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12"AC/DCHighway to HellPicture disc in clear plastic sleeveWarnerB8479TPEX/EX6.00
LPAC/DCFlick of the SwitchAtlantic78-0100-1EX/EX3.50
LPAC/DCBlow Up your VideoAtlantic7 81828-1EX/EX3.00
12"Adams, BryanThere will never be another tonightEtched discA&MAMY 838EX/EX-4.00
LPAirraceShaft of LightAtco790 219-1EX-/EX4.50
12"Alice CooperFeed my FrankensteinPicture discEpic658-092-6EX5.00
12"Alice CooperHey StoopidPicture discEpic656-983-8EX5.00
12"Alice in ChainsThem BonesBlue VinylColumbia659090 6S/S5.00
12"Almighty, TheOut of SeasonPolydorPZ 266EX-/EX-3.00
12"Almighty, ThePower - The PowerpackClear vinyl in stickered plastic walletPolydorPZP 66EX-/EX5.00
12"Almighty, TheWild & WonderfulPicture disc in Die cut sleevePolydorPZP 75EX/EX5.00
12"Almighty, TheWrenchPicture disc in PVC wallet with insertChrysalis12CHSPD5014EX/EX4.00
12"AnnihilatorSet the World on FireRoadrunnerRR 2385-6EX-/EX-3.00
10"AsiaWho will stop the rain?Picture discMusidisc108521 MU111EX5.00
12"Baird, DanI Love you PeriodPromoDef AmericanDEFDJ 22EX-/EX-4.00
12"Black Crows, TheHotel IllnessSmall tear at opening to sleeveAngelusDEFX 23EX-/EX3.50
12"Black Crows, TheHard to HandleAngelusDEFAP 10EX/EX-8.00
12"Black SabbathTV CrimesPicture disc in PVC sleeve & insertIRS12EIRSPD 178EX/EX-5.00
12"Black SabbathFeels Good to MeIRSEIRST 148EX-/EX-3.00
12"BushEverything ZenDamage to Bottom of sleeveTraumaA8196TEX-/EX-3.00
LPCaptains of IndustryA Roomful of MonkeysChrysalisAGOLP5EX-/EX-5.00
12"CinderellaShelter MeLimited edition poster bag with Snakeskin coloured vinylPolygramVERX 51EX/EX5.00
12"Cry of LoveBad ThingGatefold SleeveColumbia660046 6EX-/EX3.00
12"Def LeppardHave you ever needed someone so badPicture disc in PVC sleeve & insertPhonogramLEPXP 8EX/EX-5.00
12"Def LeppardLet's get RockedPicture disc in stickered PVC sleeve & insertPhonogramDEFXP7EX-/EX6.00
LPDef LeppardOn Through the NightOriginal with card inner sleevePhonogram9102 040EX-/EX4.00
12"Dickinson, BruceAll the Young DudesPicture disc in PVC sleeve with insert & plinthEMIEMPD 142EX/EX5.00
12"Dickinson, BruceDive! Dive! Dive!Picture disc in plastic wallet & insert - ex-maidenEMI12EMPD 151EX-/EX5.00
12"Dogs D'AmourBack on the JuicePicture disc in stickered PVC walletChinaCHI XP 30EX5.00
12"EuropeI'll Cry for YouPicture disc in stickered PVC sleeveSony657697 6EX-/EX-5.00
LPExcelThe Joke's on YouCover creasedCarolineCARLP7VG+/EX-3.00
12"ExtremeGet the Funk OutPicture disc in stickered PVC sleeveA&MAMP 737EX-/EX-5.00
12"Faith No MoreMidlife CrisisPicture disc in PVC sleeve & insertSlashLASHX 37EX/EX6.00
7"FirehouseWhen I Look into your EyesShaped 7" picture disc in 12" PVC sleeve & insertEpic658834 0EX/EX-4.00
7"FishA Gentleman's Excuse meAttractive 7" shaped picture disc in 12" PVC sleeve & insertEMIEMPD 135EX/EX-5.00
12"FishInternal ExilePolydorFISHS 1EX-/EX5.00
12"FishboneFight the Youth (live)Picture disc in PVC sleeveColumbia658193 8EX5.00
12"Fudge TunnelThe Sweet Sound of ExcessPlain sleeve with SRD distribution information leafletPigboy12PIG 4EX-5.00
LPHeartPrivate AuditionNice Price IssueEpic460702 1EX-/EX3.00
12"HeartAll I Wanna doPicture disc in clear plastic wallet & insertCapitol12CLPD 569EX/EX-4.00
LPHeartDreamboat AnnieCapitolEMS 1277EX/EX-3.50
LPHelltrainHelltrainShakeYEA-HUP 024EX-/EX-3.50
