI Quit Warner BrosW0457CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCarter The Unstoppable Sex MachineThe Young offenders mumChrysalis7243 8 81972 9EX/EX3.00
CDsCarter The Unstoppable Sex MachineBorn On The 5th Of November ChrysalisCDUSM13EX/EX2.50
CDsCarter The Unstoppable Sex MachineDo Re Mi So Far So GoodChrysalisUSMCD 5EX/EX-3.50
CDsCartoonMen From Mars ShineTOON002CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCartoonFade Away ShineTOON003CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCartoonLollipop (EP) ShineTOON004CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCartoonAlcoholic Show ShineTOON005CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCasey, PaddyEverybody Wants Paddy Casey Part 1CD 1?, Brown Sleeve, DigipackSony6673102EX/EX3.00
CDsCasey, PaddyEverybody Wants Paddy Casey Part 1CD 2?, Grey/Blue Sleeve, DigipackSony6673105EX/EX3.00
CDsCassiusMy feeling for youEdit, Les Rhythmes digitales-dreamix / short remix, Cambridge circus mixVirginDINSD 181EX/EX2.50
CDsCassius1999remix / radio edit, remix / long version, album versionVirginDINSD 177EX/EX30.00
PRO CDsCassiusMy feeling for you1 Track Promo in Custom Card SleeveVirginVISA4647EX/EX 3.00
2CDCastMother Nature CallsIncludes Bonus Disc of live recordings, Limited editionPolydor539 681-2EX/EX 10.00
CDsCastI'm So LonelyCD 2Polydor569 059-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCastGuiding StarCD2Polydor571 295-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCastLive The DreamWith PosterPolydor571 685-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCastFree MeCD 1Polydor573 649 2EX/EX2.50
CDsCastFree MeCD 2Polydor573 651-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCastWalkawayEx-La'sPolydor576 285-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCastSandstormDebut SinglePolydor577873-2EX/EX-3.50
CDsCastSandstorm Polydor577873-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCastAlright Polydor579927-2EX/EX3.00
CDsCastBeat MamaCD 2, plus 'Hoedown' & 'Whiskey Song'Polydor563 595-2EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCastBeat MamaPromo in customised card sleeve, radio editPolygramBEAT 1S/S50.00
CDsCatLoveBamCDRPM0049EX/EX 3.00
CDsCatatoniaKaraoke queenBlanco Y NegroNEG119CDEX/EX 2.50
CDsCatatoniaMulder and ScullyDigipackBlanco Y NegroNEG109CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCatatoniaStrange GlueBlanco Y NegroNEG113CDEX/EX2.50
CD3CatatoniaKaraoke queenLtd Edition 3 CD Includes Lyrics and Instrumental So you to can be the Preverbial Karaoke queen or King. Comes Packed in a Diary Size Cover.Blanco Y NegroNEG119CDXS/S5.00
CDsCatatoniaGame On3 tracks Blanco Y NegroNEG114CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCatatoniaDead from the waist down3 tracksBlanco Y NegroNEG115CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCat BallouTarantula(EP) Bionic VinylBVCD003EX/EX2.50
CDsCatchBingo VirginVSCDH1656EX/EX2.50
CDsCatcherOnce And or All West Nile000 2S/S2.50
CDsCatcherOnce And or All West Nile000 2EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCatherine Wheel feat. Feline & RadiatorBroken NosePromo in customised card sleeve, plus 'Can't help myself' by Feline & 'Who is your god' by Radiator, Originally given out free a gigsChrysalisCDCHSDJ 5079EX/EX60.00
CDsCatherine WheelI want to touch you1992 release in digipack, 4 tracksFontanaCW CD3EX/EX-50.00
CDsCatherine WheelCrank1993 release, plus 'La la Lala La' & 'Something strange'FontanaCWCDA5EX/EX-50.00
