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CDsMabelBroken and BitterPreaching DivaPD2701CDEX/EX 3.00
PRO CDsMadasunDont you worry1 track promo in custom sleeveV2VVR5011533PEX/EX 3.00
PRO CDRMadasunDont you worry1 track promo in plastic wallet with photocopy sleevV2N/AEX/EX 3.00
PRO CDRMadasunDont you worry3 track promo in plastic wallet with photocopy sleeveV2N/AEX/EX 3.50
PRO CDsMadasunPromotional discEnhanced CD includes an interview, track exerpts, link to website, plus code to VIP area. In card sleeveV2VVR1011932PEX/EX 4.00
CDsMad Cow DiseaseSelective Monarchy (EP) CatalinaCATL60022EX/EX2.50
CD EPMade in Britain7th Thief EP7 tracks,FloFLO008EX/EX 4.00
CDMad TruckerMad Trucker Gone MadUS Copy, 15 tracksCrustacean RecordsCRST-09EX/EX50.00
PRO CDsMagicdriveBang 2 rights1 track promo in customised case, radio editFontanaNADCJ 2EX/EX30.00
CDsMagicdriveHotel Transatlantique Lithium RecordsLITH004CDSEX/EX2.50
CDsMagicdriveGrand HotelLithium RecordsLITH006CDSEX/EX3.00
CDsMagicdriveBang 2 RightsDigipackFontanaNADCD 2EX/EX2.50
CDsMagikDon't Look Now M+G RecordsMAGCD39EX/EX2.50
CDsMagnapopFire All your Guns at onceDigipackPlay it again recordsBIAS287CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMahirI Kiss youLiberty7243 8 89678 2 2EX/EX 3.00
PRO CDsMainstreamHurricanePromo of Debut single cust card sleeveNuden/aS/S5.00
CDsMainstreamHurricane NudeNUD29CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMainstreamPrivelage (EP)Stickered Jewel CaseNudeNUD32CDEX/EX5.00
CDsMainstreamPrivilege (EP)4 tracks in Jewel CaseNudeNUD32CDEX/EX30.00
CDsMainstreamCanJamCD1 of 2 part set, 3 tracksNudeNUD37CD1EX/EX30.00
CDsMainstreamCanjamCD2 of 2 part set, 3 tracksNudeNUD37CD2EX/EX3.00
CDsMama ScubaClocked It (EP)Incl. 'Sooka'HonibokumHOBUKCD555EX/EX2.50
CDsManbreakWasted One Little Indian145TP7CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMan BreakCome & SeeCustom Sleeve with Gig Dates ListedOne Little IndianMANSAM1EX/EX3.00
CDsManbreakReady Or Not One Little Indian146TP7CDEX/EX2.50
CDsManbreakRound And Round One Little Indian147TP7CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsManBreakRound & RoundPromo with 10 mixes of same track. Custom Card SleeveOne Little Indian208TP7CDPEX/EX 5.00
CDsMandalayDeep loveV2VVR5012333EX/EX 2.50
CDsMandalayNot SeventeenV2VVR5014153EX/EX 2.50
PRO CDMandalayAlbum Sampler5 track album sampler in customised card sleeveV2VVR1000862PEX-/EX50.00
PRO CDsMandalayBeautiful7in Canny mix, 12in Canny mix, Michael Brook mix, PromoV2VVR5001733PEX/EX30.00
PRO CDManic Street PreachersKnow Your EnemyFull Album Promo in Card SleeveEpic663468 2EX/EX15.00
CDsManic Street PreachersEverything must goEnveolpe Card SleeveEpicXPCD2539EX/EX20.00
CDsManic Street PreachersIf You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be NextCard Sleeve, Incl.Mixes By Massive Attack, David HolmesEpic666345 5EX/EX2.50
CDsManic Street PreachersThe Masses Against the ClassesLtd Edition CdEpic668530 2EX/EX3.00
CDsManic Street PreachersDesign for LifeCD1 of 2 part set, mixes by Mr Carbohydrate, Dead passive, Dead Trees & Traffic Islands, In silver card sleeveEpic663070 2S/S30.00
