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PRO CDsGalactic CowboysYou Make Me SmileUS, CCS, 1993DGC38 PRO CD 4560-2EX-/EX4.00
CDGallows PoleGallows Pole12 Track AlbumShark200002EX/EX-5.00
PRO CDGarltic BoysDeclaration Of NarcissismJapanese Standard Album In Promo Card Sleeve, With Inlay & Press PhotoHowling Bull EntertainmentCD:RTO-002EX-/EX-8.00
CDsGet AnimalSwinging on a starGerman Rock, Punch Out SleeveSPVCDS SPV 055EX/EX3.00
CDGirlschoolLiveOOP album on CommuniqueCommuniqueCMGCD013EX/EX-6.00
CDsGoatEverybody Wants To Be There1991Beggars BanquetBEG 256 CDEX/EX-4.00
CDsGodfleshCrush My SoulEaracheMOSH 127 CDEX/EX-3.50
CDsGolden EarringHold Me NowColumbiaCOL660761 2EX/EX2.50
CDGomorrahCaress The Grotesque1994Black MarcBMCD 107EX/EX-6.00
CDGomorrahReflections of Inanimate Matter1994MegapulseMEGAP1CDEX/EX6.00
CDsGoo Goo DollsBlack BalloonHollywood0103115HWREX/EX3.00
CDsGoo Goo DollsDizzyHollywood0105355HWREX/EX3.00
CDsGoo Goo DollsIrisWarnerW0449CDEX/EX3.00
CDsGoo Goo Dolls, TheSlideIncl 'accoustic #3' and 'nothing can change you'Edel0043955EREEX/EX3.50
CDsGordon, ArtSandySelowrappedERM5316S/S3.00
CDGracepointScience of Discontent9 Track Album from 2000CandlewaxCLARK3EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsGrateful DeadFoolish HeartUS 1 Track, In Custom Case, 1989AristaASCD-9899EX/EX6.00
CDsGravity KillsEnoughVirginVSCDT1630EX/EX2.50
PRO CDsGravity KillsGuilty4 mixes, cust card sleeveVirginVSCDJX 1621EX/EX3.00
CDsGreat WhiteCongo SquareIncludes Live version of House of Broken Love, light marks affect disc, 1991 releaseCapitolCDCL605EX/VG+3.00
CDsGroop DogdrillAngel WingsMantraMNT48CDEX/EX3.00
CDsGroop DogdrillHead of SafetyDigipackMantraMNT51CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDGropesameAlbum, Custom Sleeve, Sleeve Sellotaped At EdgeProgressPCD 27VG+/EX-4.00
CDsGuano ApesOpen your EyesSpecial remix EditionSupersonicSUPERSONIC018EX/EX3.00
PRO CDGumboilRapecorehurricanePromo ? Typed Back Inlay, has (interesting) Press Photo includedRT0-0001EX/EX-7.00
CDsGunCrazy YouDigipack with cards insideA&M582 191-2EX/EX2.50
CDsGunCrazy YouPolygram582 193-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsGunCrazy You (K.M. Mix)cust sleeveA & MKMCD 1EX/EX4.00
CDsGunDon't say It's OverCD1 in foldout Digipack with room for part 2A&M580 755-2EX-/EX-3.00
CDsGunSomething WorthwhileDigipackA&M581 045-2EX/EX-3.00
CDsGunSomething WorthwhileA&M581 043-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsGuns 'n' RosesAin't It FunUS Promo, Stickered SleeveGeffenPRO-CD-4579EX-/EX8.00
PRO CDsGuns 'n' RosesAin't It FunJewel CaseEX8.00
PRO CDsGuns 'n' RosesAin't It FunJewel Case, light marks on discEX-4.00
CDsGuns 'n' RosesAin't it FunUK (1993)GeffenGFSTD 62EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsGuns 'n' RosesDead HorseNo UK Single Release. US Promo Card SleeveGeffenPRO CD4511EX/EX-8.00
CDsGuns 'n' RosesIt could be mineFrom Terminator 2 Judgement Day. In card sleeveGeffenGFSTD6EX/EX5.00
CDsGuns 'n' RosesSince I Don't have you1994 releaseGeffenGFSTD70EX/EX4.00
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CDHadesLIVE: On Location1991Rising SunIRS972224EX-/EX6.00
CDHandfullaflowersCan't Stand The Weight Of The WorldGerman Pressing, Snoop LabelSnoopSRC25EX/EX-5.00
CD EPHardwareRace Religion & Hate5 Track Mini-AlbumBulletproofCDMVEST 75EX/EX-4.00
CDHareProud to be loud1996Music for NationsCDMF11215EX/EX-5.00
CDHavenHavenown label label pressing on Gold CDRSlice of RealityN/AEX/EX5.00
CDsHeadswimTense Nervous Head1993CrushHEAD CD 001EX/EX4.50
PRO CDsHeadswimTourniquet1 Track, CCSEpicXPR 2198EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsHeadswimTourniquet4 Track, CCSEpicXPCD 2158EX/EX3.00
CDsHeadswimTourniquetIncludes Steve Osborne and Mekon mixesEpic665044 5EX/EX3.00
CDsHealy, Jeff. The bandMy life StoryEagleEAGXS146EX/EX3.00