CDsCave, Nick & Kylie MinogueWhere the wild roses growDigipackMuteCDMUTE185EX/EX 3.00
PRO CDCave, Nick and the Bad SeedsNo more shall we partPromo Multimedia CD, 8 tracks incl. interviewMuteIPKCDSTUMM164EX/EX100.00
CDsCavorkaI am GrassPrescriptionPRESCD005EX/EX 3.00
CDsCayNature Creates Freaks East WestEW205CDEX/EX2.50
CDCecilBombar Diddlah8 Track albumParlophone8 54162 2EX/EX2.50
CDCecilBombar Diddlah8 Track albumParlophone8 54162 2EX-/EX2.50
CDsCecilHostage In A FrockCD 1Parlophone8 84713 2EX/EX2.50
CDsCecilMy Neck Parlophone82724 2EX/EX-2.50
CDsCecilMy Neck Parlophone82724 2EX/EX 2.50
CDsCecilRed Wine At Dead TimeCD 1Parlophone884 1362EX/EX2.50
CDsCecilThe Most Tiring DayCD 1ParlophoneCDRS6490EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCecilHostage in a Frock1 track promo in customised digipackParlophoneCDRDJ 6471EX/EX40.00
PRO CDsCecilRed wine at dead time1 track promo in customised sleeveParlophoneCDRDJ 6467EX/EX40.00
CDCellSlo-Blo10 tracksCity SlangSLANG24EX/EX-5.00
CDsCeremonyCould've Been Love GeffenGFSTD47EX/EX2.50
CDsChanging ManMr Wonderful Unity RecordsCD CM2EX/EX2.50
CDsCharlatansOne To Another Beggars BanquetBBQ301CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCharlatansNorth Country Boy Beggars BanquetBBQ309CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCharlatansTellin' Stories Beggars BanquetBBQ318CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCharlatansI Never want an easy life if me and he were ever to get thereLimited Edition Individually Numbered Boxed Set Includes Band PostcardsBeggars BanquetBBQ31CDEX/EX 15.00
CDsCharlatansMy Beautiful friendUniversalMCSTD40225EX-/EX2.50
CDsCharlatansForever UniversalMCSXD40220EX/EX3.00
CDsCharlatansHow High3 tracksBeggars BanquetBBQ312CDEX/EX 3.00
CDsCharlatansJust when you're thinkin' things over1995 release, 4 tracks incl 'Chemical Risk' - toothache remix with additional production & remix by the Chemical BrothersBeggars BanquetBBQ 60CDEX/EX30.00
CDsCharlatansJust Lookin' / Bullet Comes1995 release, plus 'Floor nine'Beggars BanquetBBQ 55CDEX/EX30.00
CDsCharlatansMy Beautiful friendLionrock mix, Jagz Kooner remix, edit, videoUniversalMCSXD 10225 / 156595-2EX/EX30.00
CDsCharlieWho Am I? LaurelLAUCD 12EX/EX3.00
CDsCharlie's AngelsIt's Never Gonna Happen To MeOrg LabelORGAN022CDEX/EX2.50
CDChest Mystery SuperetteFierce PandaNONGCD03EX/EX 3.00
CDsChesty MorganTvå gitarrerVibrafon Label, Swedish pressing, corner of card sleeve creasedVibrafonVIBRCD34EX-/EX3.50
CDChinadollThe China doll TangoUniversalFU 003EX/EX- 5.00
PRO CDsChina DrumPicturesCust slvMantraMINT4CDEX/EX5.00
CDsChina DrumLast Chance MantraMNT10CDEX/EX2.50
CDsChina DrumFiction Of Life MantraMNT21CDEX/EX2.50
CDsChina DrumStop It All Adding Up MantraMNT30CDEX/EX2.50
CDChina DrumSelf made ManiacMantraMNTCD1009EX/EX5.00
CDsChina DrumSomewhere Else MantraMNTCD22CDEX/EX2.50
CDsChinapplesHuge (EP) ?V5237EX/EX2.50
CDsChinookThis Suicide SpringboardCHK01CDEX/EX2.50
CDsChocolate GeniusMy MomV2VVR5008903EX/EX2.50
CDsChristian, AnneKiss The Day GoodbyeCD 1EquipeEQE5005163EX/EX 2.50
PRO CDsChristian, AnneKiss The Day Goodbye5 Tracks taken from the 'Forthcoming Album', 'Twilight'EquipeEQE1002362PEX/EX 4.00
CDsChristian, AnneKiss The Day GoodbyeTracks taken from the Forthcoming AlbumEquipeEQE1002362PEX/EX2.50
CDsChristian, AnneLove This Life V2EQE5001393EX/EX2.50
CDsChristian, AnneThe Other Way EquipeEQE5002533EX/EX2.50