CDsManic Street PreachersDesign for LifeCD2 of 2 part set, incl. Stealth Sonic Orchestra mixes and 'Faster' remixed by the Chemical Brothers, in Gold Card sleeveEpic663070 5S/S30.00
PRO CDsManic Street PreachersSlash N' Burn1992 release, 1 track US promo in customised sleeveColumbiaCSK 4506S/S100.00
CDsMansunStipper VicarThe Third EP. In card Sleeve. CD 2ParlophoneCDR6447EX/EX12.00
CDsMansunShe Makes My nose BleedParlophoneCDR6458EX/EX3.00
CDsMansunClosed for BusinessCD1 of a two part Set DigipackParlophoneCDR6482EX/EX8.00
PRO CDsMansunClosed for Business EP4 track promo in customised card sleeveParlophoneCDRDJ 6482EX-/EX-30.00
PRO CDsMansunTax Losscustom card sleeveParlophoneCDRDJ6465EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsMansunI can only disappoint uCustom card sleeveParlophoneCDRDJ6544EX/EX4.50
CDsMansunLegacy EPCD1 of a 2 set with posterParlophoneCDRS6497EX/EX4.00
CDsMantarayI Don't Make Promises Dead Dead GoodGOOD36CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMantarayHide And Seek1995 release, 4 tracksDead Dead GoodGOOD30CDEX/EX3.00
CDsMantarayPatient Manplus 'Trust to fate' & 'Full Circle'FontanaMANCD2 / 574 357-2EX/EX30.00
CDsMantarayKnow where to find youPlus 'Time with the angels' & 'Unstuck'FontanaMANCD1 / 578 465-2EX/EX30.00
PRO CDsMantarayPatient Manradio sleeveFontanaMANCJ2EX/EX-3.00
CDsMarahPoint BreezeE-Squared75102EX/EX3.00
CDMarbles, TheSlip into SoundZTTZTT144CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDRMarbles, TheSlip into Sound3 track CDR Promo with paper sleeveZTTN/AEX/EX 3.50
CDsMargot DayDancing On FutureVT05826EX/EX2.50
CDsMarionLet's all go together1995 release, plus 'The late gate show' & 'The only way' - LiveLondonUK LONCD371EX/EX-3.50
CDsMarionSleep Accoustic EPLondonLOCDP381EX/EX2.50
CDsMarionViolent MenRough Trade LabelRT31.93EX/EX-8.00
CDsMashBelieve itHalo RecordsHCDS11EX/EX3.00
CDMatilda MothersOld PicturesDebut album, Italian pressingAble LabelLSD AL 666EX/EX5.00
PRO CDMatlock, GlenWho's He Think he is when He's at home?Full Album Promo, Custom Sleeve, sleeve has crease, formerly in The Sex PistolsCreationCRECD191PVG+/EX8.00
CDsMatlock, GlenMy Little PhilistineEx-Sex PistolsCreationCRESCD229EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMax TundraInk Me3 track promo in Custom SleeveDominoRUG112CDPEX/EX 3.00
CDsMayumiCrystallizeFull tracklist is 1)Crystallize 2)Promise 3)Your words Yesterday 4)Our SummerPale BluePAL102EX/EX2.50
CDsMcalmontA little communicationVirginHUTCD108EX/EX3.00
CDsMcalmont HoneyVirginHUTCD89EX/EX3.00
CDsMcAlmont, David EasyVirginHUTCD134EX/EX3.00
CDsMcAlmont, David Look at yourselfCD 2VirginHUTCDX87EX/EX3.00
CDsMcAlmont, David/ Arnold, DaveDiamonds are foreverEast WestEW141CDEX/EX3.00
CDsMcAlmont, David Look at yourselfCD 1 of 2 part set, radio edit, plus 'Alfie' - live & ' Misty Blue' - LiveVirginHUTCD87EX/EX30.00
CDsMcCabeNothing Global TalentGTR001CDSEX/EX3.00
CDsMcNabb, IanDon't put your spell on me1996 release, plus 'Don't patronise me' & 'What she did to my mind'IslandWAY 5033 854 595-2EX/EX30.00