CDHeartRock the house Live!CapitolCDP 7 95797 2EX/EX5.00
CDsHeartWill you be there (In the Morning)CD 1 of a 2 CD set. Card Sleeve in Plastic fold out, 1993CapitolCDLS700EX/EX-4.00
CDsHed) P.ESerpent Boy5 Track Mini LPJive052125 2EX/EX3.50
CDHedgehogMercury RedNorwegian Cut OutVoices of WonderVOW 37CEX/EX5.00
PRO CDsHelmetIn The MeantimeJewel CaseInterscopePRCD 4592-2EX4.00
PRO CDHendrix, JimiBetween The LinesUS Promo, 10 Track Sampler Of Box Set Released In 1990ReprisePRO-CD-4541EX/EX-20.00
CDsHimYour Sweet 666BMG74321 765712EX/EX3.00
CDsHoaxTake The Money & RunEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsHoleVioletUS 1 Track In Album BoxDGCPRO-CD-4706EX/EX6.00
CDsHoneycrackAnywayCD1 with demo version of title trackEGEGO 52-AEX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackAnywayCD2 with remix of 'Anyway'EGEGO 52-BEX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackGo AwayCD1 Includes 'Gun' and 'Where do you come from'Epic662864 2EX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackGo AwayCD2 in digipack live recordings of 'Sitting at home' and 'Powerless'Epic662864 5EX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackKing Of MiseryEx-WildheartsEpic663147 2EX/EX2.50
CDsHoneycrackKing Of MiseryEx-Wildhearts Digipack. CD2 includes live version of Go Away from TFI Friday and two other live tracksEpic663147 5EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsHoneycrackKing Of MiseryEx-Wildhearts. 1 track promo in custom card sleeveEpicXPCD2029EX/EX3.50
CDsHoneycrackSitting at homeEx-WildheartsEpic662538 2EX/EX3.00
CDsHootersSatellite3 Tracks in card sleeve, very early CD single, 1987CbsCBS651168 2EX/EX7.00
CDHossYou Get NothingTextured Sleeve, With Punch Out, Austrailian PressingDog MeatDOG 034CDEX-/EX-5.00
CDHumungous FungusLow Key PoetryGerman PressingNoiseN 0252-2EX/EX-5.00
CDsHuntedStreets Of FireWOSHUN01EX-/EX3.00
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CDIgnorancePositively ShockingMetal BladeCDZORRO 48EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsIncubusDrive2 Versions. PromoEpicSAMPCD100021EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsIncubusPardon MeRadio Edit and Album Version, in Custom Sleve, US Promo, In Album BoxEpicESK 42879EX/EX4.00
CDInhaleFeedSelowrappedJam Inc5 030820 011127S/S5.00
CDsIron MaidenOut of the Silent PlanetLtd Edition Number Fold Out Digipack with Enhanced Video of Live Footage and PosterIron Maiden Holdings7243 8 89389 0 7EX/EX4.50
2xCDIron MaidenPiece of mindLimited & Bonus CD with I've Got the Fire and Cross Eyed MaryEMICDEM1573EX/EX12.00
CDIsaacs, DavidTimebombSoft rockFTG70213 21122EX/EX5.00
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PRO CDJWe Are The MajorityUS Promo In Standard SleeveA&M31451 7710 2EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsJackylthe LumberjackShrinkwrapped Card Die Cut Sleeve, US PromoGeffenPRO CD 4482-5EX/EX5.00
CDJakkoMustard Gas And RosesAORResurgenceRES103CDEX/EX5.00
CDsJethro TullLiving in the Past1993 Issue CD 1 in Z Box with room for CD2Chrysalis0946 3 23971 2 6EX/EX6.00
CDsJethro TullLiving in the Past1993 Issue, CD 2Chrysalis0946 3 23970 2 7EX/EX5.00
CDsJett, JoanDirty DeedsEX Runaways, 1990ChrysalisCHSCD 3518EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsJohn Bon JoviBlaze Of Glory2 Versions, Edit & LP Version, Clear Plastic Case, CD Shows Sighns Of 'Bronzing'PhonogramJCDDJ 1VG+3.00
CDJohnny Lawsame1991Metal BladeCD ZORRO 1AEX/EX-5.00
CDJorgenson, JohnEmotional SavantA2A2CD07EX/EX5.00
CDJuggernautBlack PagodaDark Wingsn 0215-2EX/EX6.00
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CDKarlasame1990, US CopySisapaSISAPA D2-77708EX/EX6.00
CDsKerbdogDummy CrusherVertigoVERCD86EX/EX-3.00
CDsKerbdogMexican WaveCD2 of 3, card sleeveFontanaKERCC 3EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsKerbdogMexican waveradio sleeveFontanaKERCJ3EX/EX5.00
