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CDsA Perfect CircleThe HollowIncludes constantly consuming remix of The HollowVirginVUSCD181EX/EX3.00
CDsAdams, Bryan / Melanie C.When You're goneCD2 Includes 'I love ya too much' and 'what does it do to your heart'.A&M582 851-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDBig dumb faceDuke Lion Fights the Terror!!Advanced Promo copy of the 12 track albumFlipDCF1EX/EX7.00
PRO CDBlack Crowes, TheLionsPromo album 13 tracks in custom card sleeveV2VVR1015672PEX/EX7.00
CDCain's AlibiSanctifiedPrinted in the USANightmareNMR-99162EX/EX5.00
CDsCarrack, PaulSatisfy my soul2 Track Single from 2000Carrack-UKCDPCAR100EX/EX3.00
CDsCinderellaHeartbreak StationPicture CD with small InlayVertigoVERCD53EX/EX-4.00
PRO CDsCounting CrowsMrs. Potter's Lullaby1 Track Promo In Custom SleeveGeffen497 311-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsDeftonesChange3 Track Promo in Jewel case with no sleeveMaverickPR01994EX/EX4.00
CDDefyanceTime Lost9 Track album released on the bands labelDefyanceN/AEX/EX6.00
CDEmerald RainLive 2K15 Tracks Recorded Live in Canada. Pressed In ItalyFrontiersFR CD 056EX/EX5.00
CDFaith NationOrdinary PeopleBunch of old rocker freaks with long hear and leather Jackets Blast out 10 Classic hits Including the Immaculate 'Love is an Ocean' and the moving rock tale of one man and his tangerine 'Hold On'. A Classic……Song Haus55006-2EX/EX6.00
CDGallows PoleGallows Pole12 Track AlbumShark200002EX/EX-5.00
CDGracepointScience of Discontent9 Track Album from 2000CandlewaxCLARK3EX/EX6.00
CDsGroop DogdrillHead of SafetyDigipackMantraMNT51CDEX/EX3.00
CDsGroop DogdrillAngel WingsMantraMNT48CDEX/EX3.00
CDHavenHavenown label label pressing on Gold CDRSlice of RealityN/AEX/EX5.00
CDsHeadswimTourniquetIncludes Steve Osborne and Mekon mixesEpic665044 5EX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackKing Of MiseryEx-WildheartsEpic663147 2EX/EX2.50
CDsHoneycrackKing Of MiseryEx-Wildhearts Digipack. CD2 includes live version of Go Away from TFI Friday and two other live tracksEpic663147 5EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsHoneycrackKing Of MiseryEx-Wildhearts. 1 track promo in custom card sleeveEpicXPCD2029EX/EX3.50
CDsHoneycrackSitting at homeEx-WildheartsEpic662538 2EX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackGo AwayCD1 Includes 'Gun' and 'Where do you come from'Epic662864 2EX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackGo AwayCD2 in digipack live recordings of 'Sitting at home' and 'Powerless'Epic662864 5EX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackAnywayCD1 with demo version of title trackEGEGO 52-AEX/EX3.00
CDsHoneycrackAnywayCD2 with remix of 'Anyway'EGEGO 52-BEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsIncubusDrive2 Versions. PromoEpicSAMPCD100021EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsKerbdogMexican waveradio sleeveFontanaKERCJ3EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsKing CrimsonSchitzoid ManPromo in Custm Card SleeveVirginVSCDJ1597EX/EX6.00
CDsKing Of The HillIf I Say1991SBKCDKOTH 2EX/EX-3.00
CDsKings of Infinate Space, TheSlut (that I'm Living with)DigipackV2VVR5000933EX/EX3.00
CDsKings of Infinate Space, TheSpeedboarderDigipackV2VVR5000473EX/EX3.00