CDsMcNabb, IanGo into the lightCD1 of 2 part set, Includes Limited Edition Jah Wobble MixThis Way UpWAY3699EX/EX-3.00
CDsMcNabb, IanGo into the lightCD2 of 2 part set, Incl. 2 other tracksThis Way UpWAY3633EX/EX30.00
CDsMeat Beat ManifestoAsbestos Lead AsbestosPlay it again recordsBIAS252CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMeat Beat ManifestoTransmissionPlay it again recordsBIAS292CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDMeat Beat ManifestoSubliminal SandwichLP Sampler-7 Tracks, Custom SleevePlay it again recordsPROMOBIAS032CDEX/EX6.00
CDsMedalPorno EPCut out Envelope Sleeve. Includes CD rom videoPolydor561 195-2EX/EX3.00
CDsMedalPossiblityCard SleevePolydor563561-2EX/EX2.50
CDsMedalUp Here For HoursCut out envelope SleevePolydor563825-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsMedalPorno EPCustom Card SleevePolydorPORNO1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsMedalPossibilityCustom Card SleevePolydorPOSS1EX/EX4.00
CDsMedalOrdinaryEnveolpe Card SleevePolydorPY940EX/EX3.00
CDsMedalFingerprintsNo Bar codeEl ProductoELP002CDEX/EX 4.00
PRO CDsMedalDrop Your Weapon, album sampler4 track promo in Custom Card Sleeve.PolydorDROP1EX/EX 3.50
PRO CDsMedalUp Here For HoursCustom Card SleevePolydorUHFH2EX/EX4.00
CDsMedicineMedicine1992 release, 4 tracksCreationCRESCD 135EX/EX4.50
CDsMega City 4Words that SayBig LifeMEGAD2EX/EX3.00
CDsMega City 4Stop Big LifeMEGAD3EX/EX-2.50
PRO CDsMeicesWowUS Promo on London Label, Custom SleeveLondonPRCD7143-2EX/EX4.00
CDsMellowVisionEnhanced CD in custom card SleeveAtmospheriquesATE1 996EX/EX-2.50
CDsMe Me MeHanging Around1996 release, Ex-Lilac Time, plus 'Hollywood Wives' & 'Tabitha's Island'IndolentDUFF005CDEX/EX30.00
CDsMen they couldn't hang, TheThe EyeDemonD2000CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMenlo ParkWe all doctors hereFold out SleeveCutty SharkREl003CDEX/EX 3.00
CDsMenswearWe Love YouCD 1LaurelLACD11EX/EX2.50
CDsMenswearWe Love YouCD 2LaurelLACDP11EX/EX2.50
CDsMenswearBeing Brave LaurelLAUCD8EX/EX2.50
CDsMenswearBeing BraveCD 1 In Foldout Digipack With Space For CD 2LaurelLAUCDP 8EX/EX2.50
CDsMenswearSleeping In1995 release, 4 tracksLaurelLAUCD7EX/EX3.00
CDsMenswearStardust1995 release, 4 tracksLaurelLAUCD6EX/EX30.00
CDsMenswearDaydreamer1995 release, 3 tracksLaurelLAUCD5EX/EX30.00
CDsMercedesNailedFierce pandaNING79CDEX/EX 3.00
CDsMercury RevDelta Sun Bottleneck Stomp V2VVR5005948EX/EX2.50
CDsMerzMant Weathers apartEpic667497 2EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMerzLotusCustom Card SleeveEpicXPCD2453EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsMerzMany Weathers Apart4 track album sampler in customised card sleeveEpicXPCD2366EX/EX40.00
PRO CDsMerzLovely daughter1 track Promo in custom Card SleeveEpicXPCD2383EX/EX3.00
CDsMexican PetsSupermarket BluntBLUNT0015EX/EX2.50
CDsMiami AllstarsI Like It Like That '98 EternalWEA190CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMichelle gun Elephant, TheePlasma Dive EPDamaged goodsDAMGOOD182CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMidgetThe Day Of Your LifeRadarscopeTINY CDS8EX/EX2.50