CDsKerbdogSallyCD1 of 3, in Digi with space for other discsFontanaKERCD 2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsKing Crimson21st Century Schitziod Man1996, 1 Track In Custom Card Slv., Stickered With The Info. That The song Is To Be Used In The Forthcoming Dunlop Tyres AdvertVirginVSCDJ 1597EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsKing CrimsonSchitzoid ManPromo in Custm Card SleeveVirginVSCDJ1597EX/EX6.00
CDsKing Of The HillIf I Say1991SBKCDKOTH 2EX/EX-3.00
CDsKings of Infinate Space, TheCoolDigipackV2VVR5000483EX/EX3.00
CDsKings of Infinate Space, TheSlut (that I'm Living with)DigipackV2VVR5000933EX/EX3.00
CDsKings of Infinate Space, TheSpeedboarderDigipackV2VVR5000473EX/EX3.00
CDsKings of Infinate Space, TheSpeedboarderDigipackV2VVR5000473EX/EX3.00
CDKings of The SunFull frontal Attack1990BMG9889-2-REX/EX-5.00
CDKings Of The SunFull Frontal AttackBMG9889-2-REX/EX2.50
PRO CDsKornA.D.I.D.A.S.Plastic Wallet SleeveEX/EX5.00
PRO CDsKornAll Mixed UpLtd Edition Bonus Cd, Initially Sold With UK Issue Of issues:- 6 tracks Including:- A.D.I.D.A.S. Radio mix, Good God Dub Pistols mix, and Got the Life Josh Abraham Mix. CCS,EpicDISP462EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsKornFalling away from meUS Promo, Custom SleeveEpicESK 46455EX/EX6.00
CDsKornGood GodUK limited edition (CD2)Epic664658 5EX/EX3.00
CDsKornMake Me Bad6 VersionsEpicEPC668923 2EX/EX3.00
CDKornMake Me Bad (the mixes)5 Track Promo, CCSEpicXPCD2466EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsKornMake Me Bad (the mixes)5 Track Promo, CCSEpicXPCD2466EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsKornNo Place To HideSlight Marking, But, Outside Playing Area, Cust SleeveEX/EX-5.00
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CDsL.A. Blues AuthorityMessin' With The KidCard Sleeve (A Little Worn), 1992RoadrunnerRR 2398 3VG+/EX3.50
CDsL7Everglade1992, Numbered Limited Edition, Picture CDSlashLASCD 26EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsL7Off The Wagon1 Track Promo In CCSSlashLSCDJ 1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDLeadfootBring It OnFull LP Promo In CCS, 1997RoadrunnerRR PROMO 292EX/EX7.00
PRO CDsLed ZeppelinTravelling Riverside Blues1990 US PromoAtlanticPRCD3627-2EX/EX20.00
PRO CDsLed ZepplinTravelling Riverside Blues1 Track Promo.AtlanticPRCD3627-2EX/EX20.00
CDsLed ZepplinWhole Lotta Love3 Tracks In DigipackAtlanticAT0013CDEX/EX6.00
CDsLeenes, Be & Half past midnightIndian MachineSpecial Shape CD Limited Edition, signed inside in biroColumns290 297EX/EX4.00
CDsLegend, TheCry For Me1993Reckless RhinoRCDRRR 001EX/EX3.00
CDLegs DiamondTown Bad Girl1990Music For NationsCDZORRO 16EX/EX6.00
CDsLemos, PaulPhlegm Drive5 Track EPDossierDCD9034EX/EX6.00
CDsLiberty 37Oh RiverDigipackBeggars BanquetBBQ336CDEX/EX3.00
CDsLiberty 37Oh River1 track Promo in plastic wallet, light marks where disc has rubbed on sleeveBeggars BanquetLIB37PROMO1EX/VG+3.00
PRO CDsLiberty 37Oh River1 Track Promo in Plastic Wallet with card insertBeggars BanquetLIB37PROMO1EX/EX-3.00
CDsLiberty 37RevolutionCard Sleeve. Incl. Enhanced CD Rom VideosBeggars BanquetBBQ343CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDLickBreechCanadian Promo, Full Release 28.8.1995InvisibleIMV046-prEX/EX7.00
PRO CDLife Of AgonySoul Searching SunFull Promo Album In CCS, 1997RoadrunnerRR PROMO 289EX/EX7.00
CDsLife Of AgonyWeedsIncludes Unplugged VersionRoadrunnerRR2266-3EX/EX3.50
CDsLife Of AgonyWeedsIncludes Unplugged VersionRoadrunnerRR2266-3EX/EX-3.00
CDLimos, PaulPhlegm Die1992DossierDCD 9034EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsLimp BizkitRollin'Air raid Vehicle versionsInterscopeBIZKIT7EX/EX-4.00
PRO CDsLimp BizkitTake a look around (theme from MI:2)2 VersionsInterscopeLC06406 MI2EX/EX5.00
