More Music is now fully databased and searchable! to search our stock on a secure server please Click here The rest of the blurb below dates back to the last century, bit if you like doing things the old way, please read on!!

This site has grown over the years, no fancy web designers here, we write it all in notepad.. That means that sometimes we make mistakes, or simply don't put in all the links we should!
You should be able to navigate with or without frames.
If you prefer to avoid frames please start from our Site Map, alternatively, return to the frontpage and select the music style you wish to browse.

finding records
Our record lists have been adapted from our catalogue of records in storage, and as such are not ideal for this website
It is kind of like the shop... more a place to browse than to come in and instantly find a specific item.
If you want to find everything by an artist here are the best ways to go about it.
  1. browse
    decide what category your favoured artist falls in (eg The Cure are in indie while Barry Manilow will be in general listing), select that category from the left hand menu and check each file it lists.
  2. Search To search our databased stock Click Here this link also offers secure ordering.
  3. select our complete text lists
    You can then select "save" from the "file" menu on your browser.
    There is minimal risk of viral infection using this method. If you use this option the file you will get is not pretty! Our different lists do not meld together well; the big benefit is that you can use the search option in your own text editor to quickly find all items relaiting to your artist.

  4. Be lazy...Email Us
    and we will do the search for you

This site holds but a fraction of our stock, we will always respond to wants lists, by email, fax or post. Please obtain our phone number and postal address from the about us file.  

Here are a few handy hints based on what our customers have done!
  1. Open A Text File. Notepad will Do
    Then as you proceed from list to list, you can paste in all the records you are interested in.
    Most recent Browsers allow you to copy and paste text from webpages, simply drag the mouse over the area of text you wish to copy, this will highlight it.
    Then Left Click the Mouse and the option "copy" should come up.(If this does not work, try holding down the "ALT" key, Pressing "E" and then "C").
    To Switch to the Text File, Hold Down The "ALT" Key and Press "TAB".
    To Paste the copied line into the Text file either left click the mouse and select "paste" or hold down the "ALT" key, press "E" then "P"
    It will help us if you note which List you are copying lines from!
  2. Go To the links page for music style, there are 4 categories
    These Are:
    1. Dance
    2. Indie
    3. General Listing
    4. Rock
    These pages provide links to all the pages of that music genre, From Indie
    You will find links to
    1. Indie CD singles.
    2. Indie 12"
    3. Indie 7"
    4. Indie Promo's"
    5. Goth Vinyl"
    As we list more records, we will update the links pages.
    Generally all records by a particular artist will be in one category.

    When You have placed all the items you want on your text list
    Proceed to the Order Form fill out your details and paste your text list into the order box. Alternatively you can just email the list to us.

    Now sit back, relax and wait for our reply!

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