CDsKings of Infinate Space, TheCoolDigipackV2VVR5000483EX/EX3.00
CDKings of The SunFull frontal Attack1990BMG9889-2-REX/EX-5.00
PRO CDsKornFalling away from meUS Promo, Custom SleeveEpicESK 46455EX/EX6.00
CDsKornMake Me Bad (the mixes)6 Track EPEpicEPC 668923 2EX/EX6.00
CDsKornGood GodUK limited edition (CD2)Epic664658 5EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsKornMake Me Bad (the mixes)5 Track Promo, CCSEpicXPCD2466EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsKornAll Mixed UpLtd Edition Bonus Cd, Initially Sold With UK Issue Of issues:- 6 tracks Including:- A.D.I.D.A.S. Radio mix, Good God Dub Pistols mix, and Got the Life Josh Abraham Mix. CCS,EpicDISP462EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsKornA.D.I.D.A.S.Plastic Wallet SleeveEpicESK9133EX/EX-5.00
CDsL.A. Blues AuthorityMessin' With The KidCard Sleeve (A Little Worn), 1992RoadrunnerRR 2398 3VG+/EX3.50
CDsL7Everglade1992, Numbered Limited Edition, Picture CDSlashLASCD 26EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsL7Off The Wagon1 Track Promo In CCSSlashLSCDJ 1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDLeadfootBring It OnFull LP Promo In CCS, 1997RoadrunnerRR PROMO 292EX/EX7.00
CDsLed ZepplinWhole Lotta Love3 Tracks In DigipackAtlanticAT0013CDEX/EX6.00
PRO CDsLed ZepplinTravelling Riverside Blues1 Track Promo.AtlanticPRCD3627-2EX/EX20.00
CDsLeenes, Be & Half past MidnightIndian MachineHead Shape CDRoadsongs290297EX/EX3.50
CDsLegend, TheCry For Me1993Reckless RhinoRCDRRR 001EX/EX3.00
CDLegs DiamondTown Bad Girl1990Music For NationsCDZORRO 16EX/EX6.00
CDsLemos, PaulPhlegm Drive5 Track EPDossierDCD9034EX/EX6.00
CDsLiberty 37Oh RiverDigipackBeggars BanquetBBQ336CDEX/EX3.00
CDsLiberty 37RevolutionCard Sleeve. Incl. Enhanced CD Rom VideosBeggars BanquetBBQ343CDEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsLiberty 37Oh River1 Track Promo in Plastic Wallet with card insertBeggars BanquetLIB37PROMO1EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDLickBreechCanadian Promo, Full Release 28.8.1995InvisibleIMV046-prEX/EX6.00
CDsLife Of AgonyWeedsIncludes Unplugged version of WeedsRoadrunnerRR2266-3EX/EX3.00
CDsLife Of AgonyWeedsIncludes Unplugged version of WeedsRoadrunnerRR2266-3EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDLife Of AgonySoul Searching SunFull Promo Album In CCS, 1997RoadrunnerRR PROMO 289EX/EX7.00
PRO CDsLimp BizkitTake a look around (theme from MI:2)Spy Shannanigens from Mr DurstInterscopeMI2EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsLimp BizkitRollin'Air raid vehicle versionsInterscopeBIZKIT7EX/EX4.00
PRO CDLiqour GiantsHerePromo Album In custom card sleeve. US PressingESDESD80922EX/EX-5.00
CDsLiquid LunchRed 6 EPBoubon SundayBS1CDEX/EX53.00
PRO CDLiquid ViolencesamePrivate Pressing??? In custom rather home made looking sleeve. US PressingPrivate Pressing???RR PROMO 289EX/EX5.00
CDsLittle AngelsWomankind3 Track Single, In Printed Plastic Box, 1992PolydorLTLCD 13EX/EX4.00
CDsLittle Angels10 Miles HighCD 1, In Double Foldout Digipack, 1994PolydorLTLCD 16EX-/EX4.00
CDsLittle AngelsSail Away - The Acoustic SessionCD 1, In Printed slimline Double Box, With Space for CD 2, 1993PolydorLTLCD 15EX-/EX5.00
CDsLittle AngelsSail Away - The Acoustic SessionCD 2, 1993PolydorLTLDD 15EX/EX4.00