PRO CDLiqour GiantsHerePromo Album In custom card sleeve. US PressingESDESD80922EX/EX-5.00
CDsLiquid LunchRed 6 EPBoubon SundayBS1CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDLiquid ViolencesamePrivate Pressing???Private Pressing???RR PROMO 289EX/EX5.00
CDsLittle Angels10 Miles HighCD 1, In Double Foldout Digipack, 1994PolydorLTLCD 16EX-/EX4.00
CDsLittle Angels10 Miles HighCD 2, 1994PolydorLTLDD 16EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsLittle Angels10 Miles HighCD 2, Promo Disc In Standard Sleeve, 1994PolydorLTLDD 16EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsLittle AngelsBone Yard1991, 4 Track, In Plastic Wallet, With Card InlayPolydorLTLCD 8 DJEX-/EX5.00
CDsLittle AngelsSail Away - The Acoustic SessionCD 1, In Printed slimline Double Box, With Space for CD 2, 1993PolydorLTLCD 15EX-/EX5.00
CDsLittle AngelsSail Away - The Acoustic SessionCD 2, 1993PolydorLTLDD 15EX/EX4.00
CDsLittle AngelsSoap Box1993, Printed Case (Front Is Broken, Inlay Is Autographed By All 5 MembersEX-/EX10.00
CDsLittle AngelsToo Much Too Young1992, With poster InlayPolydorLTLDD 12EX/EX-4.00
CDsLittle AngelsWomankind3 Track Single, In Printed Plastic Box, 1992PolydorLTLCD 13EX/EX4.00
CDsLiveLakini's Juice3 Track in DigipackRadioactiveRAXXD 28EX/EX3.50
CDsLiveSelling the Drama1995RadioactiveRAXTD 17EX/EX-3.50
CDsLiving ColourCult Of Personality1991Epic657535 2EX/EX4.00
CDsLiving ColourLeave It Alone1993Epic658976 2EX/EX3.50
CDsLiving ColourSolace Of You (Live Tour CD)Stickered Case (Cracked), Incl. List Of UK Tour Dates 1991Epic656908 9EX-/EX3.50
CDsLiving ColourSolace of You1991, US 4 track Maxi single, incl. 3 live tracksSony656908 5EX/EX4.00
CDLiving ColourStainEuropean Edition In See Through Red CaseEpic472856 2EX/EX8.00
PRO CDLiving ColourTime's UpUS Full Album In Foldout Digipack, 190EpicDISP 000715EX-/EX-10.00
PRO CDsLodestarDown In The Mud5 Track, 1997, Stickered Jewel Case, Ex-SenserUltimateFEZ 001 CDEX-/EX4.00
CDLone JusticeShelter1986DGCGED 24122EX/EX6.00
CDsLos GusanosCarve Your NameDigipack, 4 Track EP, 1996Musidisc119472EX/EX-3.00
CDLost, Thesame1991, US PressingEpicZK 47116EX/EX5.00
CDsLoudD Generation1990ChinaCHICD 25EX/EX-3.00
CDsLoudEasyDigipack, 1992ChinaWOKCD 2016EX-/EX3.00
CDsLoudExplosive (Remix)1990, Has A Nasty Mark, But Is Outside The Music AreaChinaCHICD 29EX/VG+2.50
CDsLoudSong or The lonely (Remix)1991ChinaCHICD 33EX/EX-3.00
CDLoudspeakerRe-Verberate11 Track albumAnother PlanetAP-6060-2EX/EX-5.00
CDLoudspeakerRe-VertebrateUS Punch Out SleeveAnother PlanetAP-6020-2EX/EX-5.00
CDLove in ReverseI was HereIncl. Bonus Multimedia trackReprise9362-46221-2EX/EX6.00
CDsLove/HateEvil Twin (Schizo mix)1991Columbia657596 9EX/EX4.00
CDLove/HateLivin off Layla12 Track AlbumSK-969345225EX/EX6.00
CDsLove/HateWasted In America1992Columbia657889 2EX/EX4.00
PRO CDLukanPromotional CD RomInteractive Promo CD RomDepthCD ROMEX/EX10.00
PRO CDLungerbrushOld School New School14 Track Promo in card SleevePavement4 012650 323039EX/EX7.00
CDsL.A. Blues AuthorityMessin' With The KidCard Sleeve (A Little Worn), 1992RoadrunnerRR 2398 3VG+/EX3.50
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CDMad Cow DiseaseTantric Sex DiscoCatalina11805 2EX/EX5.00
CD3MagnumThe Lights Burned Out3 Inch CD, Limited to 5,000 CopiesCastleCD3-7EX/EX-5.00
CDMaledictionChronicles of Dissention7 track album on own label, early 90sGWBCD001EX/EX8.00
PRO CDMalloy, MitchCeilings & WallsFull Album Promo in cust card sleeve, US CopyEX-/EX7.00
CDsMama's BoysLaugh About ItCTMCDS131 103EX/EX-4.00
CDsManholeLos Angeles3 Tracks.Modern MusicN 0268-3EX/EX3.00
CDMantissaMossy GodAussie ReleasePolydor519 534-2EX/EX6.00
CDsMarillionAlone again in the Lap of LuxuryCD1 in double box with space for part 2EMI8 81353 2EX/EX3.50
CDsMarillionAlone again in the Lap of LuxuryCD2, Inlay CreasedEMI7243 81354 2 9VG+/EX2.50
