50s and 60s singles, + a selection of later demos


This Listing comes in 2 parts, first Up a small selection of 50s/60s singles, the second part is promos and Demos, both 50s/60s and later

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7"BadFingerBaby BluePicture cover, American Print, NOCAppleAPPLE1844EX/EX12.00
7"BadFingerBaby BluePlain Slv. 1972, NOCAppleAPPLE1844EX N/C6.00
7"BadFingerNo matter what/ Better daysPicture Cover, slt damage to edgesAppleAPPLE31VG+12.00
EPBeatles, TheTwist and shout; A taste of Honey; Do you want to Know; There's a PlacePicture Cover, In MonoParlophoneGEP8882VG+/VG+13.00
7"Beatles, TheDay TripperCo.Slv, Slt fadedParlophoneR5389VG+10.00
7"Beatles, TheTicket to rideCo. Slv WOS , sticker on Slv, Slt damage to topParlophoneR5265EX6.00
7"Beatles, TheCan't buy me loveBlck SlvParlophoneR5114EX6.00
7"Beatles, TheI wanna hold your handCo. Slv. WOS and slt damage to edgesParlophoneR5084EX4.00
7"Beatles, TheI wanna hold your handCo. Slv Parlophone With big P, damage to centre and edges of SlvParlophoneR5084EX4.00
7"Black, CillaAnyone who had a heartCo. Slv WOSParlophoneR5101EX4.00
7"Brook Brothers, TheWarpaintCo. Slv slight tears to degsPye7N.15333VG+5.00
7"Campbell, JuniorAlright with meCo. Slv Slt damage to topDeramDM364EX4.00
7"Cass, MamaCalifornia earthquakeCo. Slv tears around edges and centreStatesideSS8002EX4.00
7"Cass, MamaCalifornia earthquakeCo. Slv Damage to edgesStatesideSS8002EX4.00
7"Clark, PetulaThis is my songCo. SlvPye7N.17258EX4.00
7"Dodd, KenThe RiverCo. Slv advertsing other artists, slight tears around middleColumbiaDB7750VG+4.00
7"Dodd, KenTearsCo. Slv WOS and numerous Slt tearsColumbiaDB7659EX4.00
7"Douglas, CraigOnly SixteenCompany Sleeve, Stain On LabelTop Rank45-JAR159VG+5.00
7"Everly Brothers, TheNo one can make my sunshine smileCo. Slv WOS and Slt damage to topWB45-WB.79EX5.00
7"Fleetwood MacBlack Magic WomanCo. Slv, Slt damage to top of slvBlue Horizon57-3138VG+8.00
7"Fleetwood MacAlbatrossCo. Slv. Slight Damage to top and WOSBlue Horizon57-3145VG+5.00
7"Freddie and the DreamersI understand Co. Slv .ColumbiaDB7381VG+4.00
7"Freddie and the DreamersI understand Co. Slv Faded, WOS and Slight tearsColumbiaCB7381VG+4.00
7"Freddie and the DreamersI'm Tellin' You NowCo. SlvColumbiaDB7086VG+4.00
7"Freddie and the DreamersYou were made for meCo. Slv Big tear down middle and WOSColumbiaDB7147VG+4.00
7"Fury, BillyMy Christmas Prayer, I'll never quite get over you, You're having the last dance with me, Nobody's childPicture Cover, Boxed Decca in MonoDeccaDFE8686EX/VG+8.00
EPGun, TheRace with the DevilCo. Slv, tear to the edge and WOSCBS7748VG+4.00
7"Haley, Bill and The CometsRock around the clock, kansas city, whole lotta shakin' going' on, rip it up, me and bobby mcgee, shake, rattle and rollPicture cover 80's reissuePickwick7SR5012EX4.00
7"Harris, Jet and Meehan, TonyDiamondsCo. Slv. WOS and slt damage to edgesDecca45-F11563VG+4.00