CDsMidgetThe Day Of Your LifeRadarscopeTINYCD 88XEX/EX2.50
CDsMidgetCamouflage RadarscopeTINYCDS2EX/EX2.50
CDsMidgetWelcome Home JellybeanRed DiscRadarscopeTINYCDS3EX/EX2.50
CDsMidgetOptimismCD 1RadarscopeTINYCDS4EX/EX2.50
CDsMidgetAll Fall DowmCD 1RadarscopeTINYCDS6EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMidgetAll Fall DownCustom Card SleeveRadarscopeTINYCDS6PEX/EX5.00
CDsMidgetAll Fall DownCD 2RadarscopeTINYCDS6XEX/EX2.50
CDsMidgetInvisible BalloonWhite and Green DiscRadarscopeTINYCDS7EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMidgetInvisible BalloonCuston Card Sleeve, With 2 Free BalloonsRadarscopeTINYCDS7PEX/EX5.00
CDsMidgetInvisible Balloon RadarscopeTINYCDS7XEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMidgetThe day of your life1 track promo in customised card sleeveRadar RecordsTINYCDS8PEX/EX40.00
CDMidway StillDial SquareRoughneckNECKCD8EX/EX-5.00
CDsMighty Mighty Bosstones, TheThe Impression that I getCD1 of 2 part set?, 4 tracksBig Rig / Mercury574 843-2EX/EX3.50
CDsMighty Mighty BosstonesThe Rascal King Big rig/ Mercury574 854-2EX/EX2.50
CDsMike TVSatisfy Me AlmoCDALM40EX/EX2.50
CDMilltown BrothersValve A&M540 132-2EX/EX5.00
CDsMindfeelTwin speedFearless RecordsFEARCD2EX/EX3.00
CDsMindparkStory Of A Banker SoundworldMPEP01EX/EX2.50
CDsMindstorePc Streets AlternationMA28EX/EX2.50
PRO CDRMinkThe Imposter / Three legged race2 track promoDeluxe Electric Mistress recordingsDEMCDS 002EX/EX40.00
PRO CDRMinkFear of flying / Nil by Mouth2 track promoDeluxe Electric Mistress recordingsDEMCDS 001EX/EX50.00
CDsMint 400Natterjack JoeIncoherentINCO1CDEX/EX- 2.50
CDsMint 400ThrustIncoherentINCO2CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMint 400Gas/ White Cadillac ManMad MintMADMIN04CDEX/EX-2.50
CDsMinxusSilk PurseToo Pure LabelPURECD40EX/EX3.50
CDsMiotyNothing CandyCAN3CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsMishka(Senbalembo)5 Track LP Sampler, Custom Card SleeveCC D244EX/EX3.00
CDMissed her BlissObject/ SubjectHolier than thouHTTMHB23EX/EX 3.00
PRO CDRMission Control/ Lee scratch perryThe Last trumpetPromo CDR in card sleeve. Release From alan McGee's (Creation records fame) new LabelPoptonesMC5020SEX/EX 4.00
CDsMitchenersHonolulu MitchnersMITCHCD001EX/EX2.50
PRO CDRMLTRSomeday1 Track Promo CDR Promo with paper sleeveParlophoneN/AEX/EX 3.50
CDsMoffatts, TheUntil you loved meCD2 of a two CD Set includes accoustic TracksMaxi MediaCDEM541EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMoffatts, TheUntil you love meChrysalisCDEMDJ541EX/EX3.00
CDsMoffatts, TheCrazyCD1 of a two part Set Digipack. Includes PosterChrysalisCDEMS533EX/EX3.00
CDsMoffatts, TheUntil you loved meCD1 of a 2 set includes 2 live tracks and VideoMaxi MediaCDEMS541EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMogwaiMogwai Fear Satan RemixesIncl. Mix By My Bloody Valentine, Standard CD In Stickered Stickered Jewel CaseChemikal UndergroundEYEUK032CDEX/EX5.00