CDsLittle Angels10 Miles HighCD 2, 1994PolydorLTLDD 16EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsLittle AngelsBone Yard1991, 4 Track, In Plastic Wallet, With Card InlayPolydorLTLCD 8 DJEX-/EX5.00
CDsLittle AngelsSoap Box1993, Printed Case (Front Is Broken, Inlay Is Autographed By All 5 MembersPolydorLTCD 14EX-/EX10.00
CDsLittle AngelsToo Much Too Young1992, With poster InlayPolydorLTLDD 12EX/EX-4.00
CDsLiveLakini's Juice3 Track in DigipackRadioactiveRAXXD 28EX/EX3.50
CDsLiveSelling the Drama1995RadioactiveRAXTD 17EX/EX-3.50
CDLiving ColourStainEuropean Edition In See Through Red CaseEpic472856 2EX/EX8.00
CDsLiving ColourCult Of Personality1991Epic657535 2EX/EX4.00
CDsLiving ColourLeave It Alone1993Epic658976 2EX/EX3.50
CDsLiving ColourSolace Of You (Live Tour CD)Stickered Case (Cracked), Incl. List Of UK Tour Dates 1991Epic656908 9EX-/EX3.50
PRO CDLiving ColourTime's UpUS Full Album In Foldout Digipack, 190EpicDISP 000715EX-/EX-10.00
CDsLiving ColourSolace Of YouEpicEPC656908 5EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsLodestarDown In The Mud5 Track, 1997, Stickered Jewel Case, Ex-SenserUltimateFEZ 001 CDEX-/EX4.00
CDLone JusticeShelter1986DGCGED 24122EX/EX6.00
CDsLos GusanosCarve Your NameDigipack, 4 Track EP, 1996Musidisc119472EX/EX-3.00
CDLost, Thesame1991, US PressingEpicZK 47116EX/EX5.00
CDsLoudD Generation1990ChinaCHICD 25EX/EX-3.00
CDsLoudSong or The lonely (Remix)1991ChinaCHICD 33EX/EX-3.00
CDsLoudExplosive (Remix)1990, Has A Nasty Mark, But Is Outside The Music AreaChinaCHICD 29EX/VG+2.50
CDsLoudEasyDigipack, 1992ChinaWOKCD 2016EX-/EX3.00
CDLoudspeakerRe-Verberate11 Track albumAnother PlanetAP-6060-2EX/EX-5.00
CDLove in ReverseI was HereIncl. Bonus Multimedia trackReprise9362-46221-2EX/EX6.00
CDsLove/HateWasted In America1992Columbia657889 2EX/EX4.00
CDLove/HateLivin off Layla12 Track AlbumSK-969345225EX/EX6.00
CDsLove/HateEvil Twin (Schizo mix)1991Columbia657596 9EX/EX4.00
CDLukanLukan Promotional CD RomPresumably includes press stuff, interviews Etc, we have not tried it on our ageing PC!DepthN/AEX/EX10.00
PRO CDLunghbrushOld School New SchoolPromo album in custom card SleevePavement Europe76962-32303-2EX/EX6.00
CDMad Cow DiseaseTantric Sex DiscoCatalina11805 2EX/EX5.00
CDsManholeLos Angeles3 Tracks.Modern MusicN 0268-3EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsMay, BrianDriven By You2 Track U.S. Promo in jewel case with no inlayWarnerPRCD-10322-2EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsMetallicaThe Unforgiven II1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveVertigoMETCJ17EX/EX8.00
PRO CDsMetallicaUntil It Sleeps1 Track Promo in Jewell case with no inlayVertigoMETCJ12EX/EX8.00
CDMetallicaReloadInterview disc in DigipackDesignDIST007EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsMetallica / The San Fransico Symphony OrchestraNo Leaf Clover1 Track Promo In Custom SleeveVertigoMETCJ21EX/EX8.00
CDsMeth O.D.Cyberbilly EPOwn LabelHuman ConditionHCCD0010EX/EX6.00
CDsMindfunkTouch youEpic667618 2EX/EX3.50
CDsMindfunkTouch youEpic667618 2EX/VG+2.50
CDMindfunkDroppedMusic For NationsCDZAZ3EX/EX7.00
CDMisery Loves Co.Happy?Includes Enhanced CD trackEaracheMOSH151CdEX/EX7.00
CDsMoistFreaky to be beautifulWith Promo StickerChrysalisCDCHS5022EX/EX3.00