CDsMarillionHollow ManCD 1 Of A 2CD Set, Slimline Box With Room For CD 2EMI8 81243 2EX/EX3.50
CDsMarillionHollow ManCD 2, Inlay CreasedEMI8 81243 2 4VG+/EX2.50
CDsMarillionThese ChainsIncludes Fake Plastoc Trees Live and The Big beat Mix of Memory of WaterIntactRAWX1051EX/EX3.00
PRO CDMartin, JimMilk & BluesEX-Faith No More, FulL Album promo IN Custom Card Sleeve, Corner of Sleeve Creased, Ex-Faith No MoreSteam HammerSPV 085-18742-P CDEX-/EX7.50
CDsMary Beats JaneGrindMCAMCSTD2046EX/EX3.00
CDsMary Beats JaneOldMCAMCSTD2002EX/EX3.00
CDsMary Beats JaneOldMCAMCSTD2002EX/EX-2.50
PRO CDsMay, BrianDriven By You2 Track U.S. Promo in jewel case with no inlayWarnerPRCD-10322-2EX/EX6.00
CDsMay, BrianToo Much LoveLimited Folder SleeveParlophoneCDRS6320EX/EX-6.00
CDsMay, BrianWhy don't we try againNumbered Ltd. Ed. digipack Incl. free tour posterEMI8 86058 2EX-/EX4.00
CDsMckagan, DuffBelieve in meEx-Guns'N'Roses, 1993, Euopean PressingGeffenGED21865EX/EX4.00
CDsMeat LoafBat Out of Hellpicture CD, Ltd. Edition Picture CD, Lacks Free PatchEpic660006 2EX/EX3.00
CDsMeat LoafBat Out Of HellEarly 90's Re-Release, Full Length Version, Plus 3 Other SongsEpic660006 5EX/EX4.00
CDsMeat LoafDead Ringer for LoveIncl. Heaven cant wait and a bat out of hell, 1991 PressingEpic65982 2EX/EX3.50
CDsMeat LoafI'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)1995, DigipackVirginVSCDG 1563EX-/EX2.50
CDsMeat LoafNot A Dry Eye In The HouseCD1VirginVSCDT1567EX/EX-2.50
CDsMeat LoafNot A Dry Eye In The HouseCD2 In Digipack with Textured Sleeve, Includes Covers Of 2 Beatles SongsVirginVSCDX1567EX-/EX4.00
CDsMeat LoafRock And Roll Dreams Come Through1993VirginVSCDT 1479EX/EX-3.00
CDsMeat LoafRunnin' For The Red LightWith post Cards, CD Single In Album Case, 1996VirginVSCDX1582EX/EX3.00
CDsMeat LoafTwo Out Of Three Ain't Bad1991, European PressingEpic657491 2EX/EX4.00
CDMeat LoafWelcome to the NeighbourhoodVirginCDV 2799EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsMercury, FreddieLove Kills1 Track US promo in clear fronted boxHollywoodPRCD102352EX/EX-8.00
PRO CDMessiahRotten Perish12 Track Promo album in crudely stickered card SleeveNoiseN0195-2EX/EX6.00
PRO 2xCDMetallica15 Pieces of Live Shit: Binge & PurgeUS double promo in stickered boxElektraPRCD8879-2EX/EX30.00
CDsMetallicaCreeping Death6 Tracks French Original, identical to the UK releaseMusic for NationsCD 12KUT112EX/EX40.00
PRO CDsMetallicaDon't Tread on me1 track promo disc in sleevless case, US PressingElektraPRCD8728-2EX/EX7.00
PRO CDsMetallicaFuel1 Track Promo in Custom sleeveVertigoMETCJ16EX/EX8.00
CDsMetallicaHarvester of sorrowOriginal UK 1998 Pressing in card sleeveVertigoMETCD2EX/EX18.00
CDsMetallicaOneSong / Demo / Live. Aussie Pressing, 1993Vertigo858 545-2EX/EX6.00
CDMetallicaReloadInterview disc in DigipackDesignDIST007EX/EX4.00
PIC CDMetallicaSad but truePicture disc with half width inlayVertigoMETCH11EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsMetallicaThe Unforgiven II1 track promo in custom card sleeveVertigoMETCJ17EX/EX7.00
PRO CDsMetallicaUntil It Sleeps1 Track Promo in Jewell case with no inlayVertigoMETCJ12EX/EX8.00
CDsMetallica Sad but true2nd pressing, silver discVertigoINT 864 943-2EX/EX4.00
CDsMetallica / Motorhead Ache messHero of the DayStrictly Limited Edition in embossed envelope sleeve. with poster. 4 other tracks recorded live during Lemmy's 50th birtday party. The tracks were originaly recorded by Motorhead in 1979.VertigoUK METCY 13EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsMetallica / The San Fransico Symphony OrchestraNo Leaf Clover1 Track Promo In Custom SleeveVertigoMETCJ21EX/EX8.00
CDsMeth O.D.Cyberbilly EPOwn LabelHuman ConditionHCCD0010EX/EX6.00
CDMindfunkDroppedMusic For NationsCDZAZ3EX/EX7.00
CDsMindfunkTouch youEpic667618 2EX/EX3.50