CDsChristian, AnneKiss The Day GoodbyeCD 1EquipeEQE5005163EX/EX2.50
CDsChristophers, BenGive me everythingV2VVR5010813EX/EX 2.50
CDsChrome SlugEmily Slug RecordsSLUG001EX/EX2.50
CDsChuckStar Attraction Fire RecordsBLAZE101CDEX/EX2.50
CDsChuckJump Fire RecordsBLAZE106CDEX/EX2.50
CDsChuckDeep Fire RecordsBLAZE98CDEX/EX2.50
CDChuck Dead Famous Fire RecordsFIRECD59EX/EX 5.00
CDsChumbawambaTubthumping EMICDEM486EX/EX2.50
CDsChumbawambaAmnesiaCD 2EMICDEM498EX/EX2.50
CDsChumbawambaTop Of The World (Ole Ole Ole) EMICDEM511EX/EX2.50
CDsChumbawambaAmnesiaCD 1EMICDEMS498EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsChumbawambaShe's got all the friends that money can buy1 track promo in custom sleeveEMICDEMJ563EX/EX 2.50
CDsChumbawamba & credit to the NationEnough is enough1993 release, 3 tracksOne Little Indian79TP7CDEX/EX3.50
PRO CDsChumbawamba Pass it along1 track US Promo in clear fronted album boxUniversalUNIR-20244-2EX/EX30.00
CDsCinnamon SmithAngel Trade 2IC0407EX/EX2.50
CDsCinnamon SmithThe Uvver Half Mother RecordsMUMCD103EX/EX2.50
CDsCinnamon SmithBack To Her MotherDigipackMother RecordsMUMCD93EX/EX2.50
CDsCinnamon SmithWorld At Your FeetDigipackMother RecordsMUMCD94EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCinnamon SmithThe Uvver Half1 track promo in customised card sleeveMother recordsMUMCD103DJEX/EX3.50
PRO CDsCinnamon SmithWorld at Your feetcust card sleeve (creased at corner)Mother RecordsMUMCD94DJVG+/EX4.00
PRO CDCircusNot drowning wavingUS 13 track promo album in clear fronted boxReprise9 45169-2-AEX/EX50.00
CDCitizens' UtilitesNo More Medicine14 tracks in digipackMuteCD STUMM166VG+/EX-50.00
CDsClan of XymoxOut of the rain3 tracksTessTESS 16EX/EX-3.50
CDsClaytown TroupeWays Of Love IslandCID464EX/EX2.50
CDsClinicThe Return of Evil BillDominoRUG93CDEX/EX 3.00
CDsCloneDown to Earth / CometNil by mouthNBM2CDSEX/EX 3.00
PRO CDsCo dotBlack & Red1 track promo Bright StarMERCJ530EX/EX3.50
CDsCo.ukBig Green BathPlus 'Butterfly' & 'Heroes'Bright StarBSR CD3 / 566 979-2EX/EX40.00
PRO CDsCo.ukInfluenced2 Track Promo, Custom Card SleeveBMGBMG P10EX/EX 3.50
PRO CDRCo.ukBig Green Bath3 Track Promo CDR with Photocopy insertBrightstar RecordingsN/AEX/EX 4.00
PRO CDRCo.ukSick of you3 Track Promo CDR with Photocopy insert in plastic walletBrightstar RecordingsN/AEX/EX 4.00
CDsCoadeGive To Me EdelEDEL0089825FACEX/EX2.50
CDsCoadeToo Young Treasure IslandTID CD 011EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCoastDo It NowCustom Card SleeveBaretunes LtdCOAST1EX/EX3.00
CDsCoastNow That You Know Me SugarSUGA8CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCoco & The BeanAll StarDigipackMantraMNT 14CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCoco & The BeanFair PlayDigipackMantraMNT18CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDCodeineLP 3 (still untitled)Promo 13 tracks, in slim line case with unique Sub Pop sleeveSub PopSPCD 118/299EX/EX80.00
CDsCold Water FlatMagnetic North Pole Fort ApacheFASTD 1EX/EX-2.50
CDCole, LloydDon't Get Wierd On Me, Babe Polydor511 093-2EX/EX-5.00
CDCole, LloydBad Vibes Fontana518 318-2EX/EX5.00
CDsCole, LloydBabyFontanaLCCD3EX/EX2.50
CDsCole, LloydLike Lovers DoPart 2, In Box Which Holds Parts 1 & 3MercuryLCDC1S/S4.00
CDsCole, LloydLike Lovers Do FontanaLCDD 1EX/EX2.50
CDsCole, LloydSo You'd Like To Save The World FontanaVIBED1EX/EX2.50
PRO CDCole, LloydThe Collection20 tracks in customised card sleeve, crease on sleeveMercuryLCTC1EX-/EX80.00