CDsMoistPushPart 1 The Youth Remixes and part 2, the Unreleased accoustic Tracks, both in the Z box that came with part 1 (sleeve for part 2 has not been kept)ChrysalisCDCHS5024EX/EX5.00
CDsMoistPushIncludes 'Morphine' 'Machine punch through'ChrysalisCDCHS5016EX/EX3.50
CDMonkeys with toolsTherein lies the compromise14 Track album from 1993GunGUN027EX/EX-5.00
CDsMoore, GaryStory of the bluesSpecial Collectors Edition in Digipack with a 8 Page Lyric BookletVirginVSCDG1412EX-/EX-3.50
CDsMoore, GaryOne Good ReasonVirginVSCDT1632EX/EX3.50
CDsMoore, Gary / Albert CollinsToo tiredVirginVSCDT1306EX/EX3.50
CDsMoore, Gary / Albert KingOh Pretty WomanVirginVSCDT1233EX/EX3.50
CDsMordredSplinter DownNoiseN 0212-3EX/EX3.50
CDMoriahMirror man10 Track album from 1992Baby MoriahMCD-1214EX/EX6.00
2xCDMother Love BoneMother Love BoneBonus CD Capricorn sister (Shine Version) and Lady godiva bluesPolydor514 177-2EX/EX10.00
CDsMotley CrueHooligan's holidayIncludes demo tracksElektraEKR180CDEX/EX2.50
CDsMotley CruePrimal ScreamElektraEKR133CdEX/EX3.00
PRO CDsMotley CruePrimal Scream2 track U.S. Promo.ElektraPRCD 8418-2EX/EX4.00
CDsMotorheadGod Save the QueenIncludes the new video for title trackSPV 056-21843CDSS/S4.00
PRO CDMount FloridaArrived PhoenixFull album promoMatadorOLE401-2VEX/EX6.00
CDsMr. BigWild World1993 releaseAtlanticA7310CDEX/EX-3.50
CDMurder Inc.Murder Inc.DevotionCDDVN9EX/EX6.00
CDsMutha's Day outLockedChrysalisCDCHS5007EX/EX-3.00
CDsMy Little FunhouseWishing Well1993 releaseGeffenGFSTD48EX/EX-3.00
CDsMy Little FunhouseWishing Well1993 releaseGeffenGFSTD48EX/EX3.50
PRO CDNadirWith Fury7 Track PromoNadirN/AEX/EX6.00
PRO CDRNapalm DeathIncinerator1 track Promo on CDRPromoN/AEX/EX-4.00
CDsNazarethTell me that you love mereleased 1992Mausoleum904 005.3EX/EX3.50
CDsNirvanaHeart Shaped boxGeffenGED21849EX/EX5.00
CDsNostradamus 1999AdventReleased in 1992 when we all still worried he might get it rightPlazaPZA099CDEX/EX-3.50
CDsOomph!3 + 1Industrial metalDynamicaDY13-3EX/EX3.00
PRO CDsOrange GoblinThe Time EP3 Track Promo in Custom Card Sleeve, great stoner rockRise AboveGOBCD1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsPanteraPlanet Caravan1 Track U.S. Promo In Custom SleeveEast WestPRCD 5715EX/EX-5.00
CDsParadise lost Say just wordsIncludes 'cruel one' and 'soul corageous'. Grey CoverMusic For NationsCDKUT174EX/EX4.00
CDsParadise lost Say just wordsIncludes 'how soon is now' and 'albino flogged in black'. Blue Cover with '1st day cover' embossed stampMusic For NationsCDXKUT174EX/EX4.00
CDsPearl JamWho you areDigipackEpic663539 2EX/EX-3.00
CDsPearl JamLast KissDigipackEpicEPC 667479 1EX/EX3.00
CDsPearl JamLight YearsLimited numbered Edition DigipackEpic669628 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPearl JamSpin the Black CircleEpicEPC 661036 2EX/EX3.00
CDsPearl JamSpin the Black CircleUS CopyEpic34K 77771EX/EX3.50
CDsPitchshifterUn-United KingdomMCAMCSTD40214 1155 634-2EX/EX3.00
PRO CDPlanet XUniverse11 Track Promo albumInside outIOMCD061EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsPoisonStand4 Track Promo in Jewel case with no inlayCapitolCDCLDJ679EX/EX4.00
CDPop's Cool loveA Man1991Elektra9 61087-2EX/EX-6.00
PRO CDProboscicsStalemate10 Track promo album in custom card sleeveProgressPCD-28EX/EX6.00
CDPsychoticaPsychotica1996American74321 38483 2EX/EX-5.00
CDsPushermanShow me slowlyIgnitionIGN SCD-7EX/EX3.00