12"HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys (Part 1)Picture disc, with removable stickersS/S10.00
12"Hendrix, Jimi - The _ ExperienceHey JoePicture discCastle CommunicationsHENPD 001EX7.00
LPHendrix, Jimi - The _ ExperienceSmash HitsPolydor Super issuePolydor2310 268 SUPEREX-/EX-7.50
LPHootersOne Way HomeSmall flaw in vinyl does not affect playCBS450851 1EX/EX4.00
12"Iron MaidenHoly SmokePicture disc in clear plastic wallet & insertEMI12 EMPD 153EX/EX6.00
7"Iron MaidenFrom Here to Eternity7" shaped picture disc in clear plastic sleeve with insert and free plinthEMIEMPD 240EX/EX6.00
12"Iron MaidenBe Quick or be DeadPicture disc in plastic wallet & insertEMI12 EMPD 229EX/EX6.00
12"Iron MaidenHallowed Be Thy NamePicture disc in clear plastic wallet & insertEMI12 EMPD 288EX/EX6.00
12"Jagged EdgeYou Don't Love MePicture discPolydorPZP 97EX-/EX-4.00
LPJourneyRaised on RadioCBSCBS 26902EX-/EX-3.50
LPJudas PriestScreaming for VengeanceWith free posterCBSCBS 85941EX-/EX5.00
LPJudas PriestUnleashed in the EastCBSCBS 32392EX/EX-3.50
LPJudas PriestBritish SteelOrganised with 'Living After Midnight' stickerCBSCBS 84160EX/EX4.00
LPJunkyardJunkyardRock Promo in exclusive plastic sleeveGeffenGEFDJ 3EX-/EX5.00
LPKay, JohnLone SteppenwolfRingwear to sleeve, US cut-outMCAMCA-25167VG+/EX3.00
LPKick AxeVicesUS PressingPashaBFZ 39297EX/EX4.00
LPKick AxeWelcome to the ClubCanadian PressingPashaFZ 40095EX-/EX-5.00
12"KissUnholyWhite vinyl, In clear plastic sleeveMercuryKISS 1212EX5.00
12"LA GunsSome Lie for LovePicture disc in clear PVC stickered sleeveMercuryMERXP 358EX/EX6.00
12"Living ColourCult of PersonalityPicture disc in PVC sleeveSony657-535-6EX6.00
12"Little AngelsSail Away - The Acoustic SessionsPicture disc in stickered plastic walletPolydorLTLX 15EX5.00
10"LoudEasyPicture DiscChinaWOKX 2016EX-/EX-3.00
12"L7b/w The BombGreen vinyl in plastic wallet & insertSlashLASHX 48EX/EX5.00
12"L7MonsterPlastic disc in PVC sleeve & insertSlashLASHX 38EX/EX7.00
10"MarillionDry LandClear vinyl in foldover sleeveEMI10 MARIL 15EX-/EX5.00
LPMarillionSeasons EndPicture disc with insertEMIEMDPD 1011EX/EX-8.00
12"MarillionDry LandPicture disc in die cut sleeveEMI12 MARILPD 15EX/EX-5.00
10"MegadeathSkin o' my TeethBoxe, with stickersEMI10CL 669EX-/EX-5.00
12"MegadeathSymphony of DestructionClear vinyl with insert, plus limited edition posterCapitol12CLS 662EX-/EX5.00
7"MegadeathHangar 187" shaped picture disc in 12" PVC sleeve 7 insertCapitolCLPD 604EX/EX7.00
12"MordredFalling AwayGreen vinylInternationalN 170-6EX-/EX-3.00
12"Motley CrueHome Sweet HomeElektraEKR 136TPEX5.00
LPMudhoneyEvery Good Boy Deserves Fudge!US Picture discErikaMUDHONEY-105EX-15.00
12"New EnglandEarth MotherGenerationGENR2EX/EX-3.50
12"Niel, VinceYou're Invited (But your friend can't come)Ex-Motley Crue, Picture discHollywoodHWD123TEX-5.00
7"No SweatOn the Edge7" shaped disc in 12" sleeve & insertLondonLON PD 270EX/EX5.00
12"No SweatTear Down the WallsGreen vinyl in clear plastic sleeve & patchLondonLONXP 257EX/EX-4.50
12"Ozzy OsbourneChangesPicture disc in plastic sleeve with insertEpic659340 6EX/EX6.00
12"Ozzy OsbourneNo More TearsPicture disc in PVC sleeve & insertEpic657440 6EX/EX-5.00
LPPalassQuen of the WorldPowerhousePOW LP 5506EX-/EX-3.00
12"PanteraMouth For WarWEAA5845TEX-/EX-3.00
LPPearl JamSameSlight ringwear and creasing to coverEpicEPC 468884 1EX-/EX-4.00