CDsMindfunkTouch youEpic667618 2EX/VG+2.50
CDMisery Loves Co.Happy?Includes Enhanced CD trackEaracheMOSH151CdEX/EX7.00
CDsMoistFreaky to be beautifulWith Promo StickerChrysalisCDCHS5022EX/EX3.00
CDsMoistPushPart 1 The Youth Remixes and part 2, the Unreleased accoustic Tracks, both in the Z box that came with part 1 (sleeve for part 2 has not been kept)ChrysalisCDCHS5024EX/EX5.00
CDsMoistPushIncludes 'Morphine' 'Machine punch through'ChrysalisCDCHS5016EX/EX3.50
PRO CDMolly HatchetKingdom of XII12 Track Promo album in custom sleeveSPVSPV 085-72062-P CDEX/EX10.00
CDMonkeys with toolsTherein lies the compromise14 Track album from 1993GunGUN027EX/EX-5.00
CDsMonster MagnetPowertripCD2 Includes Negasonic Teenage Warhead CD Rom VideoA&M582825-2EX/EX3.50
CDsMonster MagnetPowertripCD1 Includes Powertrip video CD RomA&M582823-2EX/EX3.50
CDsMonster MagnetSpace LordCD1 Includes Exclusive New Song 'big god' & Space Lord VideoA&M563275-2EX/EX3.50
CDsMonster MagnetSpace LordCD2 Includes New Song 'kick out the jams' & 'Powertrip'. Comes in reflective black stickered Jewel case. Tear on Rear StickerA&M563277-2EX/EX3.50
PRO CDMoore, GaryAfter Hours11 Track Album Promo in custom card sleeveVirginGMCDJ1EX-/EX10.00
PRO CDsMoore, GaryI Have Found my love in you1 track promo in custom card sleeve, sleeve a little wornVirginVSCDJ1640EX-/EX-3.00
CDsMoore, GaryOne Good ReasonVirginVSCDT1632EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsMoore, GaryStory of the BluesFour track Instore Play CD, comes in swanky printed caseVirginVSCDJ1412EX/EX8.00
CDsMoore, GaryStory of the bluesSpecial Collectors Edition in Digipack with a 8 Page Lyric BookletVirginVSCDG1412EX-/EX-3.50
CDsMoore, Gary / Albert CollinsToo tiredVirginVSCDT1306EX/EX3.50
CDsMoore, Gary / Albert KingOh Pretty WomanVirginVSCDT1233EX/EX3.50
CDsMordredSplinter DownNoiseN 0212-3EX/EX3.50
CDMoriahMirror man10 Track album from 1992Baby MoriahMCD-1214EX/EX6.00
2xCDMother Love BoneMother Love BoneBonus CD Capricorn sister (Shine Version) and Lady godiva bluesPolydor514 177-2EX/EX10.00
CDsMotley CrueHooligan's HolidayWEAEKR180CDEX/EX-3.00
CDsMotley CruePrimal ScreamElektraEKR133CdEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsMotley CruePrimal Scream2 track U.S. Promo.ElektraPRCD 8418-2EX/EX4.00
CDsMotorheadGod Save the QueenIncludes the new video for title trackSPV 056-21843CDSS/S4.00
PRO CDMotorheadThe Ultimate Reissue Series sampler12 Track promo in custom card sleeve, includes most of the classic tracksDojoPROD2-2EX/EX-10.00
PRO CDMount FloridaArrived PhoenixFull album promoMatadorOLE401-2VEX/EX6.00
CDMr. BigLean into itIncludes ' To be with you', original withstickered caseAtlantic7567 82209 2EX/EX5.00
CDsMr. BigWild World1993 releaseAtlanticA7310CDEX/EX-3.50
CDMurder Inc.Murder Inc.DevotionCDDVN9EX/EX6.00
CDsMutha's Day outLockedChrysalisCDCHS5007EX/EX-3.00
CDsMy Little FunhouseWishing Well1993 releaseGeffenGFSTD48EX/EX-3.00
CDsMy Little FunhouseWishing Well1993 releaseGeffenGFSTD48EX/EX3.50
CDsMy RuinBeauty FriendSnapperSMASCD121EX/EX3.50
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PRO CDNadirWith Fury7 Track PromoNadirN/AEX/EX6.00
PRO CDRNapalm DeathIncinerator1 track Promo on CDRPromoN/AEX/EX-4.00
PRO CDNapalm DeathInside the torn apart12 Track Promo album in plastic wallet and card inlayEX-/EX-7.00
CDsNazarethTell me that you love mereleased 1992Mausoleum904 005.3EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsNirvanaAll Apologies1 Track US promo of LP VersionGeffenPRO CD 4581EX/EX6.00
CDsNirvanaAll ApologiesRape me' and 'MV'GeffenGFSTD66EX/EX5.00
CDsNirvanaCome as you areDigipackGeffenDGCTD7EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsNirvanaHeart Shaped boxDigipack. LP Version. US PromoGeffenPRO CD 4545S/S10.00
CDsNirvanaHeart Shaped boxGeffenGED21849EX/EX5.00