CDPushermanFloored1996IgnitionEK 67752EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsQueenHeaven For Everyone1 Track promo in custom sleeveParlophoneCDDJUKE1EX/EX-5.00
PRO CDsQueenHeaven For Everyone1 Track promo in custom sleeveParlophoneCDDJUKE1EX/EX6.00
CDsQueenHeaven For EveryonePart 2 of a 2 CD SetParlophoneCDQUEEN21EX/EX-3.50
PRO CDsQueens of the Stone ageMonsters in the Parasol1 Track Promo in custom sleeveInterscopePARASOL1EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsQuireboys, TheBrother Louie4 Track Promo in stickered Jewel case, 1993EMI88045223EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsRage Against the MachineRenegades of funk1 Track Promo In Custom SleeveEpicSAMPCS9358 1EX/EX5.00
CDRapscallionChameleon DroolMetal BladeCDZORRO41EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsRedd KrossGet out of myself1 Track Promo In Custom SleeveIslandWAY5499EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsReefCome Back BrighterPromo in Custm Card SleeveS2XPCD 2111EX/EX-4.00
PRO CDsReefWeird1 Track Promo in clear Jewel caseS2XPCD679EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsReefAll I want1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveSonyXPCD2522EX/EX-3.50
PRO CDsReefYer Old1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveSonyXPCD2168AEX/EX3.50
PRO CDRhadamantyLabyrinth of thoughts6 track mini LPDispleasedD-00030EX/EX6.00
CDRock AlongWH002-ITMarantha!CD08112EX/EX5.00
CDsRodger, PaulAll i Want is youFormer Free FrontmanSPVSPV 055-44823EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsRollins BandThe end of something3 track U.S. promo in custom sleeveDreamworksPRO CD 5020EX/EX5.00
CDRose among thornsThis time its realFold out digipack, edges of flaps are a little wornHTDHTD CD8EX-/EX-5.00
CDRuinAll the pretty horsesVenus93415 20802EX/EX5.00
CDSchool of fishHuman CannonballCapitolCDEST2191EX/EX-5.00
PRO CDsScreaming treesDust4 track promo in custom card sleeveEpicXPCD2066EX/EX-3.50
PRO CDsScreaming treesSworn and Broken1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveEpicXPCD2101EX/EX-3.50
PRO CDsScreaming treesDust4 track promo in custom card sleeveEpicXPCD2066EX-/EX-3.00
PRO CDSeaweedSpanwayUSA Gold stamp PromoHollywoodHR62009-2EX/EX5.00
CDsSepulturaAttitudeRoadrunnerRR 2299-3EX/EX3.50
CDsSepulturaRatamahattaRoadrunnerRR 2314-3EX/EX3.50
CDSex, Love & MoneyEralight marks on disc, outside playing areaMusic For NationsCDMFN 180EX/EX-5.00
PRO CDsShootyz GrooveLillypad / Once2 track promo in custom card sleeveRoadrunnerRR PROMO 279EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsShootyz GrooveLillypad / Once2 track promo in custom card sleeveRoadrunnerRR PROMO 279EX/EX-3.00
PRO CDsSkid RowI remember youUS Promo. In clear fronted box, two tracks.WarnerPR 2748-2EX/EX5.00
CDsSkid RowI remember you1989WarnerA8886CDEX/EX5.00
2xCDsSkinHow lucky you are2 Cds in Card holder packParlophoneCDRS6426EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsSkinPerfect Day1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveParlophoneCDRDJ6433EX/EX4.00
PRO CDsSkinTower of strength / Money2 track promo in custom card sleeveParlophoneSKIN2EX/EX-3.50
CDSkynyrd, LynyrdChristmas Time AgainSPVSPV 085-71022 CDEX/EX6.00
PRO CDSkyscraperSuperstateAlbum Promo in clear Jewel caseDynosupremeDSCD001EX-5.00