7"Hermans HermitsI'm into something goodCo. Slv. ColumbiaDB7338EX5.00
7"Hollies, TheYes I willCo. Slv. 1965ParlophoneR5232EX5.00
7"Humble PieNatural Born BugieCo Slv. 1969ImmediateIM082VG+4.00
7"Humperdinck, EngelbertThe last waltzCo.Slv . Boxed Decca. 1967DeccaF.12655VG+4.00
7"Ifiled, FrankI remember youCo.Slv. Stripey coverColumbia45-DB4856EX4.00
7"Ifiled, FrankI remember youCo.Slv, Psychadelic Circles Cover. WOSColumbia45-DB4856VG+3.00
7"Ifiled, FrankI remember youCo.Slv, Psychadelic Circles Cover. Tear and WOSColumbia45-DB4856EX4.00
7"Jethro TullLiving in the pastCompany Slv; 1969IslandWIP-6065VG+6.00
7"Jones, TomLooking out my windowCo.Slv, Boxed DeccaDeccaF12854VG+4.00
7"Jones, TomI'm coming homeCo.Slv, Boxed Decca, with slt damage to edges and WOSDeccaF12693VG+4.00
7"Kinks, TheTired of waiting for youCo Slv. 1965Pye7N.15759VG+5.00
7"Kramer, Billy J. with The DakotasLittle childrenSlt damage to cnrsParlophoneR51005VG+4.00
7"Leyton, JohnWild WindCo SlvTop RankJAR-585VG+5.00
7"Lind, BobElusive ButterflyCo Slv, WOS and Slt damage to edges. 1966FontanaTF670VG+5.00
7"Manfred MannHa! Ha! Said the ClownPicture cover; WOCFontanaTF812VG+/VG+10.00
7"Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyCo Slv, Slt damage to CnrHMVPOP1320VG+5.00
EPMonkees, TheForget that GirlCo Slv, Slt damage to CnrRCARCA-1604VG+5.00
7"Monkees, TheI'm a Beliver; Alternate Title; Someday Man; A Little bit me, A Little bit You; Valleri; Pleasant Valley SundayPicture cover; 80's Re-issuePickwick7SR5035EX4.00
7"Nelson, SandyLet there be drumsCo Slv, Slt TearLondon45-HLP9466VG+5.00
7"Nelson, SandyTeen BeatCo Slv, SOLTop Rank, SOL45-JAR-197EX6.00
7"Orbison, RoyOh, Pretty WomanCo Slv, Slt MarksLondonHLU9919EX5.00
7"Peter and GordonA World without loveCo SlvColumbiaCB7225EX5.00
7"Plastic Ono BandGive peace a chanceBlack Slv, 1969AppleAPPLE13EX5.00
7"Plastic PennyEverything I amCo Slv with Slt TearPage OnePOF051EX5.00
7"Poole, Brian and the tremeloesThree BellsCo SlvDeccaF.12037VG+4.00
7"Presley, ElvisCrying in the ChapelCompany Slv; WOS & Slt TearRCARCA1455VG+5.00
7"Presley, ElvisCan't help falling in loveCompany Slv; WOSRCA45-RCA-1270VG+4.00
7"Presley, ElvisI Gotta KnowCompany Slv with Bad Tears RCA45-RCA-1216VG+4.00
7"Presley, ElvisIt's now or neverCompany Slv; WOSRCA45-RCA-1207VG+4.00
7"Richard, Cliff and The ShadowsBachelor boyCompany Slv, Track taken from film Summer HolidayColumbia45-DB4950VG+5.00
7"Rockin' Berries, TheHe's in townCompany Slv; Tear and WOSPiccadilly7N.35203VG+5.00
7"Rolling Stones, The19th Nervous breakdownCompany Slv; WOS. 1966DeccaF12331VG+5.00
7"Rolling Stones, TheThe Last timeCompany Slv in Ex conDeccaF.12104VG+5.00
7"SearchersSugar and spiceCompany Slv with Slt tearPye7N.15566EX5.00
7"SeekersThe Carnival is overCompany Slv with Slt tearColumbiaDB7711VG+4.00
EPShapiro, HelenWalkin' back to happinessCompany Slv; Tear and WOSColumbia45-DB4715VG+5.00