CDsNostradamus 1999AdventReleased in 1992 when we all still worried he might get it rightPlazaPZA099CDEX/EX-3.50
CDNov-67Electric WastelandCanadian PressingRekIRO1262EX/EX6.00
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PRO CDsObsessed, TheStreetside / Blind lightning2 Track promo in custom sleeveColumbiaCSK5693EX-/EX-3.50
PRO CDOld Man's ChildThe Pagan Prosperity8 track promo in custom card sleeveCentury mediaCD77183-2EX/EX8.00
CDsOomph!3 + 1Industrial metalDynamicaDY13-3EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsOrange GoblinThe Time EP3 Track Promo in Custom Card Sleeve, great stoner rockRise AboveGOBCD1EX/EX4.00
2xCDOrmeLive OrmeJapanese 2 Cd Set from this Italian prog BandCrimeKICP 2715/6EX/EX10.00
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PRO CDsPage & PlantBattle of Evermore1 track promo in custom card sleeve, sleeve is markedFontanaPPCDJ4VG+/EX-3.00
PRO CDsPage & PlantMost High2 Track Promo from Jimmy Page and Robert PlantMercuryPPMHR1EX/EX-5.00
PRO CDsPanteraPlanet Caravan1 Track U.S. Promo In Custom SleeveEast WestPRCD 5715EX/EX-5.00
CDsParadise lost Say just wordsIncludes 'cruel one' and 'soul corageous'. Grey CoverMusic For NationsCDKUT174EX/EX4.00
CDsParadise lost Say just wordsIncludes 'how soon is now' and 'albino flogged in black'. Blue Cover with '1st day cover' embossed stampMusic For NationsCDXKUT174EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsPearl JamDaughter1 track promo in custom sleeveEpicXPCD351EX/EX5.00
CDsPearl JamLast KissDigipackEpicEPC 667479 1EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsPearl JamLight Years1 track promo in custom card sleeveEpicXPCD2483EX/EX6.00
CDsPearl JamLight YearsLimited numbered Edition DigipackEpic669628 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPearl JamNothing as it seemsJust CD no sleeve, this is how the promo's for this were sent outEpic669374 2EX/EX2.00
CDsPearl JamSpin the Black CircleEpicEPC 661036 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPearl JamSpin the Black CircleUS CopyEpic34K 77771EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsPearl JamWho are youWriting on Sleeve. 1 track promo in custom card sleeveEpicSAMPCD3615EX-/EX3.00
PRO CDsPearl JamWho are you1 track promo in custom card sleeveEpicSAMPCD3615EX/EX5.00
CDsPearl JamWho you areDigipackEpic663539 2EX/EX-3.00
CDsPink FloydOne SlipScarce UK CD Single, 1988EMICD EM 52EX/EX-12.00
CDsPitchshifterMicrowavedDigipackGeffenGFSXD 22348EX/EX4.00
CDsPitchshifterUn-United KingdomMCAMCSTD40214 1155 634-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDPlanet XUniverse11 Track Promo albumInside outIOMCD061EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsPlant, RobertExcerpts from Manic Nirvana4 Track German promoEast WestSAM645EX/EX8.00
PRO CDsPlant, RobertHurting Kind (I've got my eyes on you)1 Track US Promo in custom sleeve, 1990AtlanticPRCD3186-2EX/EX7.00
PRO CDsPlant, RobertIf I were a carpenter1 track promo in clear jewel caseFontanaFATDJ4EX-3.00
PRO CDsPlant, RobertProfiled!US Radio show Interview 23 track promo disc, 1990WarnerPRCD3297-2EX/EX25.00
PRO CDsPoisonStand.4 track promo disc in clear jewel caseCapitolCD POISON1EX/EX5.00
CDPop's Cool loveA Man1991Elektra9 61087-2EX/EX-6.00
PRO CDProboscicsStalemate10 Track promo album in custom card sleeveProgressPCD-28EX/EX6.00
CDPsychoticaPsychotica1996American74321 38483 2EX/EX-5.00
CDPurityBuiltOrange Jewell Case with Blue SpineBlack MarkBMCD102EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsPushermanChase it2 Track PromoIgnitionIGNSCD-D-WEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsPushermanFirst TimePromotional Disc in normal SleeveIgnitionIGNSCD-EEX/EX3.00
CDPushermanFloored1996IgnitionEK 67752EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsPushermanShow me Slowly3 Track promoIgnitionIGN SCD-7EX/EX3.00
