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9th November 2005 Copy Protection, Our Position
It has materialised that Sony/BMG have, for some months been selling CDs which can install hidden software similar to that used by hackers and virus writers onto your PC. More Music condemn this in no uncertain terms. We have an industry at war with it's consumers, if the big record companies want people to stop copying music the only way is to convince us of our moral obligation to pay royalties. Trashing people's computers with hidden software will not help their cause!
Facts that may help you Our position is that from now on we will annotate newly listed CDs if they are copy protected in order to give you the choice. Some CDs may have been listed on our website prior to this story breaking which contain copy protection software (that does not mean they contain the malicious software from Sony/BMG). If in doubt, feel free to contact us and ask before buying a particular disc.
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27th June 2005 St Helens Road Shop To Close Website trade not affected
It is with some sadness that we announce the closeure of our bricks and mortar shop. after 15 years in the same location it has become something of a Swansea Landmark, but the truth is that it does not make money.
Some of the stock is being kept and will be added to the website but this leaves tens of thousands of records to be sold off cheap. The final day of the sale is 17th July, so come down and snag a bargain!
The Dance vinyl is being sold to a new shop, More Vinyl which is above Derricks Records, 221 Oxford Street, Swansea

From 17th July our new trading address will be:

More Music,
Invest House Business Centre,
Bruce Rd,
Swansea West Industrial Park,

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8th October 2004 Moving Our Stock!
Today we discovered that the space we rent for web stock is not all we thought it was... It is considered unsafe by the chief fire oficer and we hav to move all 30,000 items at very short notice. We will do our best to keep it all in order but with this number of records and CDs going in and out of boxes some confusion and delays is inevitable. Please be patient if your order happens to ba among the few that gets delayed.
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27th February 2004 Problem affecting AOL Customers
If you use an AOL address to order, your order will be processed as usual but you may not get the emails we send to you. This is because AOL has seen fit to block BT, our primary email providor, accusing it of Spamming. As BT has over a million Users in the UK this is rediculous. Please complain to AOL and please try to use a different account if you need to send us messages you are expecting a personal reply to!
Order confirmations generated by our online server are not affected, so you will get all the information you need on most transactions
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28th Jan 2004 Viruses in our in-tray
The latest mass mailing worm has severely affected us, we are getting up to 60 an hour in our inbox and legitimate mail is being bounced as a result. Please be patient and if your mail does not get through first time, try again.
Orders placed on the web server are not affected.
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