CDsMoistFreaky Be Beautiful ChrysalisCDCHS5022EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMoistPushCustom Card SleeveChrysalisCDPUSHDJ1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsMojave3Some Kind of AngelEx-Slowdive, Promo in clear jewel case, plus 'Go lady go' & 'All I want'4ADDO449 BAD 8016 CDEX/EX 30.00
CDsMojo PinYou Low Life RecordingsMONTY4CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMokeI Dream AbusedCustom Card SleeveDoradoDOR062CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsMokeWheel In Motion2 Track Promo in custom sleeveDoradoDOR067CDEX/EX 3.00
PRO CDsMokeSampler4 Track promo in custom Card SleeveDoradoDOR068CDPEX/EX 3.50
CDsMokeMy DesireDigipackDoradoDOR065CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMokeWheel In Motion DoradoDOR067CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMokePower Cut DoradoDOR071CDEX/EX2.50
CDMolly Half HeadDunceColumbia478314 2EX/EX5.00
CDsMolly Half HeadBreaking The IceCD 1, Digipack, Blue CoverColumbia661216 2EX/EX2.50
CDsMolly Half HeadBreaking The IceCD 2Columbia661216 5EX/EX2.50
CDsMolly Half HeadShineCD 2, Incl. Cover Of Gary Numan's 'Are Friends Electric'Columbia662073 2EX/EX2.50
CDsMolly Half HeadToe To Sand Playtime RecordsAMUSE18CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMolly Half HeadBarny Playtime RecordsAMUSE19CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMolly Half HeadShineCustom Card SleeveColumbiaXPCD635EX/EX4.00
CDsMonacoSweet LipsEx-New OrderPolydor571 057-2EX/EX2.50
CDsMonacoWhat Do You Want From MeEx-New OrderPolydor573 191-2EX/EX2.50
PRO CDMonacoMusic for PleasureAlbum in Custom Card SleevePolydorMONAC1EX/EX-8.00
PRO CDsMonacoShine (Someone Who Needs Me)cust card slvPolydorSHIN1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsMonacoSweet Lipscust card sleevePolydorSWEET1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsMonoAlbum sampler4 Full album SamplerEchoECHCX17EX/EX5.00
CDMonoFormica BluesLimited Edition 2 CD SetEchoECHDD17EX/EX7.00
CDsMonoHigh LieCD 1EchoECSCD48EX/EX2.50
CDsMonoHigh LieCD 2EchoECSCX48EX/EX2.50
CDsMonoLife In MonoCD 1EchoECSD64EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMonoLife In MonoStickered Plain Card SleeveEchoRADCD64S/S4.00
CDsMono PuffThe Devil went down to Newport (totaly rocking)RykodiscRCD51051EX/EX3.00
CDsMonorailI Can See You In The Mirror FacedownEDEL0086465FACEX/EX2.50
CDsMonorailLike I Do FacedownEDEL0086865FACEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMontrose Avenue, TheStart again1 Track Promo in Custom Card SleeveColumbiaXPCD1045EX/EX 3.50
PRO CDsMontrose AvenueShine1 Track, Custom Card SleeveColumbiaXPCD1000EX/EX4.50
PRO CDsMontrose AvenueShe's Looking For MeCustom Card SleeveColumbiaXPCD924EX/EX4.00
CDsMoonchildBad Bad Girl Future Legend Recs.FLMC1CDSEX/EX2.50
CDsMoondogWonderfool Better RecordsBETSCD003EX/EX2.50
CDsMoondogBlack Pain Better RecordsBETSCD004EX/EX2.50
CDsMoonrunnersThe Flak DomestiqueDRM001CDSEX/EX2.50
CDsMoonrunnersA Mini Opera DomestiqueDRM002CDSEX/EX2.50
CDMoonshakeEva Luna Too Pure LabelPURE CD 16EX/EX6.00
CDsMopedsShe Went BoomSwedish Pressing, Vibrophone Label, Card SleeveVibrafonVIBRCD37EX/EX3.00
