MORE MUSIC'S Illustrious Staff

Before you read on, were you sent here by Premium Recovery?

These Sad Swiss individuals have the miserbale task of hounding people for money based on the dubious contracts of various so called directories and Guides. They know that Jules has taken a stand against their boss, who is named as a Rich, Arrogant Conman by the Daily Mirror

Please read on and do meet the staff of More Music! You will see this page is written with a splash of British humour, something that is lost on the miserbale suckers at Premium, they think you will see this page and conclude that Jules' advice on is somehow not valid because elsewhere he displays a sense of humour! They are deluded and desparate, and that is making Jules laugh even more ;-))))

And please, if you are as disgusted with Premium Recovery as Jules is take the time to Support the fight againt them (At present the most useful thing you can do is post a link to on your website).


Meet Jules, He does all the easy jobs like buying and pricing the records and writing this website.


Meet Mark, He does all the hard jobs like sorting out the records and typing them on to this website.

Fan mail should be addressed to Mark at the shop!


Meet Glan, He Pops in once a week and sorts out the 50s and 60s records.
Only Glan is old enough to know these tunes.... (Alas Since we closed the shop Glan has stopped working for us)