7"Simon & Garfunkel Mrs Robinson, April come she will, Scarborogh Fair/ Canticle, The sound of silencePicture cover; WOCCBSEP64000VG+12.00
7"Simon & Garfunkle Homeward boundCompany Slv, 1966CBS202045EX7.00
7"Simon & Garfunkle Mrs Robinson Company Slv; WOSCBS3443VG+5.00
7"Stevens, CatA Bad NightCompany Slv; WOSDeramDm.140VG+5.00
7"Stevens, CatMatthew and SonCompany Slv, slt crease to Slv. 1966DeramDM.110VG+5.00
7"Tempo, Nino & Stevens, AprilDeep PurpleCompany Slv; Tear and WOSLondonHLK9782EX5.00
7"TornadosLocomotion with meCompany Slv; WOS, 1962Decca45-F11562VG+5.00
7"TornadosTelstarCompany Slv; Tear and WOSDecca45-F11494VG+5.00
7"TornadosTelstarCompany Slv; WOSDecca45-F11494VG+5.00
7"TornadosTelstarCompany SlvDecca45-F11494EX5.00
7"TrafficPaper sunCompany Slv, slt tear to slvIslandWIP-6002VG+5.00
EPTrafficHere we go round the Mulberry BushPicture cover; WOCIslandWIP-6025VG+/VG+10.00
7"VARIOUS ARTISTS: The Big Four; Shirley Bassey; Ronnie Carroll; Anne Shelton; David HughesThe Wayward wind; Walk in hand; Daydreams; By the fountains of romeNOC, WOCPhilipsBBE12088VG+/VG+5.00
7"Vee, BobbyBobby TomorrowCompany Slv; WOS; LibertyLIB55530EX5.00
7"Vee, BobbyRun to himCompany Slv; WOS; LibertyLIB55388VG+6.00
7"Vee, BobbyThe night has a thousand EyesCompany Slv; WOS; From film Just For Fun; Slt Damage to SlvLibertyLIB10069EX6.00
7"Vee, BobbyStayin' InCompany Slv; WOS; (1960)London45-HLG9316VG+5.00
7"YardbirdsShape of things/ You're a better man than I1966, company sleeveColumbiaDB7848VG+5.00
7"YardbirdsEvil hearted you/ Still I'm Sad1965, company sleeve; WOS; slt damage to cnr of Slv.ColumbiaDB7706VG+5.00
7" DemoCooper, AliceOnly WomenUS, Large centre, dbl A side Mono/StereoAtlantic45-3254VG+10.00
7" PromoCooper, AliceDesperado/Under My WheelsUS, Large centreWarner Brothers7529VG10.00
7" PromoBeat (UK)Let Me Into Your LifeUSA, small CentreCBSBA 222650EX-4.00
7" JukeboxBowie, DavidJump They SayUK Juke Box Issue, Large CentreBMG139427JBEX-5.00
7" DemoChairman Of The BoardYou've Got Extra Added Power In...UK 1976InvictusS INV 4507EX-5.00
7" PromoClapton, EricNo AlibisSpanish, Company picture SleeveWEA1.249EX/EX6.00
7" PromoClapton, EricBad LoveSpanish, Company picture SleeveWEA1.195EX/EX6.00
7" PromoClapton, EricIt's The Way That You Use ItUS CopyWarner Brothers7-28514EX-5.00
7" PromoClapton, EricPretendingSpanish, Company picture SleeveWEA1.187EX/EX6.00
7" PromoClapton, EricForever ManUS Copy, Picture sleeveWarner Brothers29081-7EX-6.00
7" PromoClapton, EricShe's WaitingCanadian CopyWarner Brothers92 89867EX-6.00
7" PromoClapton, EricShe's WaitingUS CopyWarner Brothers7-28986EX-6.00
7" PromoClapton, EricBehind The MaskUS CopyWarner Brothers7-28391VG+6.00
7" PromoClapton, EricI've Got A Rock & Roll HeartUS CopyWarner Brothers7-29780VG6.00
7" PromoClapton, EricIt's In The WaySpanish, Picture Sleeve (slight ringwear)EMI1591267EX-/EX-6.00