CDSloppy Wrenchbody13 MoonsDanish PressingKkKK096CDEX/EX-5.00
PRO CDsSmashing PumpkinsThirty Three1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveHutHUTCDP78EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsSmashing PumpkinsBullet With Butterfly Wings1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveHutHUTCDP63EX/EX5.00
CDsSmashing PumpkinsAva AdoreHutHUTCD101EX/EX3.50
CDsSmashing PumpkinsLull E.P.1991 releaseHutHUTCD101EX/EX7.00
CDsSoul asylumRunaway trainColumbia659390 2EX/EX3.50
PRO CDsSoul asylumMisery1 Track Promo in custom Card SleeveColumbiaSAMPCD 27061EX-/EX-3.50
PRO CDsSoundgardenBurden in my hand1 Track Promo In Custom SleeveA&MBURDEN2EX/EX5.00
PRO CDsSoundgardenPretty Noose1 Track Reference Copy Promo in stickered Jewel caseA&M581 620-2EX/EX6.00
PRO CDsSoundgardenSpoonman2 Track Promo in clear jewel caseA&M31458 8248 2EX/EX5.00
CDsSouthern flyFor Real EP5 track Ep In Card Envelope SleeveLondonLONCD0440EX/EX3.00
CDsSouthern flyMonkey Tale3 tracks in envelope sleeveLondonLONCD430EX/EX3.00
CDsSouthern flyMaybe it's the right timeLondonLONCD443EX/EX3.00
CDsSparks / Faith no moreThis town ain't big enough for the both of us3 versions of the sparks classsic with faith no more on twoRoadrunnerRR 2251-3EX/EX3.50
CDsStewart, MarkConsumed - The Remix WarsMuteCDMUTE213EX/EX4.00
CDSunMurder NatureGunGUN013EX/EX6.00
PRO CDRSunnaMelankolic6 Track album sampler CDR in plastic wallet with paper insertVirginN/AEX/EX4.00
CDsTaylor, RogerNazis 1994ParlophoneCDR6379EX/EX4.00
CDThought IndustrySongs for InsectsMetal BladeCDZORRO45EX/EX6.00
CDThrobbin HoodsAmbushBlack MarkBMCD76EX/EX-5.00
CDTox-SinIllusionMTMSPV CD 085-52382EX/EX6.00
PRO CDTreasonCode of Silence11 Track Promo albumTreasonN/AEX/EX-5.00
CDTreasonTreasonFull 12 tracks from 1997TreasonS71121-03EX/EX5.00
CD2 Minutes hateLet it eatvery light marks on discArdentARDENT7-1510-2EX/VG+4.00
CDUgly StickUgly StickBullet ProofCDVEST46EX/EX-5.00
CDUncle SamWill work for foodRoadrunnerRR 9080 2EX/EX6.00
CDUncle SamWill work for foodRoadrunnerRR 9080 2EX/EX-5.00
CDUniversal BeingElephant FusionHolisticHOLCD37EX/EX6.00
CDValley of the KingsRitualRomanyRMY1XEX/EX-5.00
CDVoivodAngel RatMechanicMCD10293EX/EX-5.00
CDWarrior SoulThe Space Age PlayboysMusic For NationsCDMFN 172EX/EX5.00
2xCDWidespread PanicLight Fuse Get AwayFold out card caseCapricorn558 145-2EX/EX10.00
PRO CDWildhearts, TheEndless Nameless10 track Album promo in clear purple jewel case (was ir red originally??)MushroomDROP6EX/EX10.00
CDXHey Zeus!Big LifeBLRCD24EX/EX5.00
CDsXCountry at WarBig LifeBLRD 94EX/EX-3.00
CDsZoneflyZonedUp FrontZONEF2EX/EX3.50
CDsZoneflyVladimir SaloonZONEFLYZONEF1CDEX/EX-3.50
CDsZZ TopDouble back1990, from 'Back to the Future III'WarnerW9812 CDEX/EX5.00
CDsZZ TopPincushionBMG74321 182612EX/EX3.50
CDsZZ TopPincushionBMG74321 182612EX/EX-3.00
CDsVARIOUS ARTISTS: At War With SocietyA Sampler of real punk. 32 Bands from th USAA new red Archives samplerPHDNSRAS001CDEX/EX4.00
CDsVARIOUS ARTISTS: Metal Hammer Issue 7612 tracks of hot new metalIncluding Apollyon sun, King Prawn, Boiler room, Brutal Deluxe, The Berzerker, Medula, Nocte, The Jellys and Alabama Thunderpussy. Plus PC Demo of Quake III ArenaFutureJul-00EX/EX4.00

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