LPPetraBeyond BeliefDayspringDAY R 4191EX-/EX3.50
LPPhantasmagoriaGeishaFM RevolverHMI LP 88EX-/EX-3.50
LPPink FloydHigh Hopes/Keep TalkingStill sealed but small sicker tear to apaper sleeve - paper envelope sleeve, Laser etched colour vinylEMI12EM 342S/S6.00
7"Plant, RobertHurting Kind (I've got my eyes on you)7" picture disc in 12" sleeve with insertAranzaWX 339EX/EX-5.00
12"PoisonSwampjuice (soul-o)In plastic sleeve with foldover card insrt, card has slightly marked discCapitol12 CLPD 582EX/EX-6.00
12"PrimusHere come the BastardsPromoEastWestSAM 801EX-5.00
12"PrimusMaking Plants for NigelPromoEastWestSAM 1032EX5.00
12"ProngSnap your fingers, Snap your neckPromo, Harder than Hardcore remix by Atom Heart, Extended version G104 remix, C104 remix, Exit 100 - remix by Tom P Heckmann, Album versionEpicXPR 2049EX/EX5.00
LPProphetCylce of the MoonAtlantic781 822-1EX-/EX4.00
7"QueensrycheJet City Woman7" shape in plastic sleeve & insertEMIMTPD 98EX/EX5.00
10"QueensrycheBest I CanBoxed with 10" x 40" banner poster and badgeEMI10MT 97EX-/EX5.00
12"QuireboysSeven 0' ClockPromo, numbered 512Penthouse12R 6230EX-/EX-5.00
LPRainbowDown To EarthClear vinyl, cover slightly wornPolydorPOLD 5023VG+/EX6.00
12"RattLovin' You's A Dirty JobPromoRock AheadSAM 882EX-/EX-3.00
LPRed RockersSchizophrenic CircusCBSCBS 26142EX/EX-3.00
12"ReefOne Naked1 sided promoSonyXPR 2174VG+3.50
LPResurrection BandBootlegNick to spineSparrow CorporationBIRD 153EX-/EX-3.50
12"Sambosa, RichieStranger In This TownBon Jovi Guitarist, PromoPolygramRICHIE 1VG+4.00
12"Samson feat Bruce DickinsonVice VersaPicture discCapitol12 CLP395EX-4.50
LPScorpionsLonesome CrowHeavy Metal WorldwideHMI LP 2EX/EX-3.50
10"SilverchairFreak10" with insertsMurmur664076 0EX/EX-3.50
12"Skid RowWasted Time12" Picture disc with cut out stencil insert, one small piece has gone from insertAtlanticA 7570 TPEX-/EX-5.00
12"Skid RowYouth Gone Wild1989 First UK issueAtlanticA8935TEX-/EX-4.00
12"Skid RowNow Get The Fuck Out - Live1 side Black label PromoB/LSAM 921EX-5.00
7"SlayerSeasons in The Abyss7" shaped disc in 12" sleeve with insertDef AmericanDEFAP 912EX/EX-6.00
12"Smashing PumpkinsPerfectScarce Promo, Perfecto mix, Electro Breakbeat mix, Nellee Hooper mix, Nellee Hooper InstrumentalHutHUTTP 106EX/EX-7.00
12"SuperchargerTick Like a BombPromoIndochinaIDO69TPEX/EX3.50
10"Supershit666Ex Wildhearts, purple VinylInfernalINFERNAL003LPEX/EX-3.50
12"Tattoo RodeoBlonde AmbitionPromoEastWestSAM 802EX5.00
LPTeazeOne Night StandsUS PressingAquariusST-11919EX/EX-3.00
12"TerrorvisionTequilaPromo, Mint Royale mixesTotal Vegas12JOSEDJ 001EX-/EX-5.00
12"TerrorvisionThriveDebut EPTotal Vegas12 VEGAS 1EX/EX-15.00
LPThin LizzyJailbreakGatefold sleeveVertigo9102 008EX-/EX-4.00
12"TrixterGive It To Me Good!Purple vinyl, one side etchedMCAMCSX 1554EX-/EX-3.00
12"Trojan HorseThe Junkyard EPSRTSRT92LS3402EX/EX-4.00
12"Vai, StevieIn My Dreams With YouEpicXPR 1934EX-/EX-5.00
LPVoivodKilling TechnologyNoise InternationalN 0058EX-/EX-3.50
LPWarlockTrue as SteelUS punch out sleevePolygram830 237-1EX-/EX-3.50
12"XentrixThe Order of ChaosRingwear to sleeveRoad RacerRO 2403 6VG+/EX-3.00
12"Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love ReactionBack-seat EducationPromoW/LZOD DJ 212EX-3.00

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