7" PromoClapton/Tina TurnerTearing Us ApartUS Copy, white label with WB LogosWarner Brothers7-28279EX-6.00
7" PromoClapton/Tina TurnerTearing Us ApartUS Copy, silver labelWarner Brothers7-28279EX-6.00
7" PromoDavis, CliffordMan Of The WorldCover of the Fleetwood Mac classicRepriseK 14282VG+3.00
7" DemoDon, David & DeanNeverthelessUK, white LabelH.M.V.POP 1159EX-4.00
7" DemoFenton, ShaneYou Need LoveWhite Label, Red A, Actually Alvin stardustParlephoneR5020EX-8.00
7" DemoFour Tops7 Rooms Of Gloom1980 Release? Black Label, silver writingTamla MotownTMG 958EX-3.00
7" DemoGlitter, GaryIt Takes All Night Long1976AristaArista 85EX-3.00
7" DemoGodding, CubaMind PleaserGreen LabelTamla MotownTMG 1107VG2.00
7" PromoGuthrie, ArloLovesick BluesRepriseK 14257VG+5.00
7" DemoHarrison, GeorgeDark HorseUK P/S, Stamp On SleeveAppleR6001EX-20.00
7" DemoJames, CalvinSome Things You Never Get Used To '65White Label, Red AColumbiaDB 7516EX-20.00
7" DemoJan & DeanLindaWhite Label, Red ALibertyLIB 55531EX6.00
7" PromoJules & The Polar BearsGood ReasonRadio station stamp on LabelCBS8178VG3.00
7" DemoKnight, Gladys & The PipsThe Look Of LoveGreen Motown LabelTamla MotownTMG 884EX-10.00
7" DemoLane, LindaAll I Want To Do Is RunGreen Label, 1965ColumbiaCL 15516EX12.00
7" PromoMorrison, VanWild Night1971Warner BrothersK16120EX-8.00
7" PromoParker, KenWe Must Be In LoveReggae, Yellow Label A&MA&MAMS 7092VG+6.00
7" PromoParlamentDeepUK PromoCasablancaCAN 154EX-5.00
7" DemoPlatinum HookHooked For LifeGreen Label Motown DemoTamla MotownTMG 1128EX-3.00
7" JukeboxRageThe Human FactorLarge CentreDJMRage 1VG+5.00
7" DemoRobinson, SmokeyCruisin'Blue Label Motown DemoTamla MotownTMG 1164EX-3.00
7" PromoRuben & The JetsWedding Bells/If I Could Be.......US white Label, Large CentreMercury73381EX15.00
7" DemoShacklefordsBig RiverUK White Label, Red AMercuryAMT 1204EX7.00
7" DemoLynard SkynardFree BirdHandwritten LabelMCA MCA 275EX-5.00
7" DemoSmith, O.C.La La Peace Song1973C.B.S.2221EX-3.00
7" DemoSterlingRoll Her SkaterBlue label Motown DemoTamla MotownTMG 1162EX-5.00
7" DemoThemRichard Cory1966DeccaF.12403VG10.00
7" DemoTaylor, JohnnieI've Been Born Again1974StaxSTXS 2002VG5.00
7" DemoTemptationsPowerBlue label Motown DemoTamla MotownTMG 1186VG3.00
7" DemoTemptationsMasterpieceGreen & White label Motown DemoTamla MotownTMG 854EX-9.00
7" DemoThree Ounces Of LoveGive Me Some FeelingGreen Label Motown DemoTamla MotownTMG 1119EX-5.00
7" DemoTudor, JohnnyUntil1968PresidentPT 185EX-4.00
7" PromoVariousUnder Canvas Sampler (Aztec Camera, EBTG, Pretenders, Echo & The Bunnymen)Picture slleve stickered Ltd Radio PromoWEASAM 431EX-6.00
7" DemoWilson, MaryRed HotBlue label Motown Demo, Radio station Stamp on LabelTamla MotownTMG 1163EX-3.00
7" PromoZZ TopGot Me Under Pressure/TushUK White Label, annotated 'For Radio Promotion Onl'WEASAM 250VG8.00


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