Unless stated all the passes listed have been worn, and will have some creasing





. .................................
. ....................................
Bad Company/Damn Yankees Printed Pass, Local Crew, with "Temps" written in the box, no other details 3.00
Mary Black 20/11/'92, Bristol (UK). Handwritten on Harvey Goldsmith Pass 3.00
Carter USM Bristol (UK) 22/10/91
Carter USM 21/10/(91?) MCP Staff Pass, handwritten.. we cannot work out the venue name! 3.00
Christians Colour, European tour 1990, Newport (Wales), Crew. Details stamped and written on printed pass 3.00
Color Me Badd 30/10/91, crew. handwritten on BOP pass 2.00
Commodores (Bristol, (UK), 17/4/91 handwritten onto very faded Flying Music Co Pass2.00
Crowded House Local Crew, Nov 6th (91?) Printed Pass (Band Photo) with details stamped and written 4.50
Chris De Burgh World Tour 1992-93, 15/12/92. Date written onto printed local crew pass, also faintly written on is "Well, what do you think" 4.00
Eat Bristol (UK) 21/10/90 Handwritten on SJM Pass 2.50
Everly Bros UK Tour '90 working personnel pass with 'Everly Bros, Tall But' stamed in box 4.00
Farm Astoria (Bristol?) 14/12/92, All areas. Stamped details(faint) on SJM Pass 3.00
Farm Bristol (UK). 19 March 1991, local Crew. Stamped on SJM Pass 4.00
Farm Newport (Wales) 5th Dec (91?) All Areas. Stamped on SJM Pass 4.00
Four Tops Bristol (UK) 20/09/92 All Areas, Handwritten on Flying Music Co Pass3.50
Gary Glitter Shepton Mallet (UK) 17th Dec '91. Details stamped onto printed working personnel pass 4.50
Gary Glitter (1991?) printed photo pass with details crossed out and 'Nick' written in felt marker 4.00
Hawkwind Ritzys, (Swansea, Wales) 6/5/92, crew. Handwritten details3.50
Hawkwind Bristol, (UK) 17 May '92, handwritten on Kennedy street enterprises pass. Creased 3.00
J.T.Q. 7/11/91 Bristol, (UK). handwritten onto Harvey Goldsmith working personnel pass 3.00
Janes Addiction Local crew 06 March '91, circular printed pass quoting First amendment. Date and bandname written in. frayed at edge3.50
Levellers Bristol (UK) 17 June (1990?) Stamped on SJM Pass 4.00
Moody Blues local crew 1991 printed pass with" oasis" written on in thick black marker pen 3.50
PWEI Backstage, 11 Oct, 1992, Newport,(Wales.) Stamped Metropolis pass,4.00
Neds Atomic Dustbin Newport (Wales) 26/10/91 Handwritten on ALE Pass 3.00
Northside 12/06/91 venue not stated, All areas, handwritten on Night time promotions pass 3.00
OMD 15 Oct (91) Venue=NP, (we don't actually know what this stands for) MCP Staff Pass, Handwritten details 3.00
Robert Palmer Don't Explain Tour 1991, Access all areas, printed pass with 'nen crew' written in box 5.00
Ratt Detonator world tour, 90/91. 26/10 , local crew written into rather tatty printed pass 2.50
Stiff Little Fingers 13/10/91, Bristol (UK) handwritten on Bandstand Pass, very creased 2.00
Curtis Sigers Autumn Tour 1992, Cardiff, (Wales) handwritten on printed hexagonal pass3.00
Stranglers Work Personnel 29/9/92, Bristol, UK, handwritten 4.00
T Pau Crew, Gloucester (UK) 29/10/(91?) printed pass with details written all over 4.00
Franki Valli Minehead (UK) 15/02/92 Handwritten on Flying Music Co Pass, Very Creased 2.00
Winger 6/6/91, Stage Hand. written on printed pass, tatty 2.50
Paul Young Name stamped on solo pass Venue written in as "here"! 4.00
unknown Phil Mcintyre printed guest pass with details left blank...Buy it an try it on! 2.00



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