CDsMopedsShe Went BoomSwedish Pressing, Vibrophone Label, Card Sleeve, With PostcardVibrafonVIBRCD54EX/EX-3.00
CDsMorcheebaPart of the process1998 release, 3 tracksChina RecordsWOKCD2097EX/EX30.00
CDsMoreau's IslandGroundbox Pet SoundsBJS CD 9EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMorganMiss ParkerThe mixes. 5 track Promo in Custom Card SleeveSourceCDSOURCDJ002EX/EX 3.50
CDMorning GloriesFully Loaded Radar RecordsSCANCD6EX/EX5.00
CDsMorning GloriesElizabeth1995 release, 3 tracksRadar RecordsSCANCS 05EX/EX2.50
CDsMorrisseyThe Boy RacerEx-SmithsRCA74321 332942EX/EX2.50
CDsMorrisseyDagenham DaveEX-SmithsRCA7432129 9802EX/EX2.50
CDsMorrisseyThe More You Ignore Me, the Closer I GetParlophone8 81144 2 4EX/EX4.00
CDsMorrisseyOuija board, Ouija boardEX-SmithsSire9 21424-2EX/EX2.50
CDMorrisseyWorld Of...EX-SmithsParlophoneCDPCSD163EX/EX5.00
CDsMorrisseyMy love lifeEX-SmithsEMICDPOP1628EX/EX 2.50
CDsMorrisseyWe hate it when our friends become successfulEX-SmithsEMICDPOP1629EX/EX2.50
CDsMorrisseyYou're the one for me fattyEX-SmithsEMICDPOP1630EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMorrisseyBoxersCustom SleeveParlophoneCDRDJX6400EX/EX4.00
CDsMorrisseyAlma MattersDigi, EX-SmithsParlophoneCID667EX/EX4.00
CDMothersFirst BornElektra7559 61022 2EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsMotorhomes, TheInto the night1 Track Promo in Custom Card SleeveEpicXPCD2462EX/EX 3.00
PRO CDsMotorhomes, TheAlbum sampler3 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveEpicXPCD2444EX/EX 3.50
CDsMotorhomes, TheIt's AlrightEpic669000 2EX/EX3.00
CDsMotorpsychoThe other fool EPStickman records9232-2EX/EX3.00
CDsMount FloridaStealthMatadorOLE399-2EX/EX3.00
CDsMount FloridaStormMatadorOLE417-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsMouse on marsDistoria1 Track Promo in Custom Card SleeveDominoRUG100CDPEX/EX 3.00
PRO CDsMoverTricolore1 Track Promo in custom sleeveSuperior Quality RecordsMOVE003REFEX/EX 3.00
CDsMoverClassic No. 9 Superior Quality RecordsMOOVE005CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMoverMove overSuperior Quality RecordsMOVE002CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMoverTricoloreSuperior Quality RecordsMOVE003CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMoverStandSuperior Quality RecordsMOVE007CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMover/Ruby TurnerWe Got It Going On Superior Quality RecordsMOVE006CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMox Mox MoxmoxStone FaceCard Sleeve?814.017EX/EX2.50
CDsMucho MachoThe Airport FreezeWiiija LabelWiiija LabelWIJ85CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMucho Macho/ Jon LucienEasy livingDigipack, Radio edit, Ashley Beedle's Nuestra Cosa vocal mix, Aim vocal remix, Ashley Beedle's Nuestra Cosa dub mixWiiijaWIJ102CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMucho MachoRap is really changingPlus 'Thursday's child' & 'A step Beyond'WiiijaWIJ 78CDEX/EX30.00
PRO CDsMucho MachoRap is really changing1 track promo in stickered plain card sleeve, radio editWiiijaWIJ78CDXEX/EX3.50
CDsMudhoneyLet it SlideU.S. Sub Pop release in Card slipcaseSub PopSPCD16/155EX-/EX5.00
CDsMudhoneyGeneration Spokesmodel WarnerW0292CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMukiFullscopeCard SleeveMantraMNT32CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMulti, TheI think you ought to knowCurious recordsCURI1EX/EX 2.50
CDsMulti, TheTonightCurious recordsCURI2EX/EX 2.50
CDsMundyTo You I Bestow EpicMUNDY1CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMundyLife's A Clinch EpicMUNDY2CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMundyPardon MeCD 1EpicMUNDY4CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDMundyPardon MeCustom Card Envelope SleeveEpicXPGD2123EX/EX3.00
CDsMurphy, PeterHit SongBeggars BanquetBEG261CDEX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMusePlug in baby1 track promo in clear sleeve transluscent sleeve, clear discMushroomMUSE11EX/EX 5.00
CDsMuseMuscle MuseumCD2MushroomMUSH84CDSXEX/EX 3.50
CDsMustardTryGoo! RecordsMUST002CD1EX/EX 2.50
CDsMustard Seed. TheCats & DogsEdel0087995IDEEX/EX 2.50
CDsMutton Birds, TheAs Close as thisShhhh! RecordsSHCDS002EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsMuttonbirdsEnvy of Angels5 track abum samplerVirginCDVIR DJ55EX/EX5.00
CDsMuttonbirdsDominion Road VirginDINSD148EX/EX2.50
CDsMuttonbirdsCome AroundCD 1VirginDINSD157EX/EX2.50
CDsMuttonbirdsShe's Been Talking WarnerDINSD160EX/EX2.50
CDsMuttonbirdsCome AroundCD 2VirginDINSDX157EX/EX2.50
CDMutton Birds, TheNature1995 release, 12 tracksVirginCDVIR39 7243 8 40706 2 5EX/EX50.00
PRO CDsMutton Birds, TheShe's been talking1996 release, 1 track promo in stickered jewel caseVirginMUTTDJ 97EX/EX40.00
CDMuttongunAmplexusMint SauceMINTCD1EX/EX5.00
CDMuzzleBetty Pickup1996 release, 11 tracksKinetic/Reprise9362-46241-2EX/EX50.00
PRO CDsMy Drug Hell2amcust card sleeveVoltone internationalVTONE001CDEX/EX3.50
CDsMy Drug HellMaybe we could flyVoltone internationalVTONE003EX/EX 3.00
CDsMy First UziBlack Milky Bar Kid Fluffy Bunny RecordsFLUFF9EX/EX2.50
CDsMy Life StoryStrumpetCD 2Parlophone8838672EX/EX2.50
CDsMy Life StoryThe King Of KissingdomCD 1Parlophone8 8365 4 2EX/EX2.50
CDsMy Life Story12 Reasons Why I Love HerParlophoneCDR6442EX/EX4.00
CDsMy Life StoryStrumpetCD1ParlophoneCDR6464EX/EX 3.00
CDsMy Life StoryYou Can't uneat the apple1 track promo in custom sleeveParlophoneCDRDJ6485EX/EX 3.00
CDsMy Life StoryWalk/ Don't walkCD1 It RecordsITR007EX/EX 3.00
CDsMy Life StoryIt's a girl thingPlus 'Emerald Green Blah blah blah' & 'Florence's theme;'It RecordsITR 001EX/EX30.00
PRO CDsMy Life StoryStrumpetcust card sleeveParlophoneCDRDJ6464EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsMy Life StoryDutchessCustom Card sleeveParlophoneCDRDJ6474EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsMy Life StoryThe King of Kissingdomcust sleeveParlophoneCDRDJE6457EX/EX4.00
CDsMyracle BrahIsn't it a crimeRainbow QuartzRQTZ030EX/EX3.50
CDsMysticsWho's That Girl FontanaMYSCD2EX/EX2.50
CDsMysticsLucy's Factory4 tracksRotatorRRSD115EX/EX3.00
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