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CDsQueenA winters taleIncludes thank god its christmas. Comes in Christmas parcell packaging, seal sticker has been pulled, marking the back of the boxParlophoneCDQUEEDNS22EX-/EX4.00
PRO CDsQueenA winters tale2 Track PromoParlophoneCDQUEENDJ22EX/EX10.00
CDsQueenHeaven for everyonePart 1 of a 2 Cd set, Comes in slimline double case with space for CD2 which was avaliable separatelyParlophoneCDQUEENS21EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsQueenHeaven For Everyone1 Track promo in custom sleeveParlophoneCDDJUKE1EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsQueens of the Stone ageMonsters in the Parasol1 Track Promo in custom sleeveInterscopePARASOL1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsQueens of the Stone AgeNever say never / Feel Good hit of the Summer2 Track Promo in Custom Card SleeveInterscopeFEEL GOOD 1EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsQueens of the Stone AgeThe Lost art of keeping a secret1 track promo in custom card sleeveInterscopeQUEENS1EX/EX4.00
CDsQueensrycheBridgePart 2 of a two Cd set Includes Exclusive Live TracksEMICDEMT111EX/EX3.50
CDsQueensrycheBridgePart 1 of a two cd set Includes 5 colour live shots of the Band plus exclusive live tracks, Comes in slimline double case with space for CD2 which was avaliable separatelyEMICDMTS111EX/EX4.00
CDsQueensrycheSilent LucidityPart 2 of a two CD pack. Includes Suite Sister Mary from operation ; Livecrime & last time in parisEMICDMT104EX/EX3.50
CDsQueensrycheSilent Lucidity1990 UK pressingEMI-USACDMT94EX/EX4.00
CDsQuireboysI don't love you anymoreSpecial Picture Inlay, Includes Extra Live Track 'hey you'ParlophoneCDR6248EX/EX-3.50
PRO CDsQuireboys, TheBrother Louie4 Track Promo in stickered Jewel case, 1993EMI88045223EX/EX5.00
Check "Q" In Our Rock VINYL Lists
PRO CDsRage Against the MachineRenegades of funk1 Track Promo In Custom SleeveEpicSAMPCS9358 1EX/EX5.00
CDsRaging SpeedhornThe GushZTTGIR004CD2EX/EX3.00
CDRapscallionChameleon DroolMetal BladeCDZORRO41EX/EX6.00
CDsRed Hot Chilli PeppersScar TissueCase Stickered 'Includes two Previously unreleased tracks not on the 'forthcoming albumWarnerW490CDEX/EX3.50
PRO CDsRedd KrossGet out of myself1 Track Promo In Custom SleeveIslandWAY5499EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsReefAll I want1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveSonyXPCD2522EX/EX-3.50
PRO CDsReefCome Back BrighterPromo in Custm Card SleeveS2XPCD 2111EX/EX-4.00
PRO CDsReefGetaway5 Track Sampler in card sleeveSonyXPCD2484EX/EX-4.00
CDsReefI've Got something to sayIncludes Choose to live recorded liveSony666954 5EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsReefI've Got something to say1 track promo in custom card sleeveSonyXPCD2320EX/EX3.50
CDsReefPlace Your HandsCD2? Blue card sleeve. Incudes 3 other live tracksSony`S/S3.00
PRO CDsReefWeird1 Track Promo in clear Jewel caseS2XPCD679EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsReefYer Old1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveSonyXPCD2168AEX/EX3.50
PRO CDRhadamantyLabyrinth of thoughts6 track mini LPDispleasedD-00030EX/EX6.00
CDRock AlongWH002-ITMarantha!CD08112EX/EX5.00
CDsRodger, PaulAll i Want is youFormer Free FrontmanSPVSPV 055-44823EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsRollins BandThe end of something3 track U.S. promo in custom sleeveDreamworksPRO CD 5020EX/EX5.00
CDRose among thornsThis time its realFold out digipack, edges of flaps are a little wornHTDHTD CD8EX-/EX-5.00
CDsRoth, David LeeA lil' ain't enoughAlso 'baby's on fire' 'tell the truth' , 1990WarnerW0002CDEX/EX4.50
CDRuinAll the pretty horsesVenus93415 20802EX/EX5.00
CDRushCounterpartsLimited Edition with Special CD PackagingAtlantic7567-82528-2EX-/EX10.00

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