PRO CDsCollapse LungInteractive RemixesDisc says CL StealersDeceptiveBLUFF016CDEX/EX 2.50
CDsCollins, EdwinA Girl Like You Setanta LabelZOP 003CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCollins, EdwinKeep On BurningCD 1Setanta LabelZOP 004CD1EX/EX2.50
CDsColumboRockabilly BobV2VVR5006903EX/EX 3.00
CDsComfortFledgeling Operator InoussianceCDINSOU1EX/EX2.50
CDsComfortThe Proof Of YouCD 2InoussianceCDINSOU2EX/EX2.50
CDsComfortThe Proof Of You3 tracksInsoussianceSDM1001EX/EX3.50
CDsCompulsionQuestion Time For The ProlesDigipackOne Little Indian Label105TP7CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCompulsionJuvenile Scene DetectiveDigipackOne Little Indian Label115TP7CDEX/EX3.00
CDsCompulsionBasket Case One Little Indian Label95TP7CDEX/EX-3.50
CDsCongregationJoin In/ComfortFire LabelBLAZE88CDEX/EX3.50
CDsConnells74-75 LondonLONCD369EX/EX2.50
CDsContempoMy One Way OutPrinted CD In Die-Cut Card SleeveLondonLONCD439EX/EX2.50
CDsControlSatisfaction Guaranteed Fun After AllCDFAA116EX/EX2.50
CDsCoolerSupersod FruitionFRUT1CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCoolerNever Say Never Pink GunPGEP1EX/EX3.00
CDCooperNo.2Punk, 12 tracksOut of StepCDW00S3EX-/EX-50.00
PRO CDsCope, JulianPlanetary Sit Inin Plastic WalletEchoECSP25EX4.00
CDsCorndayTelemicus BLOXCD12001EX/EX2.50
CDsCornershopBorn Disco ; Died Heavy MetalDigipackWiiijaWIJ33CDEX-/EX5.00
CDsCornershopBrimful Of AshaRe-Issue, DigipackWiiijaWIJ75CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCornershopSleep On The Left SideDigipack, Incl. Mixes By Ashley Beedle, Les Rhythmes DigitalesWiiijaWIJ80CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCosa NostraGirl Talk ArthrobART005CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCostello, Elvis & The AttractionsAll This Useless BeautyCard SleeveWarner BrosWO367CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CD Costello, Elvis.Mighty Like a roseUS Pressing. In book texured likefold gatefold case. Includes InlayWarner Bros25693-2EX-/EX-10.00
CDsCotton MatherPasswordRainbow Quarts LabelRQTZ026EX/EX3.00
CDsCottonmouthOverload Of Love AtlanticA5482CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCottonmouthStand By Your Man Fire RecordsBLAZE91CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCousteauShe dont hear your prayerPalm PicturesPPCD 7032-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCousteauShe dont hear your prayerPromo sticker over barcode, 3 tracksPalm PicturesPPCD 7032-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCrackerGet Off ThisEx-Camper Van BeethovenVirginVUSCD 83EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCrackerLowcust sleeveVirginVUSCDJ80EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsCrackerGet Off ThisStickered Jewel Case, Sticker a little smudgedVirginVUSCDJ83VG+/EX4.00
CDsCracknell, SarahAnymoreCD 2GutCXGUT3EX/EX2.50
CDsCranberriesPromisesCD 1Island572 591-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCranberriesPromisesCD 2Island572 593-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCranberriesSalvation IslandCID633EX/EX2.50
CDsCranberriesFree To Decide IslandCID637EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCrashlandNew Purfume1 Track Radio Promo in Embossed Custom Card SleeveIndipendienteNEW1EX/EX 3.50
PRO CDRCrashlandAlbum Sampler6 Track CDR with Photocopy insert in plastic walletIndipendienteN/AEX/EX 5.00
CDsCrazyhead13th Floor7 Track Mini AlbumSnatchATOG1EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsCreationCreationPromotion Disc in standard sleeveCreationCRESCD200EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsCreatures, The2nd Floor1 track promo with paper inlay in plastic wallet, by Siouxie of Siouxie & The Banshees, Scuffs on discSioux recordsSIOUX 3CDPEX/VG+30.00
CDsCredit To The NationCall It What You Want One Little Indian Label94 TP7CDEX/EX-2.50
CDCreeper LagoonI become small and goUS cut-out, 11 tracksNickelbagNB 0006-2EX/EX50.00
CDsCripticFlyScarletSR005EX/EX 3.00
CDsCrockettsFlower GirlDigipackV2BDG5001593EX/EX-3.50
CDsCrockettsHostCD 1. Blue Disc Black CoverV2BDG5011333EX/EX2.50
CDsCrockettsHost (Live at Morfa Stadium)Live CD. Pink Disc White CaoverV2BDG5011338EX/EX2.50
CDsCrockettsOn SomethingV2BDG5013203EX/EX2.50
CDsCrowded HouseWorld Where you Live Card SleeveCapitolCD CL416EX/EX- 20.00
CDsCrowded HouseFall At Your FeetCard Sleeve, CDCL 626CapitolCDCL626EX-/EX-10.00
CDsCrowded HouseFour seasons in one dayComes In card sleeve In The Woodface Singles collection BoxCapitolCDLS655EX/EX 15.00
CDsCrowdsellPopsick Big CatABB142SCDEX/EX2.50
CDsCrowdsellThe End Of Summer(EP) Big CatABB94SCDEX/EX2.50
CDsCruel SeaThe Honeymoon Is Over Polydor8592912EX/EX-2.50
CDsCruel SeaBlack Stick PolydorPZCD320EX/EX-2.50
CDsCrypticFly ScarletSR005EX/EX3.00
CDCrystal Tripsame SeagullGULL002CDEX/EX-5.00
CDsCryuffDown Your Line Human ConditionHC0020EX/EX2.50
CDsCubaCross The LineDigipack4AD LabelBAD8012CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCubaHavanaDigipack4AD LabelBAD8019CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCuba/ Shara NelsonBlack IslandDigipack4AD LabelBAD9016CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCubaCross the line1 track promo in paper sleeve4ADBAD 8012CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCubaHavana feat. Mau1 track promo in paper sleeve4ADD2329 CUBA 5 CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsCubeScroungerCustom Card SleevePolydorSCROUNGER1 01EX/EX3.00
CDsCubeNatural MillionaireDigipackPolydor561113-2EX/EX2.50
PRO CDRCubeIt happens to me all the time3 track CDR with Photocopy insert in plastic walletPolydorN/AEX/EX 3.50
CDsCubeShut Up & Get On The FLoor (EP)DigipackPolydor569919-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCuckooWhat's It All About GeffenGFSTD 22329EX/EX-2.50
CDsCuckooWhat's It All About GeffenGFSTD 22329EX/EX2.50
CDsCuckooBlackmailDigipackGeffenGFSTD 22342EX/EX2.50
CDsCuckooNon Sequitur GeffenGFSTD22312EX/EX2.50
CDsCudOne Giant LoveA&M580 731-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCultStar Beggars BanquetBBQ 45 CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCultSweet Soul SisterG/F Card Sleeve, 1990 releaseBeggars BanquetBBQ241CGEX-/EX5.00
PRO CDsCultWildhearted SunCult promo digipack, StainedBeggars BanquetBEG255CdVG/EX4.00
PRO CDsCultHeart Of SoulCult promo digipack, StainedBeggars BanquetBEG260CDVG/EX4.00
CDsCureThe 13thCD 1Fiction576 469-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCureThe 13thCD 2Fiction576 493-2EX/EX2.50
CDsCureThe 13th Fiction578 469-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsCureSongs from Mixed Up4 trk, cust sleeveFictionCUREPROCD1EX/EX-12.00
CDsCurtainsThis Is The Long Lie In The Lime Green YellowLGY008CDEX/EX2.50
CDsCurveComing Up RosesCD 1UniversalUMD80489EX